What is Spa Cuisine?

Spa holidays differ from other types of holidays because if you go to a destination spa on a dedicated retreat, you will most likely be put on a specific diet of spa cuisine that is personalized to fit your body type and to help you reach your goals. Spa cuisine is lovingly prepared by experienced chefs who work closely with nutritionists to provide healthy, balanced meals that are beautifully presented. If you visit high-end spas, the food served is a culinary delight that will satiate even the most discerning epicureans.

Generally speaking, spa cuisine is:

  • Portion controlled
  • Low calorie
  • Locally grown
  • Organic
  • Nutrient-rich
  • Balanced
  • Detoxifying

Some spas focus on specific dietary philosophies developed by doctors:

  • Dukan Diet: This high-protein, French diet focuses on a four phases approach to losing weight quickly and keeping it off.
  • Mayr Cuisine: This detoxifying diet is based on cutting-edge science and is used to get to the root of serious health issues that stem from the digestive organs. 
  • Raw Food Diet: This Swiss diet to promote detoxification and longevity consists of eating unprocessed, uncooked foods or foods heated to less than 40 C. Raw foodists are primarily vegan or vegetarian, but the consumption of raw fish or meat is also practiced.
  • Macrobiotic Diet: This simple, healthy diet is touted as the key to longevity through eating grains, local vegetables, and avoiding processed/refined foods as well as most animal products.
  • Ayurvedic Diet:  This ancient Indian philosophy focuses on fresh, organic, locally sourced foods to create a unique eating programme designed to balance the body, based on each person’s individual dosas (three energies that circulate in the body).
  • Detox Diet: This is a general term for diets that promote the body’s natural process of eliminating toxins.
  • Fasting Diet: This is a general term for diets that restrict calories and solid foods in order to promote weight loss and longevity. Depending on the diet, herbal teas and broths are allowed.

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