Europe's Top 10 Spas

For spa breaks, Europe has become the go-to place for millions of people from all over the world. This continent boasts a diverse mix of countries, all of which have their own cultures and charms.

A common offer of many European countries is the range of spa getaways available. Europe spa breaks provide visitors with the opportunity to truly unwind and restore their mind and body to full health. While there are countless spa getaways on offer throughout Europe, with excellent facilities and features, here are the top-ten holiday spas:

Lefay Resort and Spa Lago Di Garda, Italy

Italy’s Lefay holiday is nestled within an absolutely beautiful eleven-hectare national park, right on the shore of Lake Garda. Spa getaways to this resort are complemented by the breath-taking views out of every window. The natural surroundings are also highly beneficial in creating a peaceful ambience in which you can truly relax.

Holistic wellness is the aim of Lefay, including eating the freshest, healthiest meals and indulging in the fresh and clean air. The rooms are modern and beam with natural light, lending an uplifting and organic feel to the interior, while the exterior houses a walking trail and garden.

As for the facilities, visitors are able to take full advantage of the various swimming pools, lounges and spa. There is even a business meeting room if you are taking colleagues with you.

For parents travelling with their children, Paolino’s kids club ensure the little ones are looked after and entertained while you unwind. It’s little wonder Lefay has won the likes of the Tatler SPA Awards.

SHA Wellness Clinic, Spain 

Another sunny destination for spa getaways, SHA Wellness Clinic can be found high up in the Sierra Helada Mountains of Spain. Considered to be one of the best medical spas anywhere in Europe, SHA is another minimalist resort, which incorporates ancient Eastern philosophies with the latest innovations in Western technology. The result, a holiday spa that leaves you feeling reinvigorated and ready to take on the world.

Visitors can choose from a wide range of tailored programmes when they stay at the SHA Wellness Clinic, everything from weight loss to a complete life reset programme. Whichever programme you opt for, you will be fed the most nutritional, organic food and be provided with personalised plans to take home, so your wellbeing can be upheld long after your spa break.

Facilities include yoga and meditation rooms, various restaurants, a library, several swimming pools and much, much more.

L’Albereta, Italy

As far as spa breaks in Europe go, you can’t get much more luxurious than visiting L’Albereta. This unique holiday spa, which sits close to Brescia, Bergamo and Milan, combines a modern five-star hotel with a historic building and endless gardens. Luxury really is the name of the game at L’Albereta.

This feeling of luxury is accentuated with the resort having a mere 38 rooms, which creates a vibe of exclusivity and also makes for an even more personalised service. L’Albereta has a team of 30 doctors, dieticians, therapists, osteopaths and beauticians. So, whether you’ve come for an anti-ageing programme or to leave in better shape than when you arrive, there are plenty of staff and facilities to realise and set your goals.

This is also a popular holiday spa for families, with a kids club to keep the children entertained while the adults enjoy a range of programmes or pampering experiences.

Brenners Park Hotel and Villa Stephanie, Germany

Brenners Park Hotel and Villa Stephanie is situated within a 140-year-old garden in Germany’s Black Forest region. At this retreat, you are able to peruse a menu of widely varied programmes, from pampering to treatment for health problems. There’s even a laboratory within the hotel, as well as an institute for preventive medicine.

Brenners Park Hotel and Villa Stephanie is a medical spa, so the weight loss programme is a popular choice for visitors. This treatment incorporates everything from massages and consultations with nutrition coaches to intensive slimming. Detox is also a programme which attracts countless people to this resort, with experts helping you to rid your body and mind of toxic chemicals and emotions.

Euphoria, Greece

Greece is famous for being a relaxing and spiritual place and Euphoria Retreat reflects this, offering programmes which are a unique combination of ancient Greek and Chinese philosophies. The aim of this spa getaway is for visitors to achieve what the name would suggest - a euphoric state, which goes perfectly with the Ancient Greek concept of a peaceful existence.

If you are in search of somewhere to reinvent yourself, Euphoria is the holiday spa for you. The resort’s holistic approach to healing works on transforming every aspect, which will achieve a long-lasting balance, making for inner harmony.

From fitness programmes to yoga and movement, Euphoria caters to the needs of so many and boasts pools, a salt room, gym, spa and many more facilities.

VIVAMAYR Altaussee, Austria

The gorgeous views of the Austrian alpine mountains are enough to help anyone to relax, but the VIVAMAYR Altaussee’s health resort can enhance this feeling even further, complete with the incredible sights. One of the most revered spa breaks in Europe, VM Altaussee embraces the spiritual side of Mayr medicine, which is based on the principle of resting your digestive system and allowing other areas to repair themselves. This principle is proven to aid the likes of stress, allergies and sleep problems.

Salt-based treatments, thermal waters, saunas and a steam room are all available when you stay at VIVAMAYR Altaussee. That’s not forgetting the fresh, uncontaminated alpine air, which is used for the oxygen therapies - not to mention the abundant supply when you step outside.

Lanserhof Tegernsee, Germany

Cutting-edge medical experts combined with a luxury spa holiday pretty much sums up a stay at Germany’s Lanserhof Tegernsee. Offering a unique LANS Med Concept, Lanserhof Tegernsee’s philosophy also combines Mayr cure (based on intestinal cleansing and toxin eradication) with traditional naturopathy and the most innovative medical techniques.

This medical spa takes a holistic slant on your wellness, allowing you to choose from programmes that vary from weight loss, detox, mental training and movement therapies. Your meal plans are based on a doctor’s recommendation after an exclusive consultation with a medical professional, and daily treatments ensure you have time to enjoy yoga and the classical concerts, which are held every night. Let’s face it, Europe spa breaks don’t get much better than this.

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, Switzerland

The Tamina Gorge has been the go-to place for people for thousands of years, to bathe in the mineral-rich waters. Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, situated in the heart of the Swiss Alps in Heidiland, harnesses the wellness of the gorge, to provide guests with a truly healing experience.

From full body healing to tackling a single health issue, such as weight loss, Grand Resort Bad Ragaz is the perfect spa getaway for you to take. With a team of more than 30 doctors and specialists, along with a fitness team, nutritionists and homeopathic and Chinese medicine units, this resort is more than equipped to handle your healing needs.

Clinique La Prairie, Switzerland

Like the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, Clinique La Prairie is also located in the Swiss Alps, meaning breathtaking views abound from every window. This resort is a famous health spa, situated on the outskirts of Montreaux, close to Lake Geneva.

The ideal spa getaway for detoxing, La Prairie’s detox programme comprises of four medical tests, a personalised consultation with the Esthetic Medicine Centre and Beautymed Centre, as well as eight spa treatments. You will also have unlimited access to the huge bounty of facilities, including but not limited to the spa, sauna, swimming pool, steam room and health club.

Park Igls, Austria

This detox and medical clinic is surrounded by the staggeringly beautiful Tyrolean Alps and is close to Innsbruck, Austria. If you’re in search of spa breaks in Europe to completely recharge your batteries, Park Igls is the place to come. Gentle exercise plans, a light diet and a custom course of treatments are just a few of the things to look forward to when you book your stay.

The clinic works very closely with revered experts from Innsbruck’s University Hospital, meaning that your treatments are medically proven to be beneficial, also ensuring you receive only the latest testing and treatments. Aside from the delicious cuisine, there are also regular cooking classes with the chef, to make sure you can continue your healthy diet and replicate the dishes when you get home.

All the rooms have balconies to provide patrons with views of the Alps, as well as an abundant supply of fresh mountain air. They are bright and furnished in a contemporary style. Within the spa, you can also enjoy indoor pools with jets, saunas, a boutique, lounge and fitness room which has the latest exercise equipment.

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