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Get ready for a journey of self-discovery and rejuvenation as we dive into the world of retreats on the Indian Subcontinent. In a land where ancient traditions meet modern wellness, prepare to be enchanted by holistic retreats and wellness spas that promise a profound transformation of mind, body, and spirit.

As we navigate through the terrains of the Indian Subcontinent – from the backwaters of Kerala to the mighty peaks of the Himalayas – get ready to uncover the secrets of holistic wellness in these ancient lands. From Ayurvedic therapies that harmonise your inner energies to yoga practices that align your body and soul, the retreats in the Indian Subcontinent offer experiences designed to inspire.

Join us as we explore the soul-soothing sanctuaries of the Indian Subcontinent – where spa retreats are a holistic adventure that rejuvenates your entire being. Welcome to the realm of Retreats in the Indian Subcontinent – a journey toward holistic well-being and blissful rejuvenation. read more...


The Indian Subcontinent, encompassing the countries of India and Sri Lanka, is a paradise on earth for those seeking holistic wellness and spa retreats. From the vibrant hues of India's bustling markets to the beaches of Sri Lanka, this region offers a spectrum of experiences designed to nourish the mind, body, and soul. Healing Holiday’s extends offerings to both of these enchanting destinations. Immerse yourself in the ancient practices of Ayurveda in Kerala, India, or find tranquility amidst the landscapes of Sri Lanka's wellness sanctuaries. With Healing Holidays, the Indian Subcontinent becomes your holistic playground.


Six Senses Vana: On a lychee and mango plantation with the Sal forest to the west and Mussoorie hills to the north, Six Senses Vana is a global ashram and wellness retreat. Perfect for those seeking refuge from modern life, Six Senses Vana tailors a schedule based on your consultation, addressing goals like de-stressing, detox, or natural healing. With a focus on sensible eating, locally sourced and organic delights are served, enhancing both the senses and the body's well-being. The retreat offers a diverse array of healing practices, from Ayurveda to traditional Chinese medicine and Tibetan healing. Expert nutritionists, monks, and Sufi singing sessions enrich the experience, complemented by facilities like steam rooms, saunas, pools, gyms, tennis courts, herb gardens, and serene spots for yoga.

SoukyaSoukya is a health sanctuary near Bangalore and is favored by VIPs like King Charles. Founded by Dr. Isaac Mathai, it spans 30 acres with orchards and herb gardens. Guests seek treatment for health issues through personalised programmes combining ancient medical traditions and Ayurveda. All herbal products come from the on-site organic garden. The stay includes a focus on low-fat vegetarian food and meals that feature Indian fruits, herbal teas, soups, salads, and flavorful vegetarian curries.

Ananda in the HimalayasAnanda in the Himalayas, among India's top spas, rests in the Himalayan foothills, creating the perfect setting for a wellness retreat. While specialising in Ayurveda, the resort is also celebrated for its yoga, Vedanta, and detox programmes. The spa promises a rejuvenating experience, complemented by a state-of-the-art gym. The focus on wellness extends to the restaurant, serving Ayurvedic cuisine and the accommodation, offering understated luxury for a restful night's sleep. Everything at Ananda is meticulously crafted to enhance your wellness.

Sri Lanka

Santani Wellness Kandy: In a remarkably short span, Santani Wellness Kandy has gained its position as one of Sri Lanka's premier spas. Specialising in Detox, Anti-Ageing, and Weight Loss, each retreat kicks off with a consultation with an Ayurvedic doctor who tailors a programme to enhance overall health and well-being. Your personalised fitness plan unfolds during your stay, accompanied by optional outdoor activities.

Barberyn Beach Ayurveda Resort: In the coastal village of Weligama at Sri Lanka's southern tip, Barberyn Beach Ayurveda Resort stands as one of the warmest family-run wellness retreats. Renowned for its Ayurvedic Health Centre, which is considered among Sri Lanka's finest, the resort crafts personalised programmes, incorporating Ayurvedic food, herbal medications, Yoga, meditation, and treatments. In between treatments, enjoy daily yoga, cooking classes, health lectures, and a pool with an ocean view.

Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle ResortOn a rocky outcrop along Sri Lanka's southern coast, Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle Resort is a wellness retreat surrounded by 21 acres of gardens and a private beach. The Spa offers ancient therapies from Sri Lanka and Asia, along with Western spa treatments utilising indigenous herbs and spices. Multi-day programmes, curated with the consultation of the resident Ayurvedic Doctor, blend exercise, nutrition, and Ayurvedic treatments for holistic restoration. Beyond the spa, partake in yoga, meditation, and cooking classes and engage in activities such as surfing and cycling in the surrounding area.

As we conclude our exploration of holistic wellness and spa retreats in the enchanting Indian Subcontinent, remember that your journey toward rejuvenation is just a click away. If you are ready to head to India or Sri Lanka and take the plunge into healing, book your next escape with Healing Holidays. Let the magic of the Indian Subcontinent guide you on a path of relaxation, self-discovery, and vitality. Your wellness adventure begins here!

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