Do I have to say yes or no? The art of being natural

At Vair Spa, our aim is to promote natural living both for ourselves and our guests. An authentic and simple attitude towards life, our bodies, and compassionate observations of our minds as just one magnificent organ among many other incredible organs.

Changes in breathing rhythm, painful joints, itching skin, increased heart beat, headache, restlessness, sadness, and susceptibility are often signs that what we are doing - or about to do, is not aligned with our inner rhythm. Mastering the ability to live and surf in that perfect, stimulating and ageless area between boredom and anxiety is the goal; it's not too complicated but it takes time to press the pause button on the world. And yes...sometimes a brave and complete change of life is the last resort.

A simple and relaxing holiday is a good start, but a more focused "job" during a deserved break can help promote a long lasting change in the mind set.

LOOK for body treatments and exercises that are designed to make you feel where your body is storing tensions and frustrations. Being serene is not an option; it should be the natural state of everyone. Being ill is an alteration of that state, and the body sends a lot of small signals before sending out bigger alarms.

PRACTICE different and playful activities that take you out of your "comfort zone" and automatic state of being. Understand through experience that an intense but playful activity like dancing or playing makes you feel tired but somehow full of energy. Body and mind go together during these performances, and action is transformed into vitality, contrary to what happens when we spend a lot of time sitting still and not connecting with our inner self.

DEDICATE some time to silence and immobility - they open the door to a journey into our bodies and after some time, enhance our mind's natural skills and make it shine.

At our Spa we are all lucky explorers of the Vipassana meditation, meaning to see things as they truly are, and after a 10 day retreat guests could also experience a kind of "natural power". This letting go and embracing will help with enabling them to say things that are perceived as intense, feel spaces and frequencies and feel free of any mental impurities.

This could be the perfect training to understand when to say NO or YES in order to continue our adventure journey towards happiness.

Written by Stefano Battaglia, Vair's "Shaman" & Patrizia, Vair's Director. Conact our wellness consultants for more information on Vair Spa on 020 7843 3597.

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