Regions of Africa

Step into the heartbeat of the wild rhythms of Africa. Here, luxury meets the untamed beauty of the continent, creating experiences that redefine relaxation. Envision yourself amidst the sweeping savannahs or along the pristine coastline, indulging in luxurious spa treatments that draw inspiration from the continent's rich traditions. It's not just a holiday; it's a holistic journey where the heartbeat of Africa pulses through every experience.

Why Africa, you ask? Here, nature is not just a backdrop; it's an active participant in your rejuvenation. The powers of the African wilderness, combined with the luxurious amenities of spa resorts, create an environment that can’t be matched. From the landscapes that stir the soul to the cultures that infuse a sense of celebration into every moment, Africa beckons as the ultimate destination for those who seek a transformative spa holiday retreat.

Let the rhythm of Africa guide you to a world where luxury and wellness intertwine, promising an escape like no other. read more...


Royal Mansour in Marrakech: Imagine staying at the Royal Mansour in Marrakech – it's like the king of all hotels, literally! The King of Morocco owns it, and it's probably the fanciest place you can find in the city. Here, you get your very own riad, with a rooftop hangout and a pool. And guess what? There are secret tunnels underground that the staff uses to move around – how cool is that? The property also boasts a fabulous Spa where guests can relax and rejuvenate and experience a wide range of incredible treatments, including various massages, facials, and body wraps. Set over 2500 sqm, it features an indoor pool, a fitness centre, two Hammams and saunas, nine treatment rooms, a hair salon, and three private Spa Suites where guests can get away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the Spa and just relax in their very own space.

Selman Marrakech: Beneath the majestic Atlas Mountains, you'll discover the award-winning Selman MarrakechSelman Marrakech is one of the exclusive six hotels worldwide featuring a Chenot Spa. Here, you can indulge in treatments rooted in the Chenot Detox Method, blending Chinese medicine with medical science. The spa sprawls across 1200 square meters, offering seven treatment rooms, four hydrotherapy rooms, a plunge pool, a hammam, a sauna, a steam room, a Jacuzzi, plus a hairdresser and a barber.

Paradis Plage Surf Yoga & Spa Resort: Paradis Plage Surf Yoga & Spa Resort sits on a stunning 5-kilometer beach in Imi Ouaddar village, with sunshine 340 days a year and fantastic waves for surfing in the Atlantic Ocean. This Moroccan retreat is all about surfing and yoga. The Surf House, partnered with Rip Curl, offers top-notch equipment for water sports. With 18 surf spots nearby, it's perfect for surfers of all levels. Yoga enthusiasts can also join classes held three times daily at the beachfront Shalas. When you're not catching waves or striking yoga poses, unwind at the Eco Spa for Moroccan and Asian treatments.

Those who are environmentally conscious will be happy to know that Paradis Plage is eco-friendly, using sensors to save energy and treating wastewater for garden irrigation. Families are welcome, with a complimentary Kids Club during the day and babysitting available at night, ensuring everyone has a great time at this beachside haven.

South Africa

In the beautiful Western Cape Winelands of South Africa, Santé Wellness Retreat & Spa is the perfect place to recharge and refresh your mind, body, and soul. Santé takes a thoughtful approach, combining science with an understanding of individual needs. They use advanced technology and a personal touch to create services designed just for you. The retreat packages are designed to meet the requirements and health conditions of every individual. Santé is dedicated to the idea that taking care of your mind, body, and spirit leads to long-lasting well-being.

Africa has proven itself to be a treasure trove for those seeking rejuvenation and bliss.   From the rhythmic beats of nature to the serenity found in wellness havens, it's impossible not to feel the lingering magic of Africa. But why stop dreaming when you can turn these visions into reality? Your passport to tranquility awaits, and there's no better way to unlock the doors to your African retreat than with Healing Holiday’s. Your next adventure in the lap of luxury is just a booking away.

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