Park Igls

Park Igls

Austria, Europe

Located a short distance from Innsbruck and circled by the Tyrolean Alps, Park Igls is a medical clinic that adheres to the Mayr principle, (that clean guts are the route to good health).

Drawing on this famous theory of holistic wellbeing, the clinic, available to book exclusively through Healing Holidays only, believes that 80% of chronic disease is caused by bad nutrition and lack of exercise. Diagnostics are enhanced by the latest cutting-edge medical testing, as well as by alternative medical procedures, and as they work closely with internationally-renowned experts from the University Hospital in Innsbruck, you will have access to the latest testing and treatments.

A stay here offers a major reboot to your system, so expect a light diet, a gentle exercise plan and a tailor-made course of treatments. Food and nutrition are a big part of your stay and a diet plan, using locally-grown organic ingredients, will be tailored for you. The food is surprisingly delicious, and there is a big effort to make it both tasty and pleasing to the eye. There are regular classes with the chef so you can replicate dishes that are both healthy and wholesome, ensuring you retain vital nutrients in the cooking process.

Rooms are bright, contemporary and all have balconies with views of the Alpine mountains, where a waft of fresh pure air will improve your wellbeing instantly. There are daily guided walks into the surrounding countryside, yoga, aqua-aerobics, personal training and the best massages you will ever have - massages that will really treat your issues, and which will be performed by qualified physiotherapists. There is a cute spa with saunas, a hydrotherapy pool and steam rooms, as well as a lovely pool, BUT these are just the luxury trappings, as this is a serious medical clinic where you go to fix your health issues.

   Nearest Airport: Innsbruck
   Transfer Time: Approx. 20 minutes

Sharing from £1749.00£1749.00 pp
Singles from £1769.00£1769.00 pp

Including transfers, accommodation, full board and a 4 night programme

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Detox | Medical Spa

Room Types

In addition to the medical spa and beauty salon, there are spacious relaxation rooms, fitness studios and a well-equipped gym at Park Igls.

Dermatological examination
Digestive herb wrap
Oxidative stress measurement
Colon hydrotherapy
PhysiotherapyCraniosacral therapy,
Liver blood analysis 
Liver cleanse
Osteopathy Reflexology Biovis microbiome analysis
Intravenous drip therapy
Comprehensive food allergy testing
Shiatsu Ultrasound diagnostics
Medical hypnosis
Liver compress with beeswax
Connective tissue massageGait analysis
Hormone screening for men & women
Metabolic detox bath
Lymphatic drainage massageChest or lower abdomen compress
Neurological examination
Full body exfoliation
Heart & circulation blood tests
Body wraps

The food served at Park Igls is designed to rest and relieve the digestive system. The focus is on providing alkaline, light and beautifully prepared Modern Mayr cuisine using organic and locally-grown produce.

  • Hiking
  • Mountain biking
  • Nordic walking
  • Skiing
  • Gymnastics
  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Aqua fit
  • Indoor pool with jets
  • Steam bath and saunas
  • Infrared cabins
  • Fitness room with state-of-the-art cardiovascular equipment
  • Gymnastic room with exterior decking and park access
  • Multi-purpose fitness room with outdoor section and park access
  • Lounge
  • Library and billiard room
  • Lecture room
  • Boutique

Circled by the stunning Tyrolean mountains, Park Igls is located approximately 5km south of Innsbruck. 

Directions to Park Igls

Travelling by plane

  • Innsbruck Airport - approx. 20 mins 
Insider's Tips
  • "Be sure to arrive on a Sunday night, as the whole programme is explained thoroughly on this day by the doctors." - Frances Geoghegan, Owner & Founder
  • "Bag a suite, on the north side of the property, where views are the best." - Anna, Wellness Advisor
  • "Pack for comfort, not style – walking boots, trainers, swimmers and comfortable leisure gear." - Tracy Wilson, Wellness Advisor
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Valid for stays between 01 - 31 Mar 2024. T&C's apply.

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  • Book for 14 days or more and receive 5% room discount
  • Book for 21 days or more and receive 10% room discount
    Valid for stays until 31 Dec 2024. T&C's apply.

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Detox Short Break Programme
Park Igls | Austria
4 nights

Anyone looking for a quick and relaxing detox break should look no further than Park Igls’ Mayr Short Break Programme.A combination of medical testing, nutrition and various treatments & therapies will help you to leave Park Igls feeling rested and relaxed, and ready to face the world aga…

Sharing from £1749.00£1749.00 pp
Singles from £1769.00£1769.00 pp
Detox Classic
Park Igls | Austria
7, 14 or 21 nights

The Detox Classic Programme is perfect for those who are new to Mayr detoxing.Covering seven, fourteen nights or twenty one nights, it includes various medical examinations, a personalised Mayr diet, daily Kneipp treatments and full body massages that will help to rid your body of harmful toxins.In…

Sharing from £2329.00£2329.00 pp
Singles from £2359.00£2359.00 pp
Detox Intensive
Park Igls | Austria
7, 14 or 21 nights

This is Park Igls’ signature programme and is suitable for those who are looking to undertake a very comprehensive detox.Available over seven, fourteen or twenty one nights, it includes extensive medical examinations, a personalised Mayr diet, daily Kneipp treatments and various detoxifying t…

Sharing from £2779.00£2779.00 pp
Singles from £2809.00£2809.00 pp
Easter Programme - Park Igls
Park Igls | Austria
Fixed Date Retreat: 7 nights

Celebrate Easter differently this year by undertaking a Mayr Detox at Park Igls.Over 7 nights, a combination of medical testing, nutrition, exercise and various detoxifying treatments, including a detox wrap with beeswax will help your body to rid itself of harmful toxins that have accumulated sinc…

Sharing from £2989.00£2989.00 pp
Singles from £3039.00£3039.00 pp
Feldenkrais® Week
Park Igls | Austria
Fixed Date Retreat: 7 nights

Developed by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, the Feldenkrais Method® is a type of therapeutic exercise that uses small gentle movements to help enhance the way we move our bodies in our everyday lives. It can help to relieve muscular pain, improve breathing, posture, coordination and balance, and also t…

Sharing from £3129.00£3129.00 pp
Singles from £3169.00£3169.00 pp
Yoga Week At Park Igls
Park Igls | Austria
Fixed Date Retreat: 7 nights

If you would like to undertake a Mayr detox cure whilst at the same time also improving your yoga practice then the Yoga Week At Park Igls could just be the right one for you.Over seven nights you will enjoy group yoga classes and one-to-one lessons alongside a Mayr detox cure, which includes a med…

Sharing from £3139.00£3139.00 pp
Singles from £3179.00£3179.00 pp
Physio Fit
Park Igls | Austria
7, 14 or 21 nights

Anyone who suffers from back or joint complaints should definitely consider Park Igls’ Physio Fit Programme.Through a combination of medical examinations, nutrition and physiotherapy sessions, you will find that you will be able to move around more freely and without pain.In tandem with your …

Sharing from £3419.00£3419.00 pp
Singles from £3459.00£3459.00 pp
Park Igls | Austria
7, 14 or 21 nights

Looking to reduce your stress levels? Park Igls’ De-Stress Programme has all the answers you are looking for.Through a combination of medical testing, nutrition and treatments such as mental coaching and craniosacral therapy, your body and mind will be taught how to deal more effectively with…

Sharing from £3519.00£3519.00 pp
Singles from £3559.00£3559.00 pp
Neuro Fit
Park Igls | Austria
7, 14 or 21 nights

Neuroscience has proven what Mayr physicians have long suspected – that degenerative nervous system diseases such as Parkinson’s have their origins in the gut.The restorative neuro-intestinal effect of Modern Mayr Medicine, combined with physiotherapy and physical exercise, can lead to …

Sharing from £3639.00£3639.00 pp
Singles from £3679.00£3679.00 pp
Menopause Fit
Park Igls | Austria
7 nights

Park Igls' Menopause Fit programme aims to help women suffering menopausal symptoms to manage their increased stress and live happier and healthier lives.Over seven nights, you will experience various treatments and therapies that will improve your physical and mental health, which in turn will…

Sharing from £3739.00£3739.00 pp
Singles from £3779.00£3779.00 pp
Fit After Covid
Park Igls | Austria
7 nights

To help you get back on your feet after COVID-19, Park Igls' medical specialists have developed a special diagnostic and therapeutic programme.In addition to a medical examination, a lung function test and a specific blood test to check for cardiac muscle damage, this programme also includes in…

Sharing from £4049.00£4049.00 pp
Singles from £4089.00£4089.00 pp
Immune System Booster
Park Igls | Austria
7 nights

A well-functioning immune system is always a pre-requisite for a healthy life, not just during a global pandemic, and so if you are looking to give yours a serious boost then Park Igls' Immune System Booster Programme could be just for you.The programme, which is based on the principles of Mode…

Sharing from £4249.00£4249.00 pp
Singles from £4289.00£4289.00 pp
Detox Medical Check
Park Igls | Austria
7 nights

The Detox Medical Check programme is the ideal one for anyone who would like to gain a comprehensive insight into their current overall health and wellbeing.Available over seven nights, it includes an extensive range of diagnostic tests such as blood tests, urine analysis and ultrasounds that will …

Sharing from £5089.00£5089.00 pp
Singles from £5129.00£5129.00 pp
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