The Sleep Guru: All About Balance

Anandi - The Sleep Guru

The Sleep Guru shares her thoughts on creating a balance in your life - and although we are all individuals, how we gain the results can be very similar.

My whole philosophy is based on the concept of balance. I believe the majority of problems we face with our health and wellbeing are down to our being out of balance in some way, and that once we can bring ourselves back into balance, those problems will disappear. It sounds simplistic, but I really believe that life isn’t that complicated; we’re just all going around out of balance - some more than others.

According to Ayurvedic principles, physical disease is largely due to external factors such as poor diet or exposure to germs etc. Mental illness on the other hand is due to internal factors such as the accumulation of too many negative emotions. The problem is that we rarely get one without another. A physical illness leaves us with a certain amount of psychological imbalance, and a psychological disturbance often causes physical symptoms.

The problem is that our very way of life can cause us to be unhappy and out of balance. Most of us have no major physical problems, but we still feel lonely, unloved, unappreciated, restless, angry or stressed. Sound familiar? There’s a well known phenomenon of people turning up to their GP surgery without any real illness they can put their finger on. There’s the famous “tired all the time” illness, where people report that no matter how much sleep they get, they’re still tired. Where do you think that comes from? Often our mental unrest results in aches and pains with no obvious cause: a bad back, a sore knee, a pain in the shoulder, recurrent headaches. This is our body reaching out to us, begging us to stop and rebalance. But every so often, we don’t hear.

There is little peace or contentment in our culture; we are encouraged to always want things bigger, better, faster, stronger. The next new mobile phone, the faster car, the bigger TV. None of this makes us happy; a lot of it can actually make us unhappy.

Caught up in this rat race of always needing to keep up with our peers, we lose track of who we really are and what we really need. The idea of peace, of balance and quiet contemplation seem like a luxury for others, not for us. I lose count of the number of times I’ve suggested to people the they take half an hour to meditate and I am met with “huh? I don’t have time for that!” If we stop and look at how we spend our time, and how necessary most of our actions are, I am sure we all have time to stop and think; we just prioritise other things ahead of it. Facebook. Twitter. Snapchat. WhatsApp. Candy Crush. Eastenders. Email overload. All of these things eat away at time our ancestors would have used to rebalance themselves, whether consciously, or unconsciously.

I am sure a lot of people reading this will know all this already… and then close the screen and go back to the constant inundation of information we don’t need or really want. In the long term, there are only so many pills the doctor can give you, and they can only mask the underlying problem. Better to resolve it ourselves, and avoid the doctor’s waiting room all together, don’t you think?


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