The Best Wellness Retreats And Spas In Spain

Spain, a country in Europe where a realm of relaxation and rejuvenation beckons to those who seek a harmonious blend of luxury and wellness. Spain is much beloved by us here in the United Kingdom – it is an easy, short journey to reach by plane, and it delivers beautiful beaches, delicious and fresh Mediterranean cuisine, and endless warm sunny days, pretty much all year round. 

On the wellness side, it certainly does not disappoint either, as it is home to some of Europe’s best wellness retreats and spas.  In these refined retreats, Spain's history and modernity intermingle to create a unique atmosphere of indulgence and renewal. From ancient healing traditions to cutting-edge wellness technologies, the offerings are as diverse as the regions themselves.  

Simply put, Spain offers everything a wellness traveller could dream of – pampering spas, fitness boot camps, yoga retreats, and serious medical spas, you name it, and there is sure to be somewhere that offers it. Join in on an adventure with Healing Holidays, and uncover luxurious retreats at the best spa hotels in Spain, and indulge in wellness like never before.  read more... 

Six Senses Ibiza 

To begin our journey through the best wellness spa hotels in Spain, we start with the Six Senses Ibiza. When you travel to Six Senses Ibiza on the peaceful northern tip of the island, you not only arrive at a destination, you travel to a different frequency. The soul of the retreat can be found in the spa. From bespoke therapies delivered by experts and seasoned yogis to functional fitness, anti-ageing solutions, and immersive programmes spanning multiple days, every facet is designed around your specific requirements. Beyond the spa treatments, you can immerse yourself in daily yoga sessions or enjoy the resort's amenities, including a fitness centre and a rejuvenating swimming pool. For those eager to explore the local beauty, the surroundings offer a beautiful natural playground. 

OCEANO Health Spa Hotel 

Who would have thought that there would be some serious wellness on offer on the holiday island of Tenerife? Well, there is, and it can be found far away from the tourist crowds at the OCEANO Health Spa Hotel. Recently undergoing a significant refurbishment, the property now showcases 96 charmingly adorned rooms and suites, all of which surround its standout gem – the FX Mayr Centre. The FX Mayr Centre, conceived by physicians Dr. Alfred Milz and K. Matthias Rolle, has evolved into a premier advocate of Mayr medicine. This approach underscores that a cleansed gut paves the way for enhanced overall health and well-being. After a comprehensive medical consultation, your gut health will be nurtured the Mayr way – through dietary adjustments, exercise, and lifestyle shifts. Between treatments, you can indulge in the resort's amenities, comprising saunas, a well-equipped gym, a serene yoga studio, and tennis courts. 

Finca  Cortesin

Our new spa hotel in Spain, which is undoubtedly one of the most luxurious choices on the list, is Finca Cortesin. Framed by the majestic Casares Mountains and graced with sweeping vistas of the Mediterranean coastline, this retreat is a visual masterpiece. Inspired by traditional Spanish aesthetics, the design infuses a fresh grandeur with a sense of luxurious openness seldom found in Europe. The Spa at Finca Cortesin unites skilled therapists from Bali, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Spain. It houses thermal baths, a cutting-edge fitness centre, a 25m indoor saltwater pool, three thermal zones, a Turkish bath, a serene relaxation area, and Spain’s 'Snow Cave.' The ARANĪ Yoga & Meditation Centre offers an array of expert treatments and yoga practices, encompassing traditional Hatha yoga, 'Slow Flow' and 'Power' Vinyāsa, Ashtanga, Yin Yoga, Kundalini, meditation, and mat-based Pilates. 

SHA Wellness Clinic 

One of the most well-known luxurious wellness retreats in Europe, landing a spot on our list, is the beautiful SHA Wellness Clinic. Established more than a decade ago, this lavish sanctuary graces the scenic southern Spanish coastline and encompasses a full spectrum of healing. With a focus on comprehensive wellness, SHA Wellness Clinic offers a unique approach to health that integrates modern medicine with natural therapies and traditional practices. While its ambiance is undeniable, the clinic's core focus remains on medical treatments and programmes tailored to the pursuit of prime health. Programmes cater to diverse needs, from sleep recovery and weight loss to detoxification, stress alleviation, and smoking cessation. Anchored by a team of experts, the clinic collectively dedicates itself to guiding guests toward their wellness aspirations. 

Marbella Club Spain 

Marbella Club is a legendary establishment sitting on the coast of Spain and is one of the best luxury spa hotels in the country. Dating back to the 1940s when Prince Alfonso acquired the land and inaugurated the club, this hotel has undergone a fascinating evolution. It has since expanded and blossomed into one of the world's most exotic havens of wellness and luxury. Central to its beauty are its dedicated wellness programmes, which offer a comprehensive well-being approach that magnifies Mediterranean principles, nourishing cuisine, invigorating activities, holistic therapies, and thalassotherapy treatments. This focus has propelled the hotel to new heights, positioning it as a sought-after destination spa and attracting patrons from every corner of the world.  

Shanti-Som Wellbeing Retreat 

To complete our list of the best luxury spa retreats and hotels in Spain, we have Shanti-Som Wellbeing Retreat. Nestled in Andalucia, it puts off the essence of an Asian spa sanctuary, but only in southern Spain, and imparts an intimate and welcoming atmosphere to ensure each guest receives personalised care and attention. Shanti-Som thrives in the domains of fitness and weight loss, boasting classes encompassing yoga, Pilates, and customised training, catering to diverse skill levels. The spa is equally impressive, presenting treatments ranging from pampering to holistic rejuvenation. Your well-being is paramount at Shanti-Som, ensuring that a journey here is a fulfilling experience and lasts long after you depart. 

In the tapestry of diverse landscapes, the canvas of luxury is woven seamlessly with wellness at the finest spa hotels in Spain. From the sun-kissed shores of its Mediterranean beaches to the majestic peaks of its mountain ranges, these havens offer more than just pampering; they are gateways to a world of holistic well-being. Whether you seek the harmonising touch of traditional therapies or the embrace of modern wellness innovations, Spain's best spa hotels are places of serenity where the stresses of daily life are left behind. Leave your daily doubts and troubles behind you, and contact Healing Holidays to plan your next well-being retreat in luxurious Spain.  

Discover our selection of spa breaks in Spain below or contact our wellness experts, who will give you unbiased advice on how to tailor the right programme for your individual needs. Call our wellness advisors at 020 7843 3597 or enquire here.

Spas in Spain
Palasiet Thalasso Clinic & Hotel
Nestled among the gardens of a classic 19th century villa in Benicassim on Spain’s Mediterranean coast, Palasiet Thalasso Clinic & Hotel is a family-owned, four-star hotel and spa that is positioned in a quiet area, surrounded by trees and mountain just 50 metres from the beach.Its beauti…
Sharing from £509.00£509.00 pp
Singles from £669.00£669.00 pp
Read more
Six Senses Ibiza
When you travel to Six Senses Ibiza on the peaceful northern tip of the island, you not only arrive at a destination, you travel to a different frequency. Escape to the crystalline Xarraca Bay, where the 116 guest accommodations, village residences, pool suites and beachfront caves provide a meanin…
Sharing from £1519.00£1519.00 pp
Singles from £3029.00£3029.00 pp
Read more
OCEANO Health Spa Hotel
Who would have thought that there would be some serious wellness on offer on the holiday island of Tenerife? Well, there is, and it can be found far away from the tourist crowds at the OCEANO Health Spa Hotel.Hidden away in the mountains yet overlooking the ocean in the remote and unspoilt north-ea…
Sharing from £1149.00£1149.00 pp
Singles from £1309.00£1309.00 pp
Read more
Finca Cortesin
Finca Cortesin is a spectacular independently-owned hotel, golf and spa resort set in the rolling hills between Marbella and Sotogrande, flanked by the Casares Mountains and with sweeping views of the Mediterranean coastline.The resort was built and designed in the style of a classic Andalusian &ls…
Sharing from £1029.00£1029.00 pp
Singles from £1799.00£1799.00 pp
Read more
SHA Wellness Clinic
Your Health In Expert Hands At SHA Wellness Clinic SHA Wellness Clinic is a highly sought-after destination for wellness enthusiasts around the world, and for good reason too. Founded over 15 years ago, this luxurious retreat overlooks the picturesque southern coast of Spain and prov…
Sharing from £2869.00£2869.00 pp
Singles from £3729.00£3729.00 pp
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Marbella Club Spain
Marbella Club, on the coast of Spain, is an institution. Since the land was purchased by Prince Alfonso and the club opened in the 1940s, the hotel has transitioned through many different incarnations. Though the resort began with just 20 bedrooms and one restaurant, throughout the decades it has g…
Sharing from £1379.00£1379.00 pp
Singles from £2099.00£2099.00 pp
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Shanti-Som Wellbeing Retreat
Leave the stresses of modern life behind and regain a sense of equilibrium at this sanctuary of tranquillity in Andalucia. Bringing the knowledge and feel of an Asian spa resort to southern Spain, Shanti-Som Wellness has an intimate, friendly feel with only 14 rooms ensuring each and every guest ge…
Sharing from £719.00£719.00 pp
Singles from £959.00£959.00 pp
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