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For travellers interested in wellness, there is arguably no better destination than Japan. Over many centuries, the Japanese have developed a multitude of techniques for quieting the mind, cultivating inner peace and promoting good health including zazen meditation, tea ceremonies and thermal hot springs known as onsens.

Why visit Japan for a wellness holiday?

  • It has a rich history of wellness traditions
  • To experience the healing benefits of its thermal hot springs that are also known as onsens
  • It’s a very spiritual country – Buddhist temples are almost as plentiful as onsens
  • The country has one of the highest life expectancies in the world
  • The Japanese diet is regarded as one of the world’s healthiest
  • There are numerous direct flights to the country from London Heathrow

What to expect from a Japanese Spa?

The country is particularly famous for its thermal hot springs or onsens that are known for their many health benefits including boosting blood circulation, reducing stress and relieving pain. In addition to its onsens, Japan is also known for traditional treatments such as the Shiatsu massage, a form of bodywork involving manipulating the body using "figure pressure” that can help with muscle stiffness and digestive problems. You can also expect to experience a form of seated meditation known as Zanzen, which will help you to relax and clear your mind of all distractions. Last but not least, food also plays a very important part in the country’s spa experience. The Japanese diet is regarded as one of the world’s healthiest and, so a retreat here will leave you feeling lighter, healthier and happier.

Discover our selection of spa breaks in Japan below or contact our wellness experts, who will give you unbiased advice on how to tailor the right programme for your individual needs. Call our wellness advisors at 020 7843 3597 or enquire here.

Spas in Japan
Amanemu is set within Ise-Shima National Park on the Kii Peninsula, in the southwestern region of the island of Honshu. The resort overlooks Ago Bay, known as the Bay of Pearls – a blue expanse dotted with oyster rafts and islets.Guided by a classical Japanese aesthetic, Amanemu’s Suite…
Sharing from £2849.00£2849.00 pp
Singles from £5699.00£5699.00 pp
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Aman Tokyo
Aman Tokyo is a monument to the modern-day Japanese capital, a place where urban dynamism is tempered with serenity. Set in Otemachi, the hotel is within easy reach of Tokyo Station and the thriving Nihonbashi district.The hotels rooms and suites are lofty urban sanctuaries drawing design inspirati…
Sharing from £4425.00£4425.00 pp
Singles from £6789.00£6789.00 pp
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