Group Wellness Retreats

Kick start or continue your wellness journey in the company of other like-minded travellers with one of our carefully handpicked group wellness retreats.

These group wellness retreats take place in various spas across the world on set dates throughout the year and usually tend to focus on a specific wellness theme such as yoga, fitness, detox, meditation or emotional healing. They are small and intimate (usually no larger than 15 people), include a wide variety of activities, classes and treatments and are led by the very best experts in their respective fields who will impart their knowledge upon you throughout the time you are there on retreat.

If you think you are interested in undertaking a group wellness retreat, you can find a full list of all the group wellness retreats currently scheduled to run on our retreat calendar page here.

Benefits Of A Group Wellness Retreat

Undertaking a wellness retreat on your own can be a truly life affirming experience, but sharing the evolution and changes one may undergo during a wellness retreat with other people can be an equally rewarding experience too. One major benefit of group wellness retreats is that you have other people around you to push you to your very limits when necessary and also to keep you heading firmly in the right direction if you start to lose your way on your retreat. Who knows you may leave the retreat having made friendships that will last a lifetime.

Discover our selection of group wellness retreats below or contact our wellness experts, who will give you unbiased advice on
how to tailor the right programme for your individual needs. Call our wellness advisors at 02078433597 or enquire here.

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Fitness Retreat at Marbella Club with Harry Jameson
Marbella Club Spain | Spain
Fixed Date Retreat: 4 nights

A fitness retreat on the Mediterranean shores with the acclaimed health specialist, Harry Jameson. Personal trainer, lifestyle coach and founder of the Jameson Retreat, Harry Jameson is noted to be one of London’s go to health specialists in the health and fitness industry. Over the past 10 y…

Sharing from £2399.00£2399.00 pp
Singles from £2949.00£2949.00 pp
Yin & Yang Yoga Immersion
Kamalaya | Thailand
Fixed Date Retreat: 4 nights

Yoga is a living tradition and over the last decade ‘Yin & Yang Yoga’ has evolved as an immensely popular approach to practice. Its popularity lies in its accessibility, effectiveness and enjoyment, while it offers complete and balanced content honoring the invocation of ‘hath…

Sharing from £2625.00£2625.00 pp
Singles from £2899.00£2899.00 pp
Finding Emotional Balance and Freedom
Kamalaya | Thailand
Fixed Date Retreat: 7 nights

Having been immersed in monastic lifestyles in India for over a decade, Kamalaya’s Life Enhancement Mentors, Rajesh Ramani, Smitha Jayakumar and Sujay Seshadri, are experienced teachers with a strong background in ancient Asian philosophies.Together, they will present a unique opportunity for…

Sharing from £3495.00£3495.00 pp
Singles from £3899.00£3899.00 pp
Amanda Hamilton Detox & Nutrition Retreat
Marbella Club Spain | Spain
Fixed Date Retreat: 4 nights

Amanda Hamilton, one of the world's leading nutritionists, will be leading a 4-night detox and nutrition retreat in November. This results-oriented programme will include a host of inspiring seminars, individual consultations, spa treatments and daily activities. Spend the days re-connecting wi…

Sharing from £1299.00£1299.00 pp
Singles from £1979.00£1979.00 pp
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