The Best Wellness Retreats & Spas In The Montenegro

The Balkans are full of some of Europe's most underrated destinations and stunning travel gems. Montenegro, one of the continent's youngest nations, is a small yet captivating land celebrated for its sun-kissed coastlines, history, and culture. While it may be small, this mighty nation draws in millions of visitors to its breathtaking beauty and peaceful atmosphere. 

Montenegro is also a haven for wellness seekers, with the One & Only Portonovi, where profound wellness programmes inspired by the renowned Chenot Detox Method await, promising to rejuvenate your health. With its grand mountains and tranquil lakes, Montenegro is an outdoor paradise for sports enthusiasts and thrill-seekers alike. Activities like hiking, biking, kayaking, rafting, and canoeing offer an unforgettable and distinctive wellness experience. 

No matter how you opt to spend your time in Montenegro, you're certain to return home feeling relaxed and revitalised, ready to take on the world once more. With the help of Healing Holidays, Motenegro's wellness scene is sure to impress. Keep reading to learn about one of Montenegro's most prestigious spa retreats. read more...  

One&Only Portonovi  

Located right by the beautiful Adriatic coast in Herceg Novi, Montenegro, the One&Only Portonovi marks the brand's first European resort. The real gem here is the Spa, which offers wellness programmes deeply rooted in the Chenot Method. This unique approach combines ancient Chinese medicine with cutting-edge medical science to bring you detox programmes that can transform your health in more ways than you could ever imagine.  

When you're not indulging in spa treatments, you can make the most of the resort's many amenities, from swimming pools to tennis courts and four different restaurants. Or, if you prefer, you can explore the natural beauty of peaceful Montenegro.  

Some of the best programme options you can find at One&Only Portonovi include:  

  • Detox: Combining Chenot Method® treatments like hydro-jet and phyto-mud therapy treatments with the Chenot diet plan, this is the perfect programme for those who want to begin the process of fundamentally changing their lifestyle. Alternatively, it can be used as a regular detox cleanse undertaken four to six times during the year. 

  • Fitness: Following a cardiorespiratory assessment that analyses breath by breath, how well the heart, arteries, veins, and lungs are able to work together to transport oxygen to the muscles, a personalised fitness programme will be put together for you. You will also enjoy specialised post-recovery treatments, such as connective tissue massages, that will help relieve muscle tension and allow you to move around more freely. 

  • Spa Deluxe: Designed for a long weekend, this programme combines the Chenot Method energising treatments with the delicious and healthy Chenot Diet that is prepared using methods that preserve the nutritional value of the ingredients of food. You'll return home feeling relaxed and re-energised and ready to face the stresses and strains of everyday life once again. 

  • De-Stress: The constantly challenging world puts a lot of stress and strain on our body, slowly reducing its resilience. This leads to increased vulnerability, fatigue, exhaustion, and burnout. The De-stress & Re-charge programme aims to reverse this by stimulating the body to recover and restore its vitality and energy levels.  

  • Advanced Detox: The Advanced Detox is the signature programme of Henri Chenot and aims to induce deep purification and detoxification of the body. It includes medical consultations, diagnostic tests, a low-calorie plant-based nutritional plan, and targeted treatments, all carried out under strict medical supervision. The treatments consist of cellular resonance therapies; special massage, cupping, electrostimulation; hydro-aromatherapies with plant extracts, salt minerals, and variations in water temperature and pressure; as well as plant-based mud wrapping applications and invigorating high-pressure showers. The treatments are tailored to meet individual needs and are designed for a one-week stay. 

To sum it up, Montenegro's retreats offer the perfect escape for relaxation and rejuvenation in the Balkans. The beautiful coastline, welcoming atmosphere, and peaceful vibes make it an ideal destination for your next wellness retreat. Ready to experience this tranquil haven? Don't wait! Healing Holiday’s is your ticket to paradise. Be sure to reach out to us to begin planning your next wellness journey to a relaxing retreat in Montenegro.  

Discover our selection of wellness retreats in Montenegro below or contact our wellness experts, who will give you unbiased advice on how to tailor the right programme for your individual needs. Call our wellness advisors at 020 7843 3597 or enquire here.

Spas in Montenegro
Are you ready to discover a haven of luxury and wellness on the Adriatic coast? Sitting just at the entrance to Montenegro’s Boka Bay in Herceg Novi, the One&Only Portonovi marks the brand’s European debut with 140 modern and elegant rooms, suites and villas.Beyond its luxurious acc…
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