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Preidlhof , Italy
Exclusive to Healing Holidays

Preidlhof’s Menopause programme aims to help women suffering menopausal symptoms to manage their increased stress and live happier and healthier lives.

Over six days, you will experience various treatments and therapies that will improve your physical, mental and spiritual health, which in turn will help you to cope better with the debilitating symptoms of the menopause. These include healing and grounding treatments like acupuncture and mindfulness sessions, laughter yoga and glowing flow massages that use several bodywork techniques to release emotional blocks and anxiety.

As part of your programme, you will also enjoy access to Preidlhof's weekly schedule of nurturing classes, such as Yoga Nidra and sound healing.

  • It’ll help to ease the symptoms of the menopause
  • You’ll feel happier about yourself
Sharing from £2599.00£2599.00 pp
Singles from £2879.00£2879.00 pp
Sharing from £2919.00£2919.00 pp
Singles from £3189.00£3189.00 pp

Including transfers, accommodation, full board and a 6 day programme

Standard Inclusions
  • Transfers
  • Accommodation
  • Full Board
6 Days

This 6-day programme has the below inclusions. For more explanation on any of the wellness treatments please refer to our Glossary

  • 1x Ancient healing session (75 mins)
    Based on the concepts of ancient medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine, this therapeutic session combines massage with personalised suggestions and exercises to be practised at home. It helps to harmonise the mind and body and improve the functioning of our internal organs.
  • 1x Glowing flow session (80 mins)
    In this treatment, Stefano Battaglia uses several bodywork techniques to release emotional blocks, anxiety and imbalance, thereby connecting and harmonising body and mind. 
  • 1x Medical consultation and HRV measurement with Dr Angerer (50 mins)
    Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is a specialist practice which allows the body’s energy efficiency to be measured. HRV measurement can assess the body's resilience to stress, and enables the process and effectiveness of an existing therapy to be monitored.
  • 1x Acupuncture session with Dr Angerer (25 mins)
  • 1x 6-day sleep bracelet and medical feedback (20 + 50 mins)
    You will be given a sleep bracelet to wear for six days. This medical device is connected with the Sleep Lab, where doctors specialised in sleep medicine use the data from the bracelet to evaluate the quality of your sleep. At the end of the testing period, Dr Angerer gives an in-depth reading of the Sleep Lab results.
  • 2x Mindfulness sessions (60 mins)
    Private experience and lesson in mindfulness, with particular attention paid to the psychosomatic aspect of illness.
  • 1x Forest wisdom (30 mins)
    This cleansing and inspiring ritual will be performed by Irmgard Moosmair, a certified herbalist and mountain expert. Utilising herbs, flowers and resins specifically collected for you by Irmgard, the ritual follows local traditions and is enhanced by the innate wisdom and mystic touch of Irmgard.
  • 1x “Your voice” session (90 mins)
    This all-female experience is led by a local singer, musician, vocal coach and artist. Experience the power of your voice when supported by deep breathing and inner centering. See how it can help you detox and transform while removing tensions and blocked energy.
  • 1x “Smile” laughter yoga session (50 mins)
    A laughter yoga session led by Patrizia Bortolin or a member of her “Smiling Team”. Discover one of the most powerful tools of transformation.
  • 1x Transformational session & wellbeing consultation (60 mins)
    Through different sensory techniques, Patrizia Bortolin leads you on a journey of rediscovery and transformation that provides new perspectives and promotes a vital, creative and inspiring approach to life.
  • Daily access to special classes which include Yoga Nidra, approach to healthy eating, dance therapy, forest bathing, barefoot meditation, sensory experiences, laughter yoga, Dao-Yin yoga, sound healing, mindfulness and purification rituals with Alpine herbs
Low Season [29 Jan - 31 Mar ; 10 Apr - 24 Apr ; 02 Nov - 28 - Nov]
From £2,599.00 per person for double occupancy
High Season [31 Mar - 10 Apr ; 24 Apr - 02 Nov]
From £2,919.00 per person for double occupancy
From £2,879.00 per person for single occupancyFrom £3,189.00 per person for single occupancy

Peak season rates available on request.

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