Neom's Advice on New Year's Resolutions

21/12/2015, Neom Organics

The experts at Neom Organics answer the frequently asked questions on New Year's resolutions. 

Q- Should one set NY resolutions? Is it really helpful?

Nicola Elliott says, “To be honest, I’m a little ‘anti’ New Year’s resolutions. I really think it’s about being in the right frame of mind. Rather than punishing yourself for the excesses of Christmas and New Year, it’s surely better to focus on a new start, and bringing in a few positive changes that are doable. So instead of committing to extreme detoxes or expensive boot camps, think up something nice that you actually want to do more of – that way you might even do it.”

Q- How can one set NY resolutions that are right for them, manageable, and is what one really needs rather than coming from the external pressure?

Again it’s all about trying to be positive – why set yourself something extreme, usually involving deprivation, and see it fall by the wayside by week 2?

It’s definitely worth looking at areas of your wellbeing that might be a bit lacking. Something you need more of, rather than less! More sleep is definitely a key one for me.  Also, your body tends to know what it needs. So maybe steer away from diets and try to introduce new foods. Neom Life Coach, Naomi Martell-Bundock adds, “Look at what you eat in a day – research suggests that if you can increase your intake of raw food as a proportion of what you’re eating, then your energy will be boosted naturally. Try munching on salad and seeds, or raw broccoli and cauliflower which have a really satisfying crunch.” That might make it easier to ditch the crisps. 

Q - Is it bad if i don't set myself NY resolutions?

Not really. You can make new plans for yourself any day of the year!  Think up exciting ideas and plans, make time for yourself and your favourite people. Streamline those activities that annoy you, or take up too much of your time.

Q - Examples of good resolutions & "bad" resolutions

Good ones could be to take up one evening class. Build a twice-weekly swim into your lunch hour. Make time for special friends and family. Sleep more and stress less. Plan an overnight break with the girls.

Exercise can be in short bursts. Naomi adds, “Go for a power walk! 10 minutes as fast as you can in one direction. Turn round and walk back as fast as you can. Have a drink of water, then dive straight into whatever it is you want to do.”

Q - How to ensure you stick to your NY resolutions and fulfil them?

Try to make them positive and part of your daily life, but not all diet and fitness-related. Remember how good you feel each time you fulfil them. Try to banish feelings of guilt and dread - harnessing a bit of optimism is so important. Our Essential Mood Lifting Kit is perfect for perking you up during the day, as it contains potent little essential oils like mint and mandarin. They are brilliant mini treatments, especially during these harsh depressing winter months.

Kelly Morgan, Neom Fitness for Fun Expert says, “Do what you LOVE - this includes the exercise that most engages you - it can be dancing, yoga, handstands…just go for it. Find some exercise to do outside; it's so much more inspiring to be in nature than in basement. Put the joy back into fitness and find a session that's outdoors. According to recent studies making time to go outside on a nice day for 20 minutes not only boosts positive mood, but broadened thinking and improved working memory.”

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