The Best Wellness Retreats & Spas In The Philippines

In the Philippines, the path to personal well-being unfolds against unspoiled beauty, tranquil beaches, and lush landscapes. The best wellness retreats here offer more than just relaxation; they provide a gateway to holistic transformation. By embracing the Philippines as your wellness destination, you open yourself up to the benefits of rejuvenation, self-discovery, and inner balance. 

Made up of 7,641 individual islands, the Philippines is one of the most naturally stunning places you will ever visit. Sunken underwater islands, an underground river, a lake inside a volcano inside a lake - for the inquisitive, nature-loving, and luxury seekers, the Philippines has it all. 

When it comes to planning and booking your ideal wellness retreat in the Philippines, Healing Holidays is the perfect choice, obviously. With several retreats, each offering its unique practices, programmes, and experiences, you have the flexibility to select the one that resonates with your goals. Whether you're seeking to reconnect with your inner self, revitalise your body, or escape the daily grind, the Philippines offers a holistic sanctuary like no other.  

Let your transformation begin here. Keep scrolling to discover the best wellness retreats in the Phillippines! read more...  

The Farm at San Benito  

An exclusive offer at Healing Holiday’s, The Farm at San Benito is one of the best wellness retreats in The Phillipines. It is the home to one of Asia's most renowned detox programmes, promising a revitalised sense of well-being both internally and externally. The core belief is that physical health is intricately connected to emotional and psychological well-being, making it the sanctuary's primary focus to address every facet of holistic wellness. For those seeking prevention and recovery retreats, the Farm offers medically supervised detoxification and a psycho-emotional detox to release emotional baggage that may impede your recovery.  

Some of the best programmes, only available with Healing Holiday’s, at The Farm at San Benito, include:  

  • The Farm ExperienceThis package is perfect for those seeking to unwind, de-stress, and re-boot, with the opportunity to experience life at the Farm before committing to a more in-depth programme. You can choose to sample the wellness offerings, undergoing the treatments and therapies that suit your wants and needs and on your terms. 

  • Slimming & Contouring: This programme is for those who wish to enhance their physical appearance with a holistic approach. Combining technology and world-class facial and body contouring treatments, non-invasive beauty enhancements, and slimming, this programme will help you look tighter and smoother. 

  • Anti-ageing & BeautyThe holistic approach to anti-ageing is precisely what makes this Beauty & Anti-Ageing programme so effective; its focus isn’t just on reducing the outward signs but also on improving the health of the inside. Following a consultation, a personalised programme that combines detox, rebalancing, and beauty care will be put together for you to provide an overall regeneration. 

  • Diabetes & Weight ManagementThe Farm’s approach to managing obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and stress is to resolve the root cause of the problem and to bring the body back to balance. This programme includes diagnostics, detoxification, a nutritional plan, thermal and spa treatments, exercise, and psycho-emotional sessions to learn natural ways to develop a healthier lifestyle. 


Amanpulo, which means "peaceful island," is on Pamalican Island, just an hour's flight from Manila. It's one of the best wellness retreats in the Philippines, where you can enjoy a luxurious and private wellness holiday. You'll find stunning white sandy beaches with clear turquoise waters and a coral reef not too far from the shore. The resort has 40 small houses called "casitas" scattered from the coast up into the lush forests on the hill, designed to look like traditional homes but with a bit of wellness luxury. Each casita has its own private wooden sundeck with comfortable chairs for you to relax in. And if you want to explore the island, they provide a golf cart for you to use. There's a restaurant and bar called the Club House, with great views of the swimming pool and the sea. You can order various Asian and Western dishes, and they're known for their seafood. The resort has a lovely spa, a big 30-metre pool, tennis courts, a library, and all kinds of water activities that can be discovered here in their ultimate 7-night programme.  

In the Philippines, the journey to self-discovery and well-being can be as blissful as the destination itself. The best wellness retreats in this tropical paradise offer a haven for rejuvenation with their natural surroundings and holistic approaches to health. If you're feeling inspired to embark on a wellness journey in the Philippines, remember that Healing Holidays is your trusted partner for planning and booking the perfect retreat. Our expertise ensures you'll find the ideal escape that aligns with your goals and desires. So, whether you're seeking inner peace, physical revitalisation, or a simple yet healthy getaway, let the Philippines be your launching pad for transformation. 

Discover our selection of spa breaks in Philippines below or contact our wellness experts, who will give you unbiased advice on how to tailor the right programme for your individual needs. Call our wellness advisors at 020 7843 3597 or enquire here.

Spas in Philippines
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The Farm at San Benito
The multiple award winning healing sanctuary at the Farm at San Benito is home to one of the most successful detox programmes in Asia and is sure to leave you feeling squeaky clean both inside and out.The focus of overall wellness is evident in the property’s design, from the tranquil, lush g…
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Amanpulo, which means "peaceful island", embraces the entire sand and coral island of Pamalican, an hour's flight from Manila. This private island is located in the Quiniluban group, close to Palawan. It is the most exclusive resort in the Philippines and offers a luxury stay in utter…
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