3 Travel Tips To Keep You Healthy

By Guest Blogger, Vicki Edgson
May 2013

Vicki Edgson is one of the UK’s foremost nutritionists and spokesperson for women and health. Vicki will regularly be imparting her wisdom as a guest blogger for Healing Holidays on the topics of weight loss, fitness, stress relief, anti-ageing, and increasing vitality through nutrition and exercise. Healing Holidays is also proud to feature Vicki’s Vital Energy Retreat in Ibiza, featured in the Conde Nast Spa Guide 2013. 

Tip 1:

I strongly recommend that, when flying you carry a 100ml bottle of Premium Grade Collodial Silver to add to your drinking water throughout the flight. It is tried and tested as one of the oldest naturopathic anti-bacterials and anti-virals and can also be used to disinfect your food tray and anything that others may have handled. We now know that airline travel is one of the most likely places to pick up infections and viruses through the air conditioning system, and this simple remedy will protect you against most likely culprits. I never travel without out it. To order go to www.colloidalsilverplus.co.uk

Tip 2:

Ensure you have boosted the beneficial bacteria in your gut prior to going away and eating different foods to those that you eat at home. I recommend OptiBac Travelsafe to take with you, and suggest taking one capsule on an empty stomach first thing in the morning for a week before you travel, throughout your stay abroad and for a further week when you return, available from Revital Stores and the Nutri Centre in London W1 and larger Tesco’s stores.

Tip 3:

Travel with Chia Seed – the latest superfood that is definitely here to stay. A perfect balance of protein, fibre and Omega-3, this is the must-have to supplement any diet (at home and away) with a great vegetarian source of Omega-3 which also contains an abundance of anti-oxidants to protect your skin from within from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Pack enough Chia Shots from www.thechiaco.com.au (also available from Whole Foods Market throughout London and beyond).

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