The Philosophy Behind Palace Merano

02/01/2020, Palace Merano

The Palace Merano has gained the reputation for being the best place to go-to for anti-ageing and a full detox – and it’s not without reason having won many awards for their success! We have spoken to this fantastic spa to get a real in-depth guide into their wellness philosophy. 

Palace Merano is renowned for being a top healthcare establishment for those on a journey of health rediscovery. Their programmes are specifically designed to be fully immersive, altered to your needs and to be a truly gratifying experience. Palace Merano offers a variety of programmes for detoxification, regeneration, weight loss and beauty treatments. Whilst following these programmes guests can also book specific treatments for their overall wellbeing of the body, but especially the mind.

The Chenot Method

The team at Palace Merano follow the philosophy that each individual has many states of mental and physical health that require regenerating treatments. This is because those that are suffering from mental and physical fatigue have considerably reduced cognitive abilities and physical performance. In order to tackle these issues, the wellness experts at this spa focus on giving you the skills to be able to manage your stress levels, keep a detoxifying diet and use preventative care inorder to optimise your physical and mental energy through practicing the Chenot Method. Created by the Spa's owner, Henri Chenot, the Chenot Method is a unique combination of treatments and diet that in synergy aim to protect effectively the body from damage and toxins accumulation and premature aging. 

Overall Wellbeing at Palace Merano

The healthcare programmes and relative treatments enable the body to recover the best psychophysical function through specific techniques, personalised to each person’s problems and aimed at detoxifying and re-activating energy channels. This philosophy of balancing the mind, the unconscious and the physical body is imbedded into every aspect of Palace Merano's Philosophy, including the food. The menu offered at Palace Merano is the result of decades of experience, has been designed to induce deep tissue cleansing, and is based on natural vegetable based, hypoallergenic foods that re­balance the body’s functions. Alongside the classic menu, there is also the biolight menu offering light and health conscious foods that are prepared using methods that preserve their nutritional properties and are served in “wellbeing portions”. 

Whilst staying here, each guest’s overall treatment is constantly monitored by the medical staff. Through constant monitoring, the wellness experts will be able to make precise evaluations of your state of health so your programme can be modified at any time to meet your needs. Moreover, when a guest has a particular disorder, the medical team proceeds in line with the principles of functional medicine, which does not examine the disorder as an isolated phenomenon, but as part of a wider picture. During your stay you will also be given  a personalised diet for the period following the treatment programme so you can continue with the skills you have learnt as your return to normal life. 

If this blog has got you interested in starting your wellness journey call our wellness advisors at 020 7843 3597 or enquire here.

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