Regions of The Americas

Step into a realm of luxury as we explore the world of spa retreats in the Americas. This vast continent, from the sun-kissed shores of Mexico to the lush landscapes of Costa Rica and the high-end retreats in the heart of the United States, offers wellness experiences that transcend the ordinary. Renowned as the distinguished home of luxury spas, the Americas call to you with first-rate fitness retreats where top trainers seamlessly weave the natural wonders of deserts, beaches, and mountains with training programmes set in beautiful backdrops.

What sets these spa retreats apart from the rest is the holistic approach to well-being. Journey into spiritual development through native healing practices, allowing ancient wisdom to guide your path to balance. The Americas are where spa enthusiasts emerge feeling physically invigorated and spiritually centered.

Join us at Healing Holidays as we explore the enchanting world of luxury spa retreats in the Americas. read more...


From the vibrant energy of Mexico to the lush landscapes of Costa Rica and the diverse wellness offerings in the USA, the Americas is a hub for luxury spa retreats. Mexico's resorts offer a blend of culture and relaxation, while the USA boasts spa havens and yoga escapes, and Costa Rica provides a tranquil setting for wellness seekers. In these three main areas, the Americas invites you to a luxury spa journey like never before.


More than just a picturesque country, Mexico pulsates with life and energy, offering a sunny haven for outdoor adventures with a wellness focus. Picture yourself practicing yoga and meditation on the beach, indulging in ancient healing traditions, and feeling your spirits soar amidst the surroundings.

For those seeking a more intensive wellness journey, You can rejuvenate your body with programmes like Fitness Week at Rancho la Puerto. Or, when relaxation beckons, Mexico's beaches provide the perfect sanctuary for some sun worship. For those who come with a love for the sea, let's not forget the incredible diving opportunities along the Pacific and Caribbean coastline, offering a unique blend of luxury and adventure to boost your overall experience and happiness. 

United States 

The United States stands out as one of the best destinations for a spa getaway that promises an unforgettable experience. Amidst a variety of destination spas across the country, you'll acquire priceless wisdom for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Whether surrounded by serene landscapes or indulging in the art of pampering, these wellness retreats promise a relaxed ambiance and cater to the desires of every luxury seeker. Canyon Ranch Resort in Lenox features activities such as hiking, kayaking, and fitness classes, offering a delightful escape in Massachusetts. At the same time, Mii Amo in Arizona draws inspiration from Native American culture and aims to help you reconnect with your body and mind through wellness workshops.

Costa Rica 

Situated in the heart of Central America, Costa Rica unfolds with awe-inspiring wonders, abundant wildlife, and a dedication to sustainability. Beyond being a paradise for eco-tourism and adventure, it emerges as an ideal place for those seeking a luxury wellness transformation.

Consistently recognised as one of the happiest countries globally, Costa Rica has long been a favored destination for those yearning for an authentic, back-to-nature experience. On the wellness side, Costa Rica boasts top-notch luxury spa retreats catering to diverse budgets and focuses, ranging from detox (Amor Arenal) and emotional healing (Asclepios Wellness and Spa) to fitness/weight loss at The Retreat Costa Rica and yoga at El Silencio Lodge and Spa.

It’s clear to see that luxury spa retreats in the Americas obviously boast an array of spots for relaxation and pampering. From the lush landscapes of Costa Rica to the opulent retreats in the heart of the United States, each destination offers luxury and well-being. Now, don't just dream about it – let your next escape unfold! Your path to ultimate relaxation begins here with Healing Holidays! Book now, and let the healing adventures commence.

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