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Enjoy luxurious accommodation & sophistication in this beautiful five-star destination spa in South Tyrol. One of our healing heroes, a stay at this multi award-winning Italian spa offers an opportunity for personal regeneration. This is the place to restore your total physical and emotional wellbeing, to reconcile your senses with your spirit.

Preidlhof has a holistic approach to health and is focussed on Transformational Wellness. Pioneering and innovative yet upholding healing traditions, this leading spa is very much at the forefront of contemporary wellness today. The emphasis is on inspiring and stimulating guests on all levels - physically, emotionally, energetically, psychologically and spiritually - and meeting you wherever you are, at whatever stage in life and in health, to reconnect you to your path and your uniqueness.

Flowing through all aspects of daily life - every interaction, experience and treatment offered to guests – is The Preidlhof Way. This is the philosophy that true health and happiness resides in finding the right balance between ‘hedonistic’ and ‘eudemonic’ wellbeing – as wholly defined by Aristotle. That is the ‘sweet spot’ where pure pleasure meets a deeper sense of self-discovery, purpose and meaning. A dynamic ‘hedonic – eudemonic’ interplay runs seamlessly throughout the entire Preidlhof experience, from the location to the accommodation and cuisine, through to the spa, treatments, and classes. A stay at Preidlhof is wholly unique and will appeal to experiential travellers and serious wellness seekers alike.

   Nearest Airport: Innsbruck
   Transfer Time: Approx. 2 hours

Sharing from £1325.00£1325.00 pp
Singles from £1925.00£1925.00 pp
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Singles from £2149.00£2149.00 pp

Including transfers, accommodation, full board and a 4 day programme

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Room Types

Preidlhof offers guests more than 5000m² of wellness space.  There is a six-floor Sauna Tower with spectacular views and 16 different sauna and relaxation experiences – including the world’s only Deep Sea Relaxation room. There are also beautiful spa treatment and fitness rooms, 10 in and outdoor pools, a climbing wall and magnificent gardens leading onto fabulous hiking trails.

Included in your stay is full access to the Sauna Tower, fitness and yoga classes as well as guided walking, hiking and biking excursions. There is also complimentary hire of Vespas and bikes to explore further afield.


Cuisine is a highlight of any stay and Preidlhof’s Restaurant has been awarded three toques by Gault Millau. Enjoy local products and regional delicacies, much of which Preidlhof cultivates and harvests itself. The Italian Chef is an international expert in Spa and Gourmet Cuisine and blends the Alkaline and Mediterranean Diet with the rich flavours and traditions of Italian and South Tyrolean cuisine. Preidlhof’s new health and wellness menu designed by Mindful Eating experts will help reduce stress and transform a convivial moment into an opportunity for awareness and wellbeing.  Satisfy your hunger, rekindle your senses and improve your health.


The wonderful nature of the Merano region is a paradise for athletes and activity enthusiasts. 

In-house inclusive activities:
  • Yoga classes
  • EnerChi Stretching
  • Gong & Sound awakening
  • Functional Fitness classes
  • BBP (tummy, legs, bum)
  • Body ART™
  • Special back training
  • Acquafit
  • Six Pack – an effective 30-minute training for
    your abdomen
  • Fascias-Release - active regeneration of the
    connective tissue and muscles.
  • Guided bike tours
  • Vespa tours
Full access to their standout Spa Tower:
  • SPA night every Wednesday - with infusions until 10 pm
  • Sauna experience several times a week with guided sauna and relaxation workouts
  • 3-4 special themed and healthy infusions daily with a certified sauna master
  • Open daily from 11 am to 11 pm
  • Six floors of exclusive relaxation experiences with an exceptional atmosphere and a dedicated spa team

  • Pool
  • Room Service
  • Free Parking
  • Restaurant
  • WiFi
  • Fitness Centre 
  • Bar/Lounge
  • Spa

Set against an impressive natural backdrop at the foot of the Texel Group Nature Park, Preidlhof basks in the magnificent Mediterranean climate of the Merano countryside. The great location set amidst vineyards, apple trees and subtropical plants, enjoys sweeping views of the Vinschgau Valley and the Ortler Mountains. 

Distance to the nearest airports:

Innsbruck: 166 km
Verona: 189 km

Conde Nast Spa Awards - Best Clean Eating Fix
Conde Nast Spa Awards - Best Clean Eating Fix
Tatler Spa Award 2019
Tatler Spa Award 2019

The new Transformative Wellness programmes integrate Preidlhof’s expertise across all areas of complementary, medical and preventative health, and are guided by medical doctors and leading experts in their fields. Therapists can also support guests in dealing with trauma and grief. Central to this is the ‘Integrated Healing’ programme which includes sessions with Stefano Battaglia - a highly-acclaimed trauma therapist, holistic healer and mediation teacher.

In addition to promoting optimum physical and mental wellbeing, award-winning Spa Director and Transformational Coach, Patrizia Bortolin, has also developed a vast offering of knowledge paths, rituals and emotional experiences. These are aimed at building greater self-knowledge and awareness in guests to improve their lifestyle. Guests on the ‘Integrated Healing’ programme participate in special classes led by experts including yoga nidra, mindfulness, forest bathing, barefoot meditation, sensory experiences, laughter yoga, and sound healing.

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Exclusive to Healing Holidays
Preidlhof Transformational Journey
Preidlhof | Italy
4, 5, 6 or 10 days

Developed for contemporary wellness seekers, experiential travellers and people open to change, expand, and flourish. Transformation can only arise from within but is facilitated by meeting with special people, experiencing intuitive, enlightened techniques while experiencing new places and discove…

Sharing from £1325.00£1325.00 pp
Singles from £1925.00£1925.00 pp
Exclusive to Healing Holidays
Energy x 2
Preidlhof | Italy
4 or 6 days

Time is the most precious treasure we have. Looking after your health and wellbeing is a personal, private (and somewhat selfish) thing – if you decide to share this with someone else it has to be special while granting both an individual (or personalised) journey. Combining these two aspects…

Sharing from £1329.00£1329.00 pp
Singles from £1929.00£1929.00 pp
Exclusive to Healing Holidays
Preidlhof Ayurveda by Nisha
Preidlhof | Italy
5, 6 or 10 days

A special corner of the Preidlhof Spa is dedicated to the Ayurveda “imported” by Nisha, their Sri-Lankan therapist who works with an enveloping dexterity and a sunny disposition to deliver the extraordinary treatments of the Ayurvedic tradition. An important component of these experienc…

Sharing from £1395.00£1395.00 pp
Singles from £1985.00£1985.00 pp
Exclusive to Healing Holidays
Preidlhof Modern Relaxation
Preidlhof | Italy
4, 5, 6 or 10 days

When you need to disconnect, let go, calm, soothe and deeply relax the body, Modern Relaxation is the right programme. It offers a series of enchanting treatments that help you tune into the body’s constructive signals. This new understanding will improve your approach to life with new habits…

Sharing from £1395.00£1395.00 pp
Singles from £1985.00£1985.00 pp
Exclusive to Healing Holidays
Preidlhof Holistic Fitness Retreat
Preidlhof | Italy
4, 5, 6 or 7 nights

Total regeneration programme based on the recent discoveries of neuroscience, on ancient practices, on the new approach to movement, wrapped in South Tyrolean wisdom and years of research in the field of wellness.An experience that can be modulated according to your needs and interests that can gui…

Sharing from £1399.00£1399.00 pp
Singles from £1999.00£1999.00 pp
Exclusive to Healing Holidays
Three Pillars of Health
Preidlhof | Italy
7 days

A programme to care and plan for improvement in the key pillars of our health: sleep, nutrition, movement and their interactions. Dr Angerer has state-of-the-art technology and many years’ experience in prevention, diagnostics and complementary medicine. This programme combines a series of te…

Sharing from £1849.00£1849.00 pp
Singles from £2679.00£2679.00 pp
Exclusive to Healing Holidays
Preidlhof Integrated Healing
Preidlhof | Italy
5, 6 or 10 days

The ideal choice for those periods in life where it is necessary, and sometimes essential, to withdraw, lighten, take stock of life and rediscover your true essence. This intuitive pathway is guided by a team of highly experienced and exceptional therapists, able to integrate and customise their th…

Sharing from £1949.00£1949.00 pp
Singles from £2625.00£2625.00 pp
Exclusive to Healing Holidays
Preidlhof Weight Loss
Preidlhof | Italy
6 nights

A holistic, result-driven programme for dynamic people in need of rebalancing their energy, reshaping their silhouette and lightening their mind. Body treatments will be naturally based and focussed on stimulating the body’s inner energy, sports activity will be mainly outdoor, the food appro…

Sharing from £2199.00£2199.00 pp
Singles from £2989.00£2989.00 pp
Exclusive to Healing Holidays
Preidlhof Sleep Better
Preidlhof | Italy
6 nights

With the support of experts in sleep medicine and the supervision of Dr Angerer, Preidlhof have created a highly personalised wellness programme to deepen and transform your quality of sleep. Take advantage of Preidlhof’s generous health and wellness offering and find your own personal rhythm…

Sharing from £2269.00£2269.00 pp
Singles from £3049.00£3049.00 pp
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