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Weight loss need not be a daunting nightmare! Joining a weight loss retreat ensures you receive expert advice on what your body needs and is a fantastic way to kick-start the process and help you achieve your goal. Whether you’re recovering from a little holiday weight or are starting on a long term lifestyle change – the Healing Holidays experts will guide you on the best way forward.

Your body weight has such a large impact on your overall wellbeing - from the physical burdens on your joints, organs and arteries to the psychological afflictions of low self-esteem, feeling self-conscious and even depression. While there are many ways to start losing weight, the problem may often not lie with what you’re eating – rather how you’re eating, and getting to the bottom of what’s causing your weight gain, is often the most important factor.

Weight Loss Holidays 
The long term effects of overeating and living a sedentary lifestyle are increasingly becoming a problem and, added to high-stress levels, can lead to serious health issues even over a short period of time.

The modern workplace has also contributed, making it easy to communicate and conduct business without physically moving. Combined with easy meals and processed foods that make it easy to pick the sugar and fat loaded options instead of more time consuming healthy and balanced meals; these factors lead to long term health problems.


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Exclusive to Healing Holidays
Vana Ashram
Vana | India
5 nights

Feel at home at Vana, consider it your refuge. While you rest your mind and body, find ways to just be. Enjoy Vana’s stillness and silence. Benefit from their repertoire of wellness traditions and participate in group sessions. Enjoy nature, music and meditating. Learn and assimilate. Encount…

Sharing from £1799.00£1799.00 pp
Singles from £2199.00£2199.00 pp
Exclusive to Healing Holidays
Mayr Classic
Park Igls | Austria
7 nights

Park Igls, located in Austria near the majestic Tyrolean Alps, is a true wellness haven. The serene natural surroundings will allow you to completely detox and recharge with assistance from the knowledgeable  medical clinic staff. Park Igls will help reboot your system w…

Sharing from £2179.00£2179.00 pp
Singles from £2199.00£2199.00 pp
Shillim Sustainable Weight Management
Dharana Wellness at Shillim | India
7, 14, 21 or 28 nights

The key to this sustainable weight management program is contrasting to the extreme adaptations, restrictions or aggressive changes to your lifestyle by combining conventional analysis with Ayurveda Shodhana procedures to eliminate Ama (toxins), correct your metabolism, promote absorption of core e…

Sharing from £1789.00£1789.00 pp
Singles from £2749.00£2749.00 pp
Exclusive to Healing Holidays
Lanserhof Tegernsee | Germany
14 nights

The Lanserhof Cure Advanced package is designed for a period of two weeks. This gives the team of doctors and therapists at Lanserhof Tegernsee the opportunity to run an in-depth analysis of your physical and mental condition as well as your personal needs. During the programme you will undergo a n…

Sharing from £4599.00£4599.00 pp
Singles from £6779.00£6779.00 pp
Absolute Weight Management Programme
Absolute Sanctuary | Thailand
7, 10 or 14 nights

Breaking the vicious cycle of weight loss and gain, the absolute weight management programme uses a holistic approach to achieve weight loss that is healthy, maintainable and sustainable over a period of time, by addressing your physical, mental and emotional needs.Their winning formula combines ph…

Sharing from £2149.00£2149.00 pp
Singles from £2399.00£2399.00 pp
SHA Optimal Weight Programme
SHA Wellness Clinic | Spain
7, 14 or 21 nights

The SHA weight-loss programme aims to achieve a reduction in weight by means of a healthy, progressive and balanced programme - under strict medical supervision and supported by a team of nutrition experts and a programme of physical exercise. During your stay at SHA Wellness Clinic, you will enjoy…

Sharing from £4489.00£4489.00 pp
Singles from £5299.00£5299.00 pp
Lefay Weight Management
Lefay Resort & Spa Lago Di Garda | Italy
5 nights

The Weight-Management programme at Lefay Resort & Spa Lago Di Garda addresses both the body and mind so that an ideal weight can be achieved. After an initial consultation to determine a set diet and treatment plan, you'll enjoy personal training and guided walks to encourage fitness and…

Sharing from £2489.00£2489.00 pp
Singles from £2999.00£2999.00 pp
Exclusive to Healing Holidays
Weight Loss Programme
Brenners Park Hotel & Villa Stephanie | Germany
7 or 10 nights

In this programme, you will receive the support from experts in nutrition and fitness, along with excellent activities and facilities to achieve weight loss. Upon arrival, you will receive a comprehensive medical anamnesis, a detailed clinical examination, blood analysis which will decide which dir…

Sharing from £4365.00£4365.00 pp
Singles from £5999.00£5999.00 pp
Ananda Weight Management
Ananda in the Himalayas | India
14 or 21 nights

Appreciating that sustainable weight loss can be a rather complex process that is different for everyone, Ananda has created their Ananda Weight-Management programme which combines the best of its speciality, Ayurvedic treatments, with more Western practices for an all-encompassing approach to weig…

Sharing from £4889.00£4889.00 pp
Singles from £6199.00£6199.00 pp
Exclusive to Healing Holidays
Lanserhof Tegernsee | Germany
7 or 14 nights

This programme is based on the award-winning Lanserhof cure classic concept which has been setting standards for a healthy and active lifestyle for over thirty years. Be ready to experience a combination of traditional naturopathy treatments combined with modern Mayr medicine on this 7 nights stay.…

Sharing from £2399.00£2399.00 pp
Singles from £3599.00£3599.00 pp
Euphoria Advanced Weight Loss
Euphoria Retreat | Greece
7, 10, 14 or 21 days

This Programme offers a scientifically detailed and successful approach to weight loss, in which Euphoria tests up to 50 of the most important biomarkers of metabolic homeostasis. The Advanced Weight Loss Programme uses their 3GL + methods which measures glutathione and glucose plus the Ergo Physio…

Sharing from £5049.00£5049.00 pp
Singles from £5469.00£5469.00 pp
Ideal Weight Programme
Kamalaya | Thailand
7, 9 or 14 nights

Long-term weight management and improved wellbeing are the goals of this programme. Each programme is specifically designed for you and includes guidance on nutrition, naturopathy and traditional Chinese medicine as well as massage and fitness training. Designed to help you identify areas of phy…

Sharing from £3189.00£3189.00 pp
Singles from £3579.00£3579.00 pp
Chiva Som Weight Management
Chiva-Som | Thailand
5, 7, 10 or 14 nights

For those looking not just to lose weight but to keep it off using healthy and sustainable methods, Chiva-Som’s Weight-Management programme is for you. Working with personal trainers and nutritionists, your retreat will be tailored to your individual needs, abilities and lifestyle, working…

Sharing from £3159.00£3159.00 pp
Singles from £4219.00£4219.00 pp
Exclusive to Healing Holidays
Metabolic & Weight Loss Henri Chenot Programme
L'Albereta | Italy
14 nights

This programmes is about getting you back to the best you possible, by combining the Chenot Method treatments and slimming diet with the most advanced technology and exercise therapy. As a result, you see a big result in a short space of time. By boosting the metabolism, vitality and energy levels …

Sharing from £8769.00£8769.00 pp
Singles from £9835.00£9835.00 pp
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