7 Ways To Battle Holiday Stress

With Christmas just around the corner, emotions are running high. For many, these emotions consist of joy and excitement, but for others, feelings of stress and anxiety are equally common. Here are some causes of Christmas stress and how to battle them before they render you exhausted in the wake of holiday cheer. 

1. Buying Gifts

Barging into shops with swarming crowds as you search for the perfect gift can be overwhelming, especially if you still have many different gifts to purchase. 

To reduce the stress of buying gifts:

  • Begin selecting gifts early.
  • Plan what to buy for each person before heading to the stores.
  • Avoid both crowds and queues by purchasing gifts on-line.  

2. Managing Obligations

If you have a penchant to say “yes” and the inability to say “no,” your schedule will likely become full with obligations as you accept party invitations to celebrate with friends, family and co-workers. 

To reduce the stress of managing obligations:

  • Keep a diary of each commitment you make.
  • Refer to your diary before you commit to each social gathering.
  • Allow yourself to decline invitations if you feel your busy schedule is untenable

3. Operating Outside of Your Routine

Operating outside of your set routine (with changes to your time table and food habits) may make you feel like a fish out of water, but allow yourself some flexibility. 

To reduce the stress of an unusual routine:

  • Spare yourself the guilt trip from eating foods for a special occasion
  • Find time to exercise, even if not at the gymnasium. Take a walk or play a sport!

4. New Year’s Eve

Dreams of fantastic New Year’s Eve soirees at swanky locales can put pressure on you to transition into the coming year in an incredible and unforgettable manner. The desire for the perfect venue – and perfect companion with whom to share a midnight kiss – can create unnecessary anxiety. 

To reduce the stress of New Year’s Eve:

  • Realise that imperfect plans and partners can still make for a great night.
  • Be present when celebrating the New Year, instead of worrying about posting “Instagram-able” moments.

5. Extra Expenses

With presents, parties and dinners, it is no small wonder why your pockets may feel extra shallow during the holiday season. Worrying about overspending can put a damper on the holiday spirit.

To reduce the stress of extra expenses:

  • Budget how much to spend on gifts and outings.
  • Reduce how much you spend right before the Christmas season, so you have more to spend during it.

6. Hosting Dinner

Hosting guests for a meal is an open invitation for stress with worries about cleaning your home, setting up impeccable décor and serving a scrumptious menu. 

To reduce the stress of hosting a meal:

  • Serve dishes that you have already practised preparing.
  • Begin cleaning your home the weekend before the meal takes place. 
  • Ask for help from your guests, if necessary – or host a potluck, a meal in which each guest brings a dish.

7. The Travel Solution

The catch-all travel solution to reduce holiday-induced stresses:

Plan a wonderfully secluded holiday to SHA Wellness Clinic in Alicante, Spain, where you can relax and be pampered. Take a vacation to escape from both everyday and holiday stressors. If you are interested in staying at SHA Wellness Clinic or scheduling any retreat, contact one of our experts via email or on 020 7843 3597. 

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