How To Stay Properly Hydrated In The Hot Weather

Karina Stewart, a master of Chinese medicine and co-founder of the multi-award winning wellness retreat Kamalaya Koh Samui shares with us some tips on how to stay properly hydrated in the hot weather.

During warm weather or following physical exercise and exertion, it is particularly important to adjust our water consumption to remain well hydrated for high energy levels and vitality. In general, hydrating well involves more than just drinking a particular amount of fluid per day. For optimum hydration, we have to consider our individual constitution and living conditions, as well as water quality and even the timing of intake.

Depending on our individual constitution it may be beneficial for some people to drink two litres per day, while much less may be recommended for others. People with digestive disorders or weak kidneys, for example, need to be very careful not to drink too much water.

It is advisable to drink liquids at least one hour before or after meals as they dilute our body's digestive juices and therefore decrease digestive function. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, water should be served at room temperature or warmer as drinking cold water blocks the body’s natural flow of energy and slows down metabolism. As well, adding a shot of vegetable juice or lemon or orange juice increases the body’s ability to absorb the water we consume. Another alternative would be unsweetened electrolytes. Staying healthy during warmer weather is not only about hydrating well; it also involves being mindful about what we eat. Keep reading for some recommended foods with natural cooling properties.

Foods that keep us cool

The food we choose can significantly affect how our body functions in a warmer environment. If our body overheats, it can leave us feeling confused, indecisive and it can even influence our mood. To avoid this it is best to eat light, cooling cuisine that doesn't go too deep into the body. Steaming is the ideal cooking method, with only modest amounts of salt added for seasoning. Heavy foods such as meats, eggs and large quantities of nuts and grains can cause sluggishness and are not recommended.

Try eating the following foods to help the body cool down:

• cucumber, tofu, sprouts and salads 

• apples, watermelon, lemon and lime 

• herbs, mint and chrysanthemum 

• small amounts of chili, peppers and ginger to encourage perspiration

This is a guest blog article by Karina Stewart.

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