10 Tips for Happy Travel Skin

When we go on holiday, sometimes we forget our routines from home. Your day is now filled with lounging on a beach (protected in shade when it gets that bit too hot), relaxing in the endless spa treatments or taking a refreshing dip in the pool. But sometimes, we forget out skin. Here are ten important steps from Internationally renowned skincare expert Abigail James on caring for your skin while on holiday..

  1. If you are going to be in the sun and you have retinols in your skincare stop using these at least five days before you go. Retinol speeds skin cell turnover this is a precaution to prevent damaging your skin.
  2. Start with mega antioxidant supplements weeks before travel to counterbalance the extra UV exposure, which will enable your skin to fight any sun damage to cells. 
  3. Before you jet off, in the week running up to your departure date book in a facial. Something hydrating to get the skin in a bright, healthy and nourished condition. 
  4. The night before flying do a hydrating face mask to counterbalance the dry air in the plane and travel trauma we are all so familiar with to the skin (any excuse for a pamper night before we say). 
  5. Use a serum with hylauronic acid before, during and after your holiday - this is all about holding moisture within cells.
  6. Plan your skincare for specific destinations and climates. If its humid you might not need  uch a heavy moisturiser but a good cleanser and serum. If its dry, invest in a good hydrating moisturiser or oil. 
  7. Balms can be really multifunctional, from hydrating lips, eyelids, to nourishing the skin, running through dry hair,  moisturising feet the list really is endless. 
  8. DO NOT take last years sun cream. This is a big no-no, as it's been opened, used and put back on the shelf it would have lost its potency. This is a must buy before you travel. 
  9. Take a good cleansing wash to thoroughly remove your sunscreen at the end of each day to prevent buildup and blocked pores. And you can really show off your new glowing skin in the evening. 
  10. Book a deep cleansing, exfoliating facial for when you return. You will return to work looking fresh, rested and with skin to die for. Let the jealousy commence..

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