Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

Switzerland, Europe

Switzerland is home to some of the finest medical spas in the world and the most cutting-edge medical techniques. Set against an imposing Alpine backdrop, in the heart of Heidiland, lies the state-of-the-art wellness centre of Grand Resort Bad Ragaz.

Whether you want to address a specific health issue, want a full body MOT, lose weight or simply enjoy the thermal waters, Grand Resort Bad Ragaz is the perfect place for you. The team has over 30 top doctors and specialists, an elite fitness team, outstanding naturopaths and nutritionists, a homoeopathic unit and an impressive Chinese medicine unit. Their choice of programmes is as long as the length of your arm - weight loss, several types of detoxes, a sleep diagnostic clinic, postnatal, energy renewal, anti-ageing and more. The clinic provides all the functions of a hospital with the atmosphere of a five-star hotel. Detailed his and her medical check-up's are also available and can be added to your programme as required.

Famous for its ground-breaking initiatives and hard-hitting results, Bad Ragaz has always been ahead of its game. They were first with DNA and gene testing, and they are one of few in the world who offer ‘Rotation Advancement’ (a sleep apnea treatment). Their dentistry team use the newest technology and ceramic or titanium implants, ensuring you get the perfect smile.

The clinic suites cover 300 metres with 18 rooms which will cater for those recovering from major surgery and those requiring musculoskeletal rehab. There is a varied and delicious menu on offer, all supervised by the nutritionists, to tempt even the most fragile palate. You can adhere to a fully-controlled calorie-counted spa diet, or choose from wonderful, local organic salads and antipasti, or a Michelin-star dining experience.

   Nearest Airport: Zurich
   Transfer Time: Approx. 1 hour

Sharing from £1009.00£1009.00 pp
Singles from £2019.00£2019.00 pp

Including transfers, accommodation, breakfast and a 3 night stay

Recommended for

Detox | Medical Spa | Weight-Loss

Room Types

The Medical Health Centre offers MRI scans, a multitude of diagnostic tests, Chinese Medicine, radiology, botox and minor cosmetic surgery. There are thermal pools in which to bathe and in the spa you can indulge in a bewilderingly long list of treatments sourced from around the world.

FacialsThai massageLomi Lomu Nui massageLymphatic drainage massage
Body scrubsAcupunctureFoot reflexologyInner balance chakra massage
Energetic bodyworkTok-senChi Nei TsangManicures & pedicures

Visitors can enjoy the resort’s Cuisine Équilibrée, a health-conscious menu devised by the executive chef and the resort’s dieticians and doctors. Alternatively, dine in one of the resort’s seven restaurants which include Asian, gastronomic and Mediterranean options.


Gourmet chef Roland Schmid enchants your senses with elegant, authentic dishes that will live on forever in your taste memory. 


A sophisticated restaurant with International spa cuisine and Cuisine Equilibrée from Executive Chef Renato Wüst, complemented by appealing Japanese offerings.


Take a seat and enjoy the light, authentic Mediterranean cuisine! 


Asian cuisine enjoys the well-deserved reputation of being among the best in the world. Not only is it light and healthy, it also stands out for its use of fresh ingredients. 


To match the informal chalet atmosphere in the traditional Zollstube, they spoil you here with popular Swiss specialities and regional delicacies.


Club members, hotel guests and golfers are always welcome in the attractive restaurant. It offers a sophisticated seasonal cuisine that exclusively uses market-fresh, top-class ingredients. 


The newly built Golf Bistro with its magnificent terrace offers a warm welcome to everyone.


La Merenda translates into something like "light meal". A richly varied salad buffet, a wide selection of snacks and sandwiches, extra-healthy dishes, tarte flambée and a devilishly-tempting cake buffet. 

  • Private training sessions 
  • Group classes
  • Kinesis 
  • Galileo 
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Badminton
  • Skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Snowshoeing
  • Horse riding
  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Tamina Therme (public thermal spa)
  • Fitness centres
  • 7 Restaurants and 4 Bars
  • Hotel library
  • Theatre
  • Use of the Mercedes fun cars and use of the Harley Davidson during the summer (excl. fuel costs)
  • Golf courses
  • Casino Bad Ragaz

Lying in the foothills of the Swiss Alps, the mountain setting is stunning. A vast sprawling resort with a modern feel, the location inspired the novel ‘Heidi’.

Directions to Grand Resort Bad Ragaz:

Travelling by plane

  • Zurich Airport - approx. 1 hour 
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Medical Master
Medical Master
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3 Nights at Grand Resort Bad Ragaz
Grand Resort Bad Ragaz | Switzerland
3 nights

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz offers cutting edge medical techniques to deal with just about any problem you may be experiencing. Go for a full medical check-up, for gene testing, even for cancer detection. For those not so concerned with the medical aspect, there is plenty else to do. Enjoy La Prairie fa…

Sharing from £1009.00£1009.00 pp
Singles from £2019.00£2019.00 pp
Grand Resort Bad Ragaz | Switzerland
2 or 4 nights

The Recharge programme is all about consciously relaxing and recharging your batteries.Over two or four nights, you will experience yoga and deeply regenerative treatments that will help to rejuvenate your mind and body.As part of your programme, you will also have access to the Thermal Spa and dai…

Sharing from £1749.00£1749.00 pp
Singles from £2529.00£2529.00 pp
Start Moving
Grand Resort Bad Ragaz | Switzerland
2 nights

If you are new to fitness then Grand Resort Bad Ragaz's Start Moving programme could be the right for you.Available over 2 nights, Grand Resort Bad Ragaz's experts will help you find the right kind of exercise for you. They will also advise you on how often you should be exercising and how …

Sharing from £2139.00£2139.00 pp
Singles from £2909.00£2909.00 pp
Experience Water
Grand Resort Bad Ragaz | Switzerland
3 nights

The thermal water from the Tamina Gorge is a precious gift of nature. Unique in its effects and rare in its composition.The Experience Water programme takes you on a wellness journey that allows you to experience this vital element with all your senses. You will get to explore the Tamina spring and…

Sharing from £2379.00£2379.00 pp
Singles from £3389.00£3389.00 pp
Yoga Retreat
Grand Resort Bad Ragaz | Switzerland
3 nights

If you’re short on time, but would like to improve your yoga practice then why not try Grand Resort Bad Ragaz's Yoga programmeThis three night programme includes both private yoga sessions as well as a deeply relaxing treatment such as Thai massages.As part of your programme, you will als…

Sharing from £2589.00£2589.00 pp
Singles from £3599.00£3599.00 pp
Skin Beauty
Grand Resort Bad Ragaz | Switzerland
2 or 5 nights

Improve the look of your skin with Grand Resort Bad Ragaz's Skin Beauty programme.This holistic programme will give your skin youthful freshness and make it look firmer and fuller through a combination of Ozone treatments, body sculpting and sodium bicarbonate capsules.As part of your programme…

Sharing from £3119.00£3119.00 pp
Singles from £3889.00£3889.00 pp
Level Up
Grand Resort Bad Ragaz | Switzerland
4 nights

Are you passionate about sport? Are you looking to reach the next level? Then Grand Resort Bad Ragaz's Level Up programme could be the right one for you.Available over 4 nights, Grand Resort Bad Ragaz's elite therapists from the Swiss Olympic Medical Centre (SOMC) will push your endurance, …

Sharing from £3219.00£3219.00 pp
Singles from £4469.00£4469.00 pp
Health Check up
Grand Resort Bad Ragaz | Switzerland
2 or 3 nights

Anyone looking for a mini health MOT should definitely consider the Health Check-up programmeDuring your stay, you will receive a thorough physical examination, including blood tests, X-rays and functional tests such as a stress electrocardiogram which will enable Bad Ragaz's doctors to identif…

Sharing from £3549.00£3549.00 pp
Singles from £4319.00£4319.00 pp
Back to Sports
Grand Resort Bad Ragaz | Switzerland
4 nights

The Bad Ragaz Back To Sports programme helps you get your strength and skills back.Your current fitness levels are analysed precisely and a customised training programme is developed that rehabilitates your body and gets it back in balance. In addition to the sports doctor and sports physiotherapis…

Sharing from £4539.00£4539.00 pp
Singles from £5789.00£5789.00 pp
My Food
Grand Resort Bad Ragaz | Switzerland
4 nights

Every person is unique. Our diet should therefore also be tailored to our body’s needs.With Bad Ragaz's My Food programme, you can find out your optimal diet through innovative diagnostics for your metabolism and a personalised nutrition plan. A personalised diet improves performance in a…

Sharing from £4749.00£4749.00 pp
Singles from £6009.00£6009.00 pp
My Microbiome
Grand Resort Bad Ragaz | Switzerland
3 or 7 nights

Our intestine is more than just a digestive organ. Because here, in the middle of our body, live trillions of bacteria that fundamentally influence our state of health. These intestinal bacteria train our immune system, protect against infections and produce important vitamins.With Bad Ragaz's …

Sharing from £5499.00£5499.00 pp
Singles from £6509.00£6509.00 pp
Smart Ageing
Grand Resort Bad Ragaz | Switzerland
4 nights

Age better with Grand Resort Bad Ragaz's Smart Ageing programme.This four night programme is all about embracing the ageing process and revealing your better self. Rejuvenate yourself from head to toe – with the right lifestyle, nutrition and beneficial treatments.As part of your programm…

Sharing from £5569.00£5569.00 pp
Singles from £6819.00£6819.00 pp
Weight Loss
Grand Resort Bad Ragaz | Switzerland
6 or 12 nights

Achive your ideal body weight with Grand Resort Bad Ragaz's Weight Loss programme.Following a detailed health check, a personalised programme is developed for you that focuses on reducing body fat and improving your metabolism. Personal training plays a key role here. Sports physiotherapists wi…

Sharing from £6729.00£6729.00 pp
Singles from £8459.00£8459.00 pp
Detox & Health cleansing
Grand Resort Bad Ragaz | Switzerland
6 nights

Cleanse your body of harmful toxins with Grand Resort Bad Ragaz's Detox & Health Cleansing programmeOver six nights, your body will be holistically detoxified. The treatments support the gentle removal of toxins while simultaneously boosting your metabolism and immune system. Relaxation and…

Sharing from £8269.00£8269.00 pp
Singles from £9999.00£9999.00 pp
Sleep Diagnostic Programme
Grand Resort Bad Ragaz | Switzerland

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz's Sleep Diagnostics programme is designed to diagnose and treat sleep-related disorders to improve the quality of sleep and thus the physical and mental health of patients.  The use of video polysomnography is an important part of the Sleep Diagnostics programme at G…

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