Top tips to get back to health post COVID-19

17/05/2021, VIVAMAYR, Dr. Maximilian Schubert

Dr. Maximilian Schubert, immunology expert and medical director at the award-winning VIVAMAYR Altaussee shares his top five tips for getting back to good health post COVID-19.

Act quickly and combine measures

If you've had coronavirus, Dr Schubert recommends starting treatment as soon as possible so that the virus's inflammation in the body can be effectively eased by the immune system. He also emphasises the importance of monitoring blood coagulation and, if required, restoring it to its optimal state. In severe situations, the body has been proven to be unprepared to deal with the cytokine storm caused by the virus, which can lead to the production of thromboses. The human body produces cytokines, which are proteins. Immunological cells, such as lymphocytes and macrophages, exchange information via cytokines in order to trigger the following steps in the immune defence.

These cytokines can, however, be generated in excess due to the immune system's high sensitivity to certain proteins, eliciting enormous inflammatory reactions. For both infectious and non-infectious disorders, this is the cause of severe sickness progression. “On the one hand, traditional medications like cortisone, which reduces inflammation, and heparin derivatives, which improve blood coagulation, are highly helpful here. Dr Maximilian Schubert, on the other hand, recommends taking plenty of vitamin C and zinc, as well as the amino acid L-lysine.

A good quantity of vitamin D should form the foundation of a properly operational immune system. A vitamin D shortage has been demonstrated to encourage the severe progression of COVID-19. The crux of the matter is that vitamin D insufficiency is more common among persons with pre-existing diseases or the elderly, i.e. those who are already vulnerable. This is why he advises having your vitamin D levels checked in a lab every six months and, if necessary, taking a vitamin D supplement. “When choosing supplements, always look at the quality and the brand,” Dr Schubert advises, explaining: “The ingredients in the respective compound are crucial. Ideally, the nutrient should be present in the form of a pure substance and should not contain any other additives. The purer the nutrient, the better.” 

Herbs, chicken soup and no carbs

In terms of alternative medicine, Dr Schubert – and the VIVAMAYR idea – believes in assisting recovery through the use of herbs whenever possible. For one reason, Traditional Chinese Medicine formulae can be really beneficial. These, however, must always be recommended by a TCM-certified doctor because they are intended to be taken on a highly individual basis and can be extremely successful. Furthermore, diet can have a good impact on a variety of ailments, implying that efforts in this area are justified. 

In addition, Dr. Schubert advises eating healthful foods. A substantial chicken soup that has been cooked for several hours can aid in healing just as effectively as a low-carb diet. Because, while carbohydrates produce energy, it only lasts for a limited period of time. However, the body requires a high level of energy to recover from COVID-19 infection in the long run, which is why it is equally critical to give it with sufficient energy (from food) over a long period of time. “If you're going to eat carbohydrates, make sure they're complex carbohydrates. Cut out sugar as far as possible, and be sure to eat plenty of vegetables,” advises Dr. Schubert.

Take time to recuperate

“If you have fallen ill with COVID-19, it’s just like any other viral infection: your body needs rest! Give your body the time it needs to fully recover,” Dr. Schubert reminds us. Naturally, many individuals are inclined to carry on with their daily routine especially if the disease is minor. However, appearances can be deceiving! Dr. Maximilian Schubert explains: “Even if you are lucky enough to only experience mild illness, it is still crucial that you allow yourself time to rest. 

Use the power of your mind

Whatever sickness you've contracted, keeping a cheerful attitude can help you get through it. “Our state of mind has a decisive influence on whether we stay healthy – or become sick. The more stable the personality, the more resistant the body, and the more pessimistic the person’s outlook, the more susceptible to disease he or she is. We see it confirmed time and again in our day-to-day work with all different kinds of people that the mind always plays a very important role. It has been shown, for example, that patients with a negative attitude have a harder time losing weight,” Dr. Schubert tells of his experience. As a result, every VIVAMAYR treatment includes a request to practise mental hygiene as well as numerous awareness and mental training methods. 

Strengthen your immune system using the body’s own recycling system

“If you are currently recovering from coronavirus, it is especially important that you treat yourself with great care and consideration,” Dr. Maximilian Schubert emphasiSes. “If you’re on the road to recovery, it’s best to start with slow walks in the fresh air and do away with the thought that you need to catch up on anything right now,” the doctor advises.

Also, drink plenty of water — at least two and a half to three litres every day. He also believes it is critical to return to the basics in terms of diet, ideally feeding your body according to the food combining principle and simply eating a little meal. “Support your body by allowing it deliberate breaks from eating and providing it with easily digestible food and quantities. Abstinence from food, as facilitated by interval fasting, for example, enables you to strengthen your immune system via your digestion. In doing so, you give your body the option of rendering diseased cells harmless and literally recycling them. In this way, cell components that are still intact can be made available for other bodily processes,” the immune specialist explains.

In truth, there are a number of factors to consider in order to best support your recovery after contracting COVID-19 or any other illness. However, it can be difficult to regularly follow all of the steps that would be ideal for a complete recovery, especially if you are still in a vulnerable situation.

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