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Stefano Battaglia - Preidlhof

Stefano is renowned across Europe as a multi-talented holistic body work therapist with over 25 years of experience. His name is a whispered secret amongst spa and travel journalists who have experienced his unique therapeutic touch which is often life-changing.

In 2019, Stefano joined Preidlhof in South Tyrol as Master Therapist where he is central to the Integrated Healing Retreat and the transformational wellness offering.

Stefano’s original approach combines many modalities including mindfulness, coaching and a gentle, non-invasive, osteopathic-based body therapy that addresses chronic stress, injuries and pain or problems associated with postural and structural imbalances. He also incorporates Trauma Touch Skills, using these gentle disciplines to explore the hidden emotions held in the body, to connect with the heart of the person, and helps to reveal and release these emotions allowing the guest to ‘move on’ to a happier, joyful, more settled state of mind.

The Gloss Magazine | Stefano Battaglia – My Journey From Sicily To Glowing Flow’s Vision Of Life

1. As a highly regarded Shaman, when did you know you had a calling, and how can your wisdom help people?

Since childhood I’ve been expressing to my parents the wish to help other people who were sick and in distress, so becoming a doctor once grownup. But once I left home after high school I had the privilege to live with and learn by a well-known naturopath and holistic therapist in the north of Italy, who is mainly an inner seeker. So it all started with my personal quest about me and life, combined with the transformation and healing of my previous traumas. The more you’re a solved individual the more you are able to stretch the hand to help somebody during ailments and life difficulties concerning health at many significant levels.

2. You’ve worked at various Spas. What drew you to Preidlhof?

That happened for there was a perfect match between Mr Ladurner's vision about the Spa concept and mine.

3. What do you do at Preidlhof and which programmes include sessions with you?

What I do is the outcome of 25 years of learning, experiencing, practising in the healing path. My sessions are a blend of different techniques based on an osteopathic derived discipline enriched and deepened by my specialisation in Emotional Shock & Trauma Recovery and Trauma Touch Healing, where also Vipassana and Mindfulness do play a very relevant role.

4. Describe the programmes and who would they best suit?

Glowing Flow, the name of my session, is included in various retreats of "The Preidlhof Way" concept based on Transformational Wellness. The most important retreat is called "Integrated Healing" where I have the privilege to share my experience and approach with exceptional colleagues like Martin Kirchler specialised in ancient medicines and Dr Angerer a brilliant physician and expert in complementary medicine, together we create an immersive healing experience totally personalised and ideally suitable for all the hard times in life, the periods of deep search or the phases where a new beginning becomes necessary.

5. Some people’s mental and physical health has suffered during the lockdown, and the biggest obstacle most face is fear. How can you help people adjust to life during COVID?

Without giving for granted our own personal balance and dwelling in a state of vital flow, that is an important part of helping and caring about ourselves, anything that recalls people the beauty, uniqueness and the privilege of being alive and capable of improving and being more aware of our physiological defence system and responses to the different threats and challenges.

6. What are your top 5 tips for better health and wellbeing?

  • The first I’d give is surely of developing a more intense state of presence of our inner dynamics on a physical, emotional and mental level. 
  • Then, being able to incorporate the various extremes of our multi-chromatic individualities without being judgemental with oneself and the others, so developing a naturally compassionate and lightness attitude. 
  • Reconnecting as much as possible to the “inner child”, developing a broader irony and developing playfulness as much as possible, physically and intellectually. 
  • The perception of time as an ally, a friend so to reconnect with our inner purpose without the impending feeling of doing something, a pressing sense of “duty”. 
  • Rediscovering the beauty of being part of this extraordinary complex network, which is life.

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