So Long Covid: A Holistic Approach To Long Covid Recovery

03/03/2022, Michelle Roques-O’Neil, Spiritual Health & Wellness Expert & Founder of Therapie Life

In the aftermath of the Covid 19 pandemic, there is still an enduring challenge that has impacted many, Long Covid. The figures are truly staggering as of Jan 2nd, 2022; an estimated 1.3 million people, 2.1 % or 1 in every 50 people, have been affected and is still impacting daily activities a year later. Symptoms include respiratory issues, shortness of breath, headaches, fatigue, heart palpitations, pins and needles and brain fog.

With such diverse and debilitating symptoms, I started to wonder what was at the core of this silent epidemic; just when you overcome the indiscriminate terror of Covid 19, you find yourself assailed and immobilized at the most fundamental level of life force.

Running On Empty

I began to reflect on what type of energetic pattern creates such a response and if people were predisposed to this outcome before contracting covid? What do I mean by this? When you look at the global energetic pre-pandemic, life was speedy. For many, the focus wasn't on self-development in its most profound sense; with most of the emphasis on power, achievement, and acquisition, this meant that our nervous systems were super stretched, adrenalized and in energy deficit. To then contract a virus that takes hold of an already fragile body with little or no defense, it doesn't surprise me that the phenomenon of long Covid has taken hold. Psychologically this can feel like the rug has been pulled from under your feet and can bring uncertainty, stress, grief, and trauma; it's vital to foster a sense of resilience. We are all unique, and therefore, no two people will show their anxiety in the same way. Here are some tools to support a good recovery.

Stop & Listen

Time to listen to our body is usually at a premium; when we recover from a severe illness, we almost demand our recovery to be immediate, constantly benchmarking ourselves against our pre-Covid expectations. However, the reality is that we are no longer in that place anymore; we are where we are. Therefore, it is essential to adopt a kinder, more patient approach to our recovery, holistic in its very essence.

Remember that some days will inevitably be better than others; to this end, implementing a gentle daily routine is not only good for a sense of stability but for sustaining your mood too! Keep active; it's good and releases endorphins; however, having sensible expectations is essential; keep it SOFT & GENTLE with Hatha yoga stretches or restorative Qi Gong may be slower, but internally they do so much more! Take steps to simplify your life; if your memory has been affected, take time to break down tasks, problems, or situations into steps, make notes or lists and keep distractions down to a minimum. Also, keep screen time down to a minimum; it's very draining on the spleen, making one feel very tired and drained.

Good Strategies 

Self-care is a vital component towards recovery, as is carefully monitoring your stress levels. Try to take small breaks throughout your day to hydrate and ground yourself; this will keep you more attuned and helps you acknowledge your successes, even the small ones. Once again, be kind to yourself, as this empathetic connection is crucial to feeling cared for and hopeful, most of all, moving forward.

The Basics

It's essential to take care of the basics, such as good nutrition and sleep, take catnaps and try eating several small nourishing light meals throughout the day to sustain good energy levels.

Optimum foods to include daily are Bone broth is both sustaining and nourishing. Garlic is an antioxidant that contains compounds for immune health (top tip, whether you crush or chop by leaving for 10 mins before using it helps increase and fortify the Allium -- this is a compound found within. Apple Cider vinegar drinking this can improve immune function and try to drink this everyday. Elderberry is an antioxidant that contains Quercetin, flavonoids, phenols, and vitamin C. Manuka honey is powerfully antimicrobial and anti-bactericidal. Ginger is anti-inflammatory and suitable for internally rebuilding your internal fire. Turmeric promotes a healthy immune system and reduces inflammation.

Good supplements include Vitamin C, a vital antioxidant that supports the healthy function of white blood cells, Vitamin D reduces the risk of respiratory tract infections and found fatty fish and shiitake mushrooms, Selenium helps mop up infected white blood cells found in Meat, seafood and Brazil nuts, Zinc maintains skin and mucus membrane health, Copper helps with poor immune function and found in Oysters, mushrooms, green leafy vegetables and liver, not forgetting dark chocolate.

Aromatic Allies

Essential oils have been available as healing catalysts since ancient times. I have had the privilege of spending most of my life around these energetic powerhouses, both in my practice and with my brand Therapie Life these active molecules are naturally antiviral, bactericidal, and antimicrobial, which makes them potent in fighting infection and restoring energetic integrity. Probe a little deeper, and you discover an innate capacity for healing from physical to subtle and so able to aid and heal within these challenges. I believe that aromatherapy is in its renaissance used well it is one of the most versatile and sophisticated tools for physical maintenance and wellbeing.

Spiritual Needs

Our spirit needs support, too, starting with Self-compassion; it's okay not to be okay; maintaining the tension between grief and hope is difficult, but it's essential to acknowledge the immensity of the experience; both help to create resilience. The daily practice of Gratitude to focus on what we have, Breath meditation brings us back to the moment; it is also key to activating the Vagas nerve {see below}. Spiritual nourishment can also come through contemplative reading or listening to a podcast; this can inspire and offer solace in moments of despair. Mantra is another practice that concentrates on the repetition of one word (normally. Sanskrit) to create a focus and vibration that affects change keeps us calm and present. Gentle holistic treatments like Reiki and aromatherapy can support good recovery also.

Energy Balance

When in deficit, it is more proficient to develop internal strength; this means working with subtle energy frameworks to create inner resilience and fortitude. All the tools listed above support this approach to healing and restoration and work profoundly on our physical well-being and our emotional integrity. Your subtle energy which works closely with the nervous system via the Vagus nerve (hearing nerve) one of ten cranial nerves but the only one that influences every organ in the body and affects bodily and emotional functions,

Medically, low Vagal tone is associated with inflammation, diabetes, poor heart health, poor sleep, low energy, aches and pains and depression, anxiety, and feeling unloved. Good Vagal tone offers abundant energy, alertness, good mood, no aches and pains, sound sleep.

The process of switching on the Vagas nerve and subtle body is straightforward; it's breath! Just commit to 10 minutes of pranayama breathing, breathing in through the nose, holding the breath and exhaling through the nose, repeat this trying to extend each phase for longer - It's a reset, digest, and healing for the whole body; it knits everything together through a more profound awareness.

In some ways, this journey is a rebirth, a reboot of life with more compassion and generosity. The benchmarks we once used have now been dissolved, allowing the emergence of a new sense of self-definition, more conscious and self-aware of both the body and beyond.

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About The Author
To say that Michelle Roques-O’Neil is one of the leading lights of aromatherapy, globally today, would be an understatement. With over 40 years of experience, she is a spiritual health and wellness expert with rare intuition and a gift for healing that goes way beyond the dizzying array of disciplines she has knowledge of. Not only a trained aromatherapist but a Reiki Master, a trained reflexologist, a sound and cranio-sacral therapist who has studied Native American rituals, numerology, shamanism, Taoist Qi Gong, SRT and the alchemy of essences.


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