Top 10 Luxury Detox Retreats in Europe

The body has a remarkable ability to rid itself of toxins, however, in today’s world, this is becoming more and more compromised, resulting in both physical and mental health-related problems. A detox retreat can be a great motivation for change and, if you go to the right place, you will have experts on hand to supervise and ensure the most effective detox for you. We have lots of great places to go to detox and a range of choices on exactly how to detox. For some only a fully medically-supervised detox will do, so the Mayr clinics, who contract exclusively with Healing Holidays only, are just the ticket. For others, the ancient purging through Ayurveda is the only one that will do, and we have some exceptional places which offer this in Europe. You may also opt for a gentle route to detox through deep body cleansing - this will allow you to pause, to reset and to breathe deep, learning new habits that will help you both physically and mentally. Whichever of the best wellness retreats in Europe that you choose will leave you feeling lighter, brighter and energised. Go as deep or as gentle as you like, and be confident that you will receive the very finest & unbiased advice. 

Park Igls, Austria

Located a short distance from Innsbruck and circled by the Tyrolean Alps, Park Igls is a modern Mayr Clinic, where the principles of Mayr are expertly practiced making it the perfect place to have a medically supervised Detox; to cleanse and fast, to re-educate your digestive system and to reset your eating habits. This is preventative health care at its very best and, with just over 50 rooms, you can be sure that the service is warm and attentive, exactly what you need when you are going through the aches of a deep Detox.

Top 10 Luxury Detox Retreats in Europe - Park Igls

Chenot Palace Weggis, Switzerland

Located at the foot of the Swiss Alps on the shores of Lake Lucerne, Chenot Palace Weggis is one of the latest additions to the world-renowned Chenot brand's stable of properties. It offers a highly bespoke approach to detox and wellness that combines the principles of traditional Chinese healing with the latest scientific advances in Western medicine within a luxurious environment. It has a medical spa facility of 5000 square metres and 97 luxurious guest rooms fully dedicated to supporting the Chenot Method-based programmes, with outstanding professional excellence at all levels, from hospitality to medical care, with state-of-the-art diagnostics and advanced medical screening tests.

Top 10 Luxury Detox Retreats in Europe - Chenot Palace Weggis

Palazzo Fiuggi, Italy

There is no question that Palazzo Fiuggi has been the most talked about Spa since it opened in 2021, and it has certainly been a huge hit with our savvy spa-goers. Nestled within a private 8½ hectare park overlooking the medieval spa town of Fiuggi just an hour south of Rome, it marries the deepest holistic traditions with the most advanced Western medicine and the very best facilities, allowing you to totally rewind and bliss out. We particularly love their Deep Detox programme, which as well as featuring state-of-the-art medical diagnostics, a comprehensive exercise programme and personalised wellness treatments, also includes an exquisite detox menu plan created by the three Michelin-star chef Heinz Beck.

Top 10 Luxury Detox Retreats in Europe - Palazzo Fiuggi

Villa Stephanie, Germany 

Sitting in leafy grounds next to Brenners Park-Hotel in the foothills of the Black Forest, Villa Stéphanie Spa & Wellbeing is a very elegant mansion-house, but it’s for the full health diagnostics rather than the glorious setting that so many flock here. There is a space-age clinic housing some of Germany’s, if not Europe’s, top medical experts in the fields of gynaecology, dentistry, cardiology, preventative medicine, holistic medicine and aesthetics, with the team led by the affable Dr Harry König. We particularly love their detox programmes, which are some of the best you can find in Europe. They combine sophisticated medical testing with the correct nutrition, exercise and various detoxifying treatments to help you cleanse your body of harmful toxins.

Top 10 Luxury Detox Retreats in Europe - Villa Stephanie

SHA Wellness Clinic, Spain 

Overlooking the picturesque southern coast of Spain, SHA Wellness Clinic is one of Europe’s top medical spas. You will instantly feel at ease as you traverse the spacious, light and airy property and are welcomed by the attentive staff. Despite its stylish setting, SHA's primary focus is on medical treatments and innovative programmes which have been designed to help guests achieve optimal health. If you are looking to shed a few pounds during your detox, sign up for the Detox & Optimal Weight programme. This programme aims to cleanse the body of harmful toxins accumulated from bad eating habits and external contaminating agents through a combination of medical testing, nutrition, exercise and various detoxifying treatments, including colon hydrotherapy sessions. You’ll also receive advice from SHA's experts on how to continue your detox journey once you return home.

Top 10 Luxury Detox Retreats in Europe - SHA Wellness Clinic

Palace Merano, Italy

For those who really know their detox retreats, Palace Merano is firmly on top of the annual must-visit list. Led by Dr Massimiliano Mayrhofer, this fine-tuned marvel delivers big, even to the most discerning and demanding of clientele who will normally only part with their blood for analysis to a clinic that has its own hi-tech lab on site. Merano has this and more; you can have a whole battery of tests that will give you an encyclopaedic knowledge of your body - where imbalances and deficiencies are detected and a plan of action put in place with the doctors to spring you back to rude health. Your treatment schedule then takes shape - daily massage, mud hydrotherapy, intravenous vitamin infusions and activity treatments, with many other treatments, which are a mixture of Chinese principles and the latest modern scientific advances.

Top 10 Luxury Detox Retreats in Europe - Palace Merano

Ayurveda Resort Mandira, Austria

Nestled in Austria’s Styrian hill country, not far from the little village of Bad Waltersdorf, Ayurveda Resort Mandira is a holistic Ayurveda retreat, which offers treatments based on solid traditional Ayurvedic foundations but tailored to Western lifestyles - you don’t have to worry about consuming ghee, or enforced enemas. Under the direction of Christina Mauracher, Ayurvedic specialists and therapists, alternative and complementary physicians, as well as nutrition experts, ensure a unique symbiosis of Ayurvedic expertise, alternative therapies and Ayurvedic diagnostics. The resort offers a huge range of programmes, from short breaks to the full-on traditional Panchakarma detox, as well as acupuncture, and incredible oil massages.

Top 10 Luxury Detox Retreats in Europe - Ayurveda Resort Mandira

Lanserhof Sylt, Germany

The ultra-luxurious and uber-stylish Lanserhof Sylt is the latest addition to the award-winning Lanserhof Group's stable of medical clinics. Designed by the internationally renowned architect Christoph Ingenhoven, no expense was spared in creating this state-of-art medical spa, which blends seamlessly into its surroundings and uses only ecological and health-friendly building materials in its construction. Its stunning architectural design aside, the main reason that people are drawn to Lanserhof Sylt is Lanserhof's world-renowned LANS Med Concept, which combines the Mayr Cure, traditional naturopathy and the most advanced medical techniques to deeply cleanse your body of harmful toxins.

Top 10 Luxury Detox Retreats in Europe - Lanserhof Sylt

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, Switzerland

Set against an imposing Alpine backdrop, in the heart of Heidiland, lies the state-of-the-art wellness centre of Grand Resort Bad Ragaz. Whether you want to address a specific health issue, want a full body MOT, lose weight or simply enjoy the thermal waters, Grand Resort Bad Ragaz is the perfect place for you. The team has over 30 top doctors and specialists, an elite fitness team, outstanding naturopaths and nutritionists, a homoeopathic unit and an impressive Chinese medicine unit. Their choice of programmes is as long as the length of your arm! We particularly love their Detox & Health Cleansing programme, which combines state-of-the-art medical testing with a personalised detox menu and a variety of cleansing treatments, including cupping and lymphatic drainage massages.

Top 10 Luxury Detox Retreats in Europe - Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

Shanti Som Wellbeing Retreat, Spain

Bringing the knowledge and feel of an Asian spa resort to southern Spain, Shanti-Som Wellbeing Retreat has an intimate, friendly feel with only 14 rooms ensuring each and every guest gets the care and attention that they need. We particularly love it's detox programme which focuses directly on purifying the body and restoring it to rude health with a specially created juice detox and broth diet. There isalso a wide range of specialised therapies on offer for you to try, including a pressotherapy session and a daily colonic, which boasts many health benefits including removing toxins from the body, improving the immune system, helping with weight loss and improving digestion.

Top 10 Luxury Detox Retreats in Europe - Shanti Som

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