Essential treatments to get you summer ready

SHA Wellness Clinic knows all about staying healthy throughout the year. They say that it isn't just about keeping a balanced diet and exercising regularly; this healthy lifestyle should be paired with specialised treatments to reduce accumulated fat and cellulite, tighten your skin and target problem areas.

Women, in particular, suffer from these issues, even if they are healthy eaters, take plenty of exercise and look after their skin. This is why specialised treatments are particularly recommended for them. Due to their physiognomy women have an increased tendency to suffer from cellulite, circulation problems, fat accumulation and liquid retention. Experts advise highly effective, specialised treatments, which are non-invasive yet target the problem areas and give instant results.

SHA Wellness Clinic’s experts have provided the best treatments to banish liquid retention, eliminate cellulite, improve circulation, get rid of body fat and tighten skin. Providing noticeable results from the first session, these are the most effective treatments on the market, today.

Here are the essential treatments for preparing your body for summer:

* Electric lymphatic drainage: This innovative treatment combats the build-up of toxins in your body. Using electrical pulses to enhance the natural functions of your lymphatic system, it speeds up metabolism to reduce volume, rid your body of water retention, reduce cellulite and improve body sculpting.

* Pressotherapy: A therapy that stimulates the circulatory system, Pressotherapy enhances lymphatic drainage and helps to eliminate liquids. It also aids your body to get rid of fats and toxins that cause cellulite, varicose veins, oedemas and lymphedema.

* Shrinking Violet Body Wrap: Providing instant and enduring slimming, this method activates the lipolysis process, removing unwanted fat without any discomfort. This body wrap helps you to lose inches in problem areas like thighs, hips and stomach.

* Indiba: SHA Wellness Clinic recommends six sessions of this non-invasive radiofrequency treatment. It shapes the silhouette, reduces cellulite, sagging and stretch marks to make the skin much firmer. 

The fitness experts at SHA also recommend pairing these treatments with Reformer Pilates and yoga to help strengthen and lengthen your muscles.

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