Our Top 12 Handpicked Private Retreats For Autumn 2022

24/10/2022, Healing Holidays

In a fast-paced world where bigger, faster and louder is so often the way, the notion of a ‘private retreat’ is a breath of fresh air for both us at Healing Holidays and for our solitude-seeking clients. Here we’ve put together a list of high-styled, extremely attractive retreat centres that focus on serving detoxers, holisitic-lovers and retreat organisers, for some off-grid escapism.

Samahita, Thailand

Lovely Samahita is every inch the perfect retreat sanctuary. It’s prime southern-coast location; easy distance to Koh Samui Airport, unspoilt beach and homey accommodation have long attracted wellness retreatees, but now there’s a reason to go private or to even host your own too: find a plethora of purpose-built facilities and practice spaces to help individuals teach and learn. Think dedicated shalas, cycle studios and fitness spaces, as well as beachside chill-out areas and a nourishing selection of scrumptious wholefoods. This stripped-back, eco-conscious environment founded by scientist educator and yogi Paul Dallaghan, really does lend itself to the kind of people who want for a simple, functional space and to undergo inner transformation and relaxation. It’s much more about that than it is about impressing those who give into the allure of modern luxury.

Our Top 12 Handpicked Private Retreats For Autumn 2022

Euphoria Retreat, Greece

Medieval history claimed this stunning hacienda many moons ago but it’s the concept of wellness that has made it what is: a place we highly recommend for a private retreat. Sprawling landscapes dotted with fragrant pines, a sumptuous hammam or the ever-inviting watsu pool are just snippets into the level of indulging to be had at this Peloponnese pearl. What we love most is that it’s an award-winning wellness retreat, easy for hosts and attendees to experience age-old holistic healing. Euphoria Retreat famously incorporates a unique blend of ancient Chinese and Greek spa techniques with some of the latest scientific advances and its entire concept was birthed out of owner, Marina Efraimoglou’s, own worldly travels to wellness Spas. Whilst few might ever come across this stunning hinterland, it certainly is worth it.

Our Top 12 Handpicked Private Retreats For Autumn 2022

Sen Wellness Sanctuary, Sri Lanka

Surrounded by the inky-blue waters of Sri Lanka’s southern coast; idyllic beach and ever-calming landscapes, Sen Wellness Sanctuary offers a glimpse into life at its simplest. If you’re wanting to retreat to a peaceful haven, with Ayurveda, yoga and weight loss on the menu, Sen Wellness is one of the few places left where journeyers can properly disconnect from the whir of frantic day-to-day life and instead plug into restorative nature  and healing– the perfect antidote. Those desiring to travel to Sri Lanka will be heavily rewarded with achingly beautiful vistas and fantastic foodie fare. Finally, for those after a signature retreat, expect powerful ceremonies, rituals and sessions, led by Dr Sam Kankanamge – the proud owner whose self-proclaimed work and mission is to “grow people’s energy”.

Our Top 12 Handpicked Private Retreats For Autumn 2022

Park Igls, Austria

During winter months when the Tyrolean Mountains are their most picturesque, why not head to in-demand Park Igls for some literal recharging and rebooting? Seasoned detoxers and retreat-goers can slip beneath the radar and explore the Mayr medical-world under the gentle sway of specialist doctors, nutritionists and health experts -- including that of Dr Peter Gartner, who is a specialist in holistic medicine, nutrition and physiotherapy with acupuncture. The retreat programmes on offer have a singular focus, which is to improve and enrich lives. Wellbeing here is captured by those undertaking prevention therapy, medical diagnostics or medical fasting -- or by living on the alkaline diet that is known to relieve and protect the digestive system. No one knows Park Igls better than the experts at Healing Holidays and as much as we’ve been recommending small groups, private groups and soloists for years, this affordable Austrian jewel reveals to us, via consistent client feedback, why it is an extraordinary choice.

Absolute Sanctuary, Thailand 

You may have heard about its holistic approach to wellness but something else we love is that a retreat at Absolute Sanctuary really does seek to address personal goals around detoxing, pampering, de-stressing, managing weight, changing a lifestyle, yoga or finding a meaningful break away. It is exactly what it says on the tin: an absolute sanctuary, a place of wonder and enchantment – and it was Benjaporn Karoonkornsakul (Ben for short) that single-handedly transformed the fitness wellness scene in both Thailand and across Asia.  Retreat guests will find this property on the North Eastern side of Koh Samui, also known as Thailand’s island of healing. This is exactly where unhemmed wilderness meets wellness luxury and it’s where retreats can also be attended or hosted, depending on your specific goals. 

Our Top 12 Handpicked Private Retreats For Autumn 2022

Kamalaya, Thailand 

Kamalaya isn’t your average place to kick off your shoes but it’s certainly high on our list as a place to retreat to. To heal. To sleep like Thai-royalty. And to wake up to azure skies and the sounds of the jungle stirring. More than that, it’s a place to reignite your spirit of adventure.  As all who journey there will know, Kamalaya is a world away from the overdevelopment that blights some other parts of the popular Thai island and because of that, you can really make the most of its quiet beach-fringed grounds. The true purpose of Kamalaya – as echoed by dedicated practitioner and co-founder Karina Stewart -- has always centred on opening guest’s eyes to the concept of holistic health. Be it via the mouth-watering cuisine, served on-site, or the many programs to choose from. That’s why it’s a firm favourite for retreats! 

Our Top 12 Handpicked Private Retreats For Autumn 2022

The Ranch Italy At Palazzo Fiuggi

There is a special essence to those places intent on supporting individuals on their path to fitness. The Ranch Italy At Palazzo Fiuggi is certainly one of those places. Sharing names with sister property and firm favourite, Palazzo Fiuggi, The Ranch, which was founded in 2010 by Alex Glasscock and his lovely wife, is Italy’s answer to award-winning, results-oriented fitness. Retreats are available here year-round and one of the big draws is that it’s set amongst a historic property nestled within a private 8.5 hectare park, overlooking the medieval spa town of Fiuggi. The Mediterranean vibe, alive with the scents of zesty fruits, exudes a soft and energetic pulse but this wellness retreat is certainly not for faint-hearted. We encourage you to head here only if you’re ready to immerse and transform yourself – if you wish to return home with a complete picture of your overall health and longevity then this is for you! 

Our Top 12 Handpicked Private Retreats For Autumn 2022

Shanti-Som Wellbeing Retreat, Spain

Want to lose weight easily on a holistic retreat? Can it be possible? The answer is yes it can. Healing Holidays experts have included the attractive Shanti Som, as it is a classic sunshine haven for those wanting a slice of tranquillity in Andalucía. Think intimate, 14 bed property overlooking the sea; beautiful gardens featuring calming water fountains and spacious, Eastern –inspired décor, made with minimalism in mind. Shanti Som fuses Asian aesthetic with holistic principals, which gives it the edge over anywhere else. Be ready for a stay here to feel like you are anywhere but southern Spain!   For fixed-date retreats, this property soothes all individuals’ needs and works to encourage guests to leave behind the stresses of modern life, in order to regain a sense of equilibrium.

Our Top 12 Handpicked Private Retreats For Autumn 2022

REVIVO Wellness Resort, Indonesia

REVIVO is stunning, perfectly stunning, and perfectly formed for a retreat that aims to soothe the soul, rejuvenate the body and enrich the mind. Serving up the best of Balinese healing traditions; aroma, hydro and chromo therapies and a collection of well thought out facilities, this is undoubtedly the place where relaxation-seekers come to recharge, heal and restore. Refreshingly, it is also where guests can get serious about their health and receive a personalised diet-dependent on their DNA and nutritional needs. Retreats here are as impeccably thought-out as the property design. Each one creates a nurturing atmosphere and leaves you feeling at peace with the inner and outer you!

Our Top 12 Handpicked Private Retreats For Autumn 2022

Ananda In The Himalayas, India 

Ananda is one of the most famous spas across our India portfolio, and for good reason too. Much like its mystical location, the property has something of a legendary reputation – particularly when it comes to retreats. We invite guests to cocoon themselves away from the noise and enjoy the spilling scenery made up of lush, emerald green forest at the foothills of the Himalayas. The rooms are perfectly accomplished, as are the Ayurvedic spa programmes and food. Here, it’s all about improved wellness and nourishment – that’s why when you sink into your bed, after a fun-filled day of salt scrubs, yoga or whatever else, you’ll be content like never before!

Our Top 12 Handpicked Private Retreats For Autumn 2022

Shreyas Retreat, India

Look it up on our website and you’ll find that it’s not just Shreyas unassumingly beauty that makes it a firm favourite for retreats, it’s its simplicity and rugged charm. If you are looking to strip it all back and explore your spiritual side – as well as improve your Yogi poses – then this spiritual ashram is just what you need. Expect to find a modest touch of luxury but everything you need to re-connect and journey deep within. There’s a new and improved spa at this property, but don’t be thrown off by what’s modern in the way of therapies. Yes, you will find everything from naturopathy to a wide range of massages but you will also discover age-old Ayurvedic treatments, authentic to this part of the world – also where else will you be able to find 25 acres of lush gardens for yoga? 

Our Top 12 Handpicked Private Retreats For Autumn 2022

Six Senses Ibiza, Spain

One of the things that might surprise you about Ibiza (as hedonistically beautiful as it is) is that celebration and community are not the only things on offer. Spirituality and wellness are taken equally as seriously here. From a Healing Holidays perspective, when you travel to Six Senses Ibiza you not only arrive at a destination but you get to travel to a different frequency entirely. A retreat here will see you thoroughly enjoying everything form the vast amounts space; the luxuriously designed rooms and the comprehensive list of foods on offer. Even better is that whilst you soak up the peace and tranquillity of this northern tip of the island, your wellness programmes are expertly, and lovingly, put together to provide you that extra bit of space to reconnect and thrive. From immunity, longevity and yoga to self-discovery, it has it all!

Our Top 12 Handpicked Private Retreats For Autumn 2022

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