Where To Go To Unplug From Your Life, And Reset Your Mind, Body And Soul

27/01/2023, Healing Holidays

A good way to unplug for our noisy lives is to take a Retreat. We all need time to connect within, away from technology, which keeps us on red alert, and from people often close to us, who need advice and support. This will give us the vital time to reconnect with our inner self, to get some silence and to spiritually connect. To take that time out for you is one of the most powerful things you can do for your health, so set your intention and focus more on you in 2023 at one of our award winning Spas.

Kamalaya, Thailand

There is little that remains unsaid about Kamalaya - it is one of the most written-about Spas, and has a stratospheric following from across the globe. Science and spirituality blend seamlessly with Eastern and Western philosophies; programmes which expertly mix Chinese, Thai and Ayurvedic therapies are combined with more Western diagnostics to ensure maximum results. There are Weight Loss, Detox, Fitness and programmes that help with sleep or boosting your immune system, and then there are the programmes such as Embracing Change that focus on the many life challenges we face, from relationship issues to the death of a loved one. These programmes are the real heart and soul of Kamalaya – where personal mentoring under the guidance of former monks helps to deal with the challenges in life and give you the tools to carry on with purpose.

Where To Go To Unplug From Your Life, And Reset Your Mind, Body And Soul

Euphoria Retreat, Greece

Although still only a few years old, Euphoria Retreat in the pine-clad hills of Greece’s Peloponnese peninsula feels as though it has been around forever, offering transformational treatments to those looking for improved physical or emotional wellbeing. Inspired by Greek and Chinese healing philosophies, it is a holistic wellbeing destination spa steeped in Mediterranean history and culture. Their holistic philosophy is enriched by the concept of the five elements – water, wood, fire, earth, and metal and there are a host of programmes and retreats available to help you achieve Emotional Harmony and Physical Transformation.  

Where To Go To Unplug From Your Life, And Reset Your Mind, Body And Soul

Six Senses Vana, India

Escaping to retreat in this modern day ashram in Northern India is one of the best things you can do to heal you mind and soul. Daily mediation and Yoga galore, Tibetan healing with acupressure. Six Senses Vana take their retreats very seriously indeed. Harmony, nourishment and vitality are top priorities and subsequently, the retreat crafts a personalised wellness itinerary for each guest, based on retreat objectives outlined by each individual, upon arrival.

Where To Go To Unplug From Your Life, And Reset Your Mind, Body And Soul

Preidlhof, Italy

Set in the heart of the South Tyrolean hillside, with mesmerising views over the green Vinschgau Valley, Preidlhof is one of our healing heroes, as one of our favourite Wellness Warriors, Patrizia Bortolin, is at the helm. She comes with a very strong pedigree having arranged transformational retreats throughout Europe and Asia for many years alongside the brilliant shaman Stefano Battaglia. Preidlhof has an assembly of experts from doctors, healers and reflexologists, to transformational coaches and sauna & yogi masters, and there is a host of retreats available - to help improve your sleep, to help you manage the symptoms of the menopause, and to help you let go of negative energy and get your life back on track.

Where To Go To Unplug From Your Life, And Reset Your Mind, Body And Soul

Absolute Sanctuary, Thailand

If you are partial to small but brilliant spa hotels, then Absolute Sanctuary on the Thai island of Koh Samui is one to hole up in. We have been visiting this value for money gem for over 15 years and not only does it offer brilliant Yoga, Pilates, Fitness and Detox programmes, but you can also do longer retreats here such as their 30 & 60 day Lifestyle Change programmes, which are designed to guide you through a process of total transformation touching the physical, emotional and spiritual realms.

Where To Go To Unplug From Your Life, And Reset Your Mind, Body And Soul

Palmaia, House Of Aia, Mexico

If you are looking to transform yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, then the Gifting Lifestyle programme at Palmaïa, The House of AïA on Mexico's Riviera Maya could be just the ticket. As part of the programme, you will enjoy access to the Architects Of Life programme, which is a schedule of various activities designed to help you heal your mind, body and soul. Activities available include the likes of Yoga, Tai Chi, Pranayama, meditation, art classes, sound healing, fitness classes, Shamanic talks, tarot reading, astrology and ancient healing rituals local to the area. You’ll return home feeling rested and relaxed and ready to face the hustle and bustle of everyday life once again.

Where To Go To Unplug From Your Life, And Reset Your Mind, Body And Soul

The Ranch Italy

Experience The Ranch Malibu’s legendary transformational weekly wellness programme at Palazzo Fiuggi, a historic property, nestled within a private 8.5 hectare park overlooking the medieval spa town of Fiuggi. Limited to 25 guests each week, The Ranch Italy experience features a daily schedule that mirrors The Ranch Malibu’s signature no-options programme. Each day includes a four-hour morning mountain hike, nap time, afternoon strength and core training classes, yoga and a daily massage. Upon completion of the programme, guests leave transformed and informed, experiencing physical and mental changes, logging over 60 miles of hiking, losing weight and inches, emanating a vibrant, healthy glow and regaining clarity and peace of mind.

Where To Go To Unplug From Your Life, And Reset Your Mind, Body And Soul

Samahita Retreat, Thailand

Founded by acclaimed Yogi master, Paul Dallaghan, Samahita is a slow paced, charming retreat hidden on Koh Samui’s sleepy south-west coastline. It sits on a strip of powder white beach, where the colourful long tail boats dock in the balmy turquoise waters, and it's shielded by the coconut trees that gently whisper in the breeze. It is the absolute perfect place for solo travels and it welcomes people of all ages. Accommodation is intentionally simple, with no unnecessary trappings, yet it has all you need including a very good Wi-Fi signal. If you want to learn Yoga or perfect your practice without breaking the bank, there is arguably few better places than this laid back retreat.      

Where To Go To Unplug From Your Life, And Reset Your Mind, Body And Soul

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