Here at Healing Holidays, we know that what you wear has an impact on your wellbeing. We base a lot of our programmes around healthy detoxing and positive fitness regimes, to boost guests’ body confidence and mind-set. Picking the right swimwear for your wellness holiday is vital; you want to feel as happy and as confident as possible in your own skin, ahead of and during your trip. To find a swimsuit that keeps on giving; offering durability and a perfect, confident fit can be tough, but not if you invest your time and money in high quality items. That’s why we’ve come up with the five reasons why swimwear is worth the investment:

1. DESIGN - Curve enhancing seams, subtle panels and tapered leg lines compliment your form with elegant, sensuous silhouettes. Look for designs that compliment your body, whether they elongate the leg, slim the hips or define the waist.

Completely lined with no wires, clasps or fiddling, our designer swimwear feels and looks exquisite. Designed for the body and not for fashion fads, the feeling is sleek, sculpted and elegant. Our swimwear range offers a range of timeless pieces to collect, that you’ll return to again and again.

2. SCULPTED FIT – Expert design and quality craftsmanship always results in a flattering fit. Our swimwear is built architecturally, with hidden features that enhance and support the natural shape, creating a perfectly natural appearance from the outside. The innovative structure offers a superb fit that meets your body’s needs, without compromise.

Features include: 

a. High cut leg detail to elongate the silhouette.

b. Soft moulded cups and bra shelf to support, lift and enhance.

c. Powerful? mesh front lining to sculpt and shape.

d. Full linings, featured on both the back and front to promote an opaque appearance.

e. Fabric that has a fine, lightweight texture and offers excellent shaping power to fit the body like a second skin.

3. QUALITY – A high-end price tag reflects the use of technologically advanced, athletic grade fabrics. Our fabric promotes microcirculation and muscle oxygenation, has excellent, 40+ UV protection and also features rapiDRY technology, which reduces dampness after taking a dip in the pool.

An investment piece should also reflect expert manufacturing practices and quality materials. Where your swimwear is made does matter, as it requires specific know-how, specialist craftsmanship that only comes with heritage. It’s no surprise that our swimwear is entirely sourced and made in Europe.

4. LONGEVITY – High-end swimwear fabrics are scientifically tested for colour fastness, chlorine resistance and acid/alkaline perspiration. Like any piece of clothing, swimwear requires care and consideration when it comes to laundry, and when cared for, a high quality swimsuit will serve long term. We recommend always washing in cold water, (without fabric softener) after use in chlorine or salt water. Never iron or tumble dry our swimwear, and avoid excessive use in Jacuzzis and water jet pools; they will weaken the elasticity over time.

5. SENSUAL FEEL GOOD FACTOR – Whatever the spa break, dressing for the occasion boosts confidence and overall wellness, so what better way to celebrate that than with a new piece of swimwear?

Spa breaks are nurturing, healing and enriching; they are luxurious because they represent time off that you have worked hard to achieve. Get excited and prepare ahead for your spa break, as you would for any other vacation – go shopping. For others, the spa getaway may be less about pampering and more of an emotionally challenging journey, especially if you’re looking to detox or commit to a weight loss program. So, feeling and looking your best are paramount during your stay, and that requires swimwear that caresses and nurtures your well-being. Flattering and comfortable, our designer swimwear defines, hones and sculpts, enhancing your natural form. Effortless to wear with clever design architecture, their innovative structure has a superb fit that meets your body’s needs without compromise. Ava Verdú swimwear styles are unrestrictive, enabling you to luxuriate during your health and wellness holiday, in the time you work so hard for.


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