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Are you looking to better your health and well-being but don’t know how to go at it alone?  Get ready and dive into the world of group wellness retreats! Picture this: a global array of spas, each hosting these retreats on specific dates throughout the year. What's the catch? These gatherings aren't your run-of-the-mill experiences; they're designed with a particular wellness theme in mind, whether it's the zen of yoga, the thrill of fitness, the cleansing power of detox, the serenity of meditation, or the transformative journey of emotional healing.

These retreats are a blend of activities, classes, and treatments, all orchestrated by top-notch experts in their respective fields. Throughout your retreat, these guides will share their wealth of knowledge, leaving you with a memorable experience and a trove of insights to carry forward.

While solo wellness retreats are undoubtedly a great way to start, the camaraderie and shared growth in a group setting add an extra layer of fulfillment along your wellness journey. Think about it: there's a unique satisfaction in witnessing not just your own evolution but also sharing the journey with fellow retreaters. One standout advantage? You're not alone in this pursuit of wellness. Who knows, by the end of the retreat, you might leave with not just a refreshed spirit but friendships destined to stand the test of time.

Get ready for a group wellness retreat that's not just about self-discovery but also about building connections that last a lifetime. Healing Holidays is a big fan of group retreats and have plenty of options in all corners of the world depending on your goals and preferences. Keep scrolling to discover eight of our favorite group retreats offered at Healing Holidays! read more...

Finding Emotional Balance & Freedom Retreat At Kamalaya, Thailand

Kamalaya's group retreat, led by wellness mentors, goes deep into the exploration of emotional habits and cultivates practical and effective responses to life's challenges. Each day of the retreat unfolds with a fresh perspective, emphasising mental and emotional flexibility. As a participant, you get a one-to-one session tailored to develop your personal growth plan. Additionally, enjoy treatments at Kamalaya's Spa, offering a comforting experience for your physical body as well. 

Christmas & New Year Retreat at Samahita, Thailand

Celebrate the festive season differently by joining Samahita for their annual Christmas & New Year Group Retreat. Dr. Paul and the Samahita team will lead you through a diverse array of yoga and meditation practices, along with core strength work and cycle classes. The yoga asana sessions cater to various levels, including experienced self-practice, guided vinyasa classes, explorative asana classes, and therapeutic afternoon sessions. The schedule also incorporates core classes and cycle sessions, ranging from silent sunrise to mid-afternoon fun-cycle.

Spartan Spirit of Adventure Retreat At Euphoria Retreat, Greece

Discover a new way of life, the Spartan way, and train with Euphoria's Spartan Spirit Of Adventure group retreat tailored for those inspired by the legendary warriors. Guided by a team of trainers, each day promises two to three hours of invigorating outdoor physical exercise. From interval training and running to cycling, rock climbing, and hiking, these activities aim to enhance your fitness and strength levels, bringing out your inner Spartan.

Emotional & Physical Transformation Retreat At Euphoria Retreat, Greece

Crafted by Euphoria's founder, Maria Efraimoglou, the Emotional and Physical Transformation Retreat introduces the 5 Elements system, providing a theoretical framework to comprehend your life path through both dialogues and experiential practices. The programme offers a diverse array of treatments and therapies, enhancing your connection to your mental well-being. It's more than a retreat; it's a collective journey towards a deeper connection with your true self.

Odysseus Journey Retreat At Euphoria Retreat, Greece

Euphoria's Odysseus Journey group retreat is designed to help you unearth your inner purpose. Much like Odysseus in The Odyssey, this programme encourages deep reflection on your life decisions and their trajectory, paving the way for a happier and more fulfilling life upon your return home. In addition to the personalised programme, immerse yourself in group activities and lectures that teach you information and knowledge to carry with you after the retreat is over. 

Yoga Week at Park Igls, Austria

Yoga Week at Park Igls is a unique group retreat that combines the benefits of a Mayr detox cure with an enhanced yoga practice. This holistic experience includes a medical examination, a customised detox meal plan, and a range of cleansing treatments, including a detox compress featuring beeswax. As part of the group retreat, you can join group activities and informative lectures that contribute to your knowledge. The programme not only revitalises your body and refines your yoga practice but also provides practices to carry with you on your journey back home.

Yoga for Health & Healing with Simon Low At Kamalya, Thailand

Yoga for Health and Healing is a small group retreat for a transformative yoga experience led by Simon Low, a global authority in 'Yin & Yang Yoga.' Simon blends Yang Yoga with flowing vinyasa, focusing on alignment, joint care, and breathwork to build energy and strength. Mornings start with a Yang Yoga practice and meditation, offering a balanced and refreshing start to the day. In the evenings, enjoy in Simon's restorative Yin Yoga, inspired by Taoist principles, with a deep presence and connection with energy.

So, have we convinced you to join a group retreat yet? Unleash the power of togetherness, forge new connections, and have transformative life moments. Your path to wellness begins with a simple step, but of course, with the help of some like-minded friends. Contact us today to reserve your spot now and let Healing Holiday’s be your guide to a fulfilling and memorable group retreat.


Discover our selection of group wellness retreats below or contact our wellness experts, who will give you unbiased advice on
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Active Summer Weeks At Park Igls
Park Igls | Austria
Fixed Date Retreat: 7 nights

If you would like to cleanse your body of harmful toxins whilst at the same time also improve your fitness this summer then the Active Summer Weeks retreat at Park Igls could just be the right one for you.Over seven nights you will enjoy outdoor exercise sessions such as mountain biking and mountai…

Sharing from £3139.00£3139.00 pp
Singles from £3179.00£3179.00 pp
Rest & Renew Hormonal Balance Group Retreat
Kamalaya | Thailand
Fixed Date Retreat: 5 nights

This carefully curated group retreat is designed for those seeking a reprieve from the relentless pace of daily life. Spearheaded by Samantha Keating alongside Kamalaya’s esteemed wellness experts, you will be guided through a transformative journey that blends ancient healing traditions with…

Sharing from £2579.00£2579.00 pp
Singles from £2899.00£2899.00 pp
Finding Emotional Balance and Freedom Group Retreat
Kamalaya | Thailand
Fixed Date Retreat: 6 nights

Guided by Kamalaya's wellness mentors explore emotional habits and learn to more practically and effectively respond to life's challenges.Each day of the retreat offers a new perspective in exploring one’s potential with a particular focus on mental and emotional flexibility.Each part…

Sharing from £3119.00£3119.00 pp
Singles from £3499.00£3499.00 pp
Euphoria Retreat | Greece
3, 5 or 7 days

If you like the idea of training like a Spartan warrior then Euphoria’s Spartan Spirit Of Adventure programme could be the right one for you.Led by a team of experienced trainers, each day, you’ll enjoy two-three hours of outdoor physical exercise, with activities ranging between interv…

Sharing from £1809.00£1809.00 pp
Singles from £1979.00£1979.00 pp
Euphoria Retreat | Greece
7 days

The Emotional & Physical Transformation programme is Euphoria’s signature retreat.Devised by Euphoria’s founder Maria Efraimoglou, you will experience the 5 Elements system as a theory for understanding your life path – both through dialogue and experiential practices. You wil…

Sharing from £3919.00£3919.00 pp
Singles from £4309.00£4309.00 pp
Yoga Week At Park Igls
Park Igls | Austria
Fixed Date Retreat: 7 nights

If you would like to undertake a Mayr detox cure whilst at the same time also improving your yoga practice then the Yoga Week At Park Igls could just be the right one for you.Over seven nights you will enjoy group yoga classes and one-to-one lessons alongside a Mayr detox cure, which includes a med…

Sharing from £3109.00£3109.00 pp
Singles from £3149.00£3149.00 pp
Holistic Yoga Escape With Simon Low
Kamalaya | Thailand
Fixed Date Retreat: 4 nights

This small group retreat offers participants an opportunity to enrich and expand their yoga practise through a yoga immersion with Simon Low, one of the world’s foremost specialists of ‘Yin & Yang Yoga’.Simon Low's approach to Yang Yoga is a combination of continually flow…

Sharing from £2169.00£2169.00 pp
Singles from £2429.00£2429.00 pp
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