The Best Spas In Europe

16/07/2021, Healing Holidays

After many long months of tightly restricted travel, the shackles have now been loosened and those of us who have been double-jabbed have been given the green light to go, go, go – allowing us to visit some of our favourite European Spas this summer for a much deserved reboot.

When it comes to wellness, Europe really does have it all. Its wellness offering is as diverse as the continent itself, with everything from sleek, cutting-edge medical spas with state-of-the-art facilities & treatments, to authentic Ayurvedic retreats comparable to any found in India or Sri Lanka.


This chandelier-bejewelled seaside hotel and its award-winning Spa really hits the spot. There are the age-old traditional hydro treatments with jet massages and Vichy pampering, alongside Quantic medicine, where the efficiency of your vital organs are determined through electrical diagnostics. There are brilliant doctors to guide you through the minefield of hormonal imbalance, menopause and HRT, but for Healing Holidays it’s the physio and osteopathy that really makes Palacio Estoril shine - you will be stretched and mobilised, joints will soften, and shoulders will straighten.

The Best Spas In Europe | Palacio Estoril | Healing Holidays


It is no wonder that it’s often a struggle to get into the much-lauded Lanserhof Tegernsee as it is loved by so many. It helps that it has a spectacular setting in the Bavarian Alps, surrounded by forests and close to Lake Tegernsee. It is a real stunner - a remote enclave of glass and wood blending beautifully into its surrounds - but most important of all, it is a full-service integrated medical clinic and spa that epitomizes holistic wellness at its best. It’s the place to go to detox, lose weight, get fit and to take charge of your health. I am not surprised it is the happy place of  Cara Delevingne

The Best Spas In Europe | Lanserhof Tegernsee | Healing Holidays


Ice cool and minimalist, SHA Wellness Clinic may be as sexy and stylish as any resort on the Med, but don’t let that fool you - this is a serious medical clinic offering a plethora of programmes and medical diagnostics. You can do it all here, from a sleep-recovery programme to weight-loss and detox. There's a programme to stop smoking, lots of treatments to combat stress, and an assembly of experts on hand; dozens of doctors, naturopaths, nutritionists, yoga teachers, extremely talented acupuncturists and inspiring chefs. 

The Best Spas In Europe | SHA Wellness Clinic | Healing Holidays


Although just over three years old, it feels as though Euphoria has been around forever offering transformational treatments for those looking for physical or emotional wellbeing. This is testament to the grit and sheer determination of its founder, Marina Efraimoglou, who created this magical sanctuary in a corner of the Peloponnese immersed in myths and legends.

Euphoria is her vision - she wanted to create a place to heal, for self-awareness and for spiritual healing, with expert-led programmes catering for the mind and body that work around the five elements of earth, fire, water, wood and metal, and she has achieved it with Euphoria.

The Best Spas In Europe | Euphoria Retreat | Healing Holidays


Set in the heart of the South Tyrolean hillside, with mesmerising views over the green Vinschgau Valley, Preidlhof is one our healing heroes. Patrizia Bortolin is at the helm. and she comes with a very strong pedigree having arranged transformational retreats throughout Europe and Asia for many years alongside the brilliant shaman Stefano Battaglia. The Spas has an assembly of experts from doctors, healers and reflexologists, to transformational coaches and sauna & yogi masters, and there is a host of programmes available - to help improve your sleep, to help you let go, and to help you get your life back on track. 

The Best Spas In Europe | Preidlhof Retreat | Healing Holidays


Hidden away in the mountains yet overlooking the ocean in the remote and unspoilt north-east corner of Tenerife, OCEANO Health Spa Hotel has benefitted greatly from a recent major refurbishment and alongside the warmly decorated rooms and suites is the shiny and sparkling pièce de résistance – the FX Mayr Centre.

Founded by the physicians Dr. Alfred Milz and K. Matthias Rolle, the centre is home to a host of deep-reaching programmes, from weight loss and detox, to Ayurveda and Yoga. The disciplinarians amongst you can also do the full Mayr Cure with the added benefits of Thalassotherapy to further deepen the effects.

The Best Spas In Europe | Oceano Health Spa Hotel | Healing Holidays


Located at the foot of the Swiss Alps on the shores of Lake Lucerne, Chenot Palace Weggis is one of the latest additions to the world-renowned Chenot brand's stable of properties.

It offers a highly bespoke approach to wellness that combines the principles of traditional Chinese healing with the latest scientific advances in Western medicine within a luxurious environment. It has a medical spa facility of 5000 square metres and 97 luxurious guest rooms fully dedicated to supporting the Chenot Method-based programmes, with outstanding professional excellence at all levels, from hospitality to medical care, with state-of-the-art diagnostics and advanced medical screening tests.


Sitting in leafy grounds next to the Brenners Hotel in Germany’s Black Forest region, Villa Stéphanie is a sleek mansion house which exudes elegance and a quiet sophistication. Combine this with highly attentive service and state-of-the-art facilities, and you will understand why it’s the most in-demand Medical Spa right now - it’s no wonder that Victoria and David Beckham have made it their go-to place every year. They know they can have a variety of treatments, and services from Dr Harry Konig and his team of top experts, including aesthetics, gynaecology, holistic medicine and multi-functional dentistry. 

The Best Spas In Europe | Villa Stephanie | Healing Holidays


Nestled within a private 8.5 hectare park overlooking the medieval spa town of Fiuggi, Lorenzo Giannuzzi, founder of  Palazzo Fiuggi and his team of specialists have created a radical new approach to health, wellbeing and longevity in the heart of the Italian countryside. Fusing the deepest holistic traditions with the most advanced traditional Western medicine, this recently opened medical spa's integrative approach to health and wellness elevates therapy beyond the treatment of symptoms to fully rejuvenate the body, mind and soul. 

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