How Can I Give My Life Purpose And Meaning

Research suggests life purpose is strongly associated with improved mental and physical health outcomes, but for many of us, finding a sole life purpose sounds just about as daunting as scaling Everest. Instead, reframe this thought. What will add purpose to your life? Rather than focusing on one, big, seemingly insurmountable goal, you can make positive steps toward a more meaningful existence. Ask yourself these questions to help find added purpose and meaning in your life.

What am I passionate about?

What do you find yourself Googling about on a random Thursday night? What topic are you curious about and want to learn more? Know that there are different degrees of passion. You may feel passionate about finding solutions for a major injustice such as lack of quality education or food and water security. You may watch loads of cooking shows and study new items in the produce section. Make time to explore whatever drives you to learn or do more.

What makes me feel connected?

We can feel connected to many things, including nature, people, community, higher beings, and ourselves. In fact, as humans, we have an innate need to feel connected. If you’re feeling disconnected, consider ways you can better associate with the world around you. Ask yourself: How can I enhance communication and conversation with your loved ones? How can I incorporate more community into your life? How can I be more compassionate to yourself?

What makes me feel spiritually aware?

Spirituality can mean something different from person to person. At its broadest, spirituality can be defined as feeling connected to something bigger than ourselves. For some people, spirituality can be a component of religion—or vice versa. You can start your spiritual journey by setting intentions and reinforcing them every day. You can also try short, guided meditations to feel more spiritually aware.

What makes me feel confident?

Recognise your strengths, your achievements, and the things that make you feel good about yourself. Taking care of your mental and physical wellbeing by eating well, exercising, getting enough sleep is one of the first steps to bolster self confidence. And then there are those special skills and talents we all that set us apart from others, whether we notice them or not. Take stock of a positive behaviour that you’re good at—be it knitting, volunteering, or playing your favourite sport—and make more time to incorporate this activity into your life.


Use these questions as a starting point and then get as specific as you can to find what makes you feel like each day is more meaningful. 

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