Palazzo Fiuggi Deep Detox

Palazzo Fiuggi , Italy
Exclusive to Healing Holidays

If you are looking for an intensive mind and body detox then Palazzo Fiuggi’s holistic Deep Detox programme could be just the ticket.

Based on the latest scientific research, this bespoke seven night detox programme balances exquisitely prepared detox meals with a gentle exercise regime and personalised wellness treatments to help cleanse your body of harmful toxins, which in turn will help to improve your overall physical and mental wellbeing.

As part of your programme, you will also have access to the Roman spa and swimming pools.

  • Your body will be cleansed of harmful toxins
  • You'll have renewed energy
  • You'll enjoy greater clarity of thought
Sharing from £7199.00£7199.00 pp
Singles from £8589.00£8589.00 pp

Including transfers, accommodation, full board and a 7 night programme

Standard Inclusions
  • Transfers
  • Accommodation
  • Full Board
7 Nights

This 7-night programme has the below inclusions. For more explanation on any of the wellness treatments please refer to our Glossary.

  • 3x Medical check-ups
  • 1x Electrocardiogram
    An Electrocardiogram is a safe, painless and non-invasive procedure performed to measure the heart electrical activity. It may help to diagnose heart conditions and arrhythmias in people of all ages.
  • 1x Abdominal ultrasound
  • 2x Laboratory full blood analysis tests, including detox & heavy metal profile.
  • 1x Naturopathic consultation
  • Fiuggi healing thermal water medical therapy as per doctors advice
  • 2x Intravenous supplementations 
  • 1x Nilas assessment
    By measuring biorhythms steered by the autonomous and central nervous systems (the heart rate variability (HRV)) though the NILAS device available at Palazzo Fiuggi, which is closely linked with the brain, immune, digestive, and endocrine systems, and which then provides accurate information of these vital functions.
  • 1x Colon hydrotherapy
  • 1x Nutrition consultation
  • 6x Personalised infusions
  • 2x Health check ups
  • 2x Bioelectrical impedance analyses
    Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) is a non invasive and broadly used approach for the assessment of body composition in different clinical conditions. The measurement is simply obtained standing on the BIA device and holding the electrodes for about 60 seconds. BIA determines your body composition in terms of fat mass, muscle mass and hydration status.
  • 2x Stykus
    Styku 3D body scanning offers an easy and non invasive full-body scanning experience. It requires the subject to stand still on a turntable and hold the pose for about 40 seconds. While the turntable is rotating, an infrared 3D camera extracts millions of data in order to evaluate measurements and to create your 3D model. Styku is a supportive approach for performing a body shape analysis and for meeting your body composition goals.
  • 3x Ozone therapy sessions
  • 2x Cryotherapy sessions
  • 3x iDome FIR triple detox treatments
    The new generation of detox treatments, combining Far Infrared technology with Plasma and Light. While the FIR (Far Infrared Rays) technology stimulates the metabolism and the perspiration of the body with long-wave infrared rays, the additional Plasma-and Light-Therapy device (PLT) provides visible skin rejuvenation and detoxification already after the first use.
  • 1x Hammam welcome cleansing ritual
    The ritual begins with a traditional Turkish Hamman that includes a soft, fragrant wash with hot Fiuggi water, black soap enriched with Argan oil and an exotic Eastern fragrance. The experience concludes with the application of rose water for natural purity and skin hydration plus total relaxation in mind and soul.
  • 2x 3-step hydro cures activated by Fiuggi water
    The Palazzo Fiuggi signature experience. A 3-step water cure with healing minerals in a powerful hydrotherapy bath, a fango mud wrap on a floating table finishing with an invigorating Scottish Shower to increase blood flow, reduce inflammation and cellulite.
  • 1x Detox Hammam session~
    Traditional Hammam ritual with detoxifying Black Soap and Eucalyptus to boost your immune system, leaving your skin purified and silky soft.
  • 2x Thalassotherapy sessions
  • 2x Lymphatic drainage massages
  • 2x Detox and firm abdominal treatments
    Decongest the abdomen and reduce waist circumference with a gentle stimulation of the abdominal area, the skin texture is improved, leaving a toned and flatter abdomen.
  • 1x Cognitive group class
  • 1x Kinesis group class
  • Daily small group yoga sessions
  • Daily small group sound healing and meditation sessions
  • Access to the Roman spa and swimming pools
Price [01 Jan - 31 Dec]
From £7,199.00 per person for double occupancy

From £8,589.00 per person for single occupancy

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