Why Medical Spas Are Good For You

Medical spas have become increasingly popular over the years because people are growing more and more interested in their health and wellbeing.

The advantage of a medical spa is it offers everything in one place – a retreat that makes you feel great, both mentally and physically, and puts your mind at ease about any medical concerns you have, all at the same time.

Feeling relaxed is key when it comes to your health; medical spas make guests feel at ease because they experience a welcoming, calming environment, while knowing that they are in the safe hands of medical professionals. They also provide advanced technology that you can’t always find elsewhere, along with the calming atmosphere for procedures that would sometimes feel very daunting anywhere else.

Today, we outline why medical spas are good for you and which ones are worth visiting to improve your health and feel better in yourself.

SHA Wellness Clinic
SHA Wellness Clinic is famous for being one of the best medical spas in Europe, thanks to its varied selection of programmes for visitors to experience during their stay, including Sleep Recovery, Fitness and Weight Loss.

Guests come away from a visit to SHA Wellness Clinic feeling rejuvenated and ready to leave the stress they originally arrived with, behind. The clinic offers a selection of wellness options, too, including the Sha Anti-Ageing medicine unit.

This medical spa even helps to improve the ageing process, thanks to the revitalising medicine cognitive function stimulation unit here, as well as the stem cell and regenerative medicine unit – both of which are designed to keep skin youthful and wrinkle-free.

Villa Stephanie
As well as its relaxing and picturesque location, Villa Stephanie’s medical spa is famous for its attention to medical needs and its aim to deliver visible results for its guests through personalised treatments.

Villa Stephanie even runs a medical screening to test for cancer; a test that is more appealing to take in a supportive environment with only the best medical help. Medical spas like Villa Stephanie are also beneficial because they offer a tailored menu for every guest, focusing on nutrition and health to make dieting easy and achievable.

This luxury spa makes anything from losing weight, to receiving dental care a breeze because of the calming surroundings, attention to detail and tailored approach to every aspect of a guest’s stay.

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz
The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz is a world-famous Swiss medical spa, even voted the Medical Master at the Tatler Spa Awards 2016 thanks to its progressive medical techniques.

Guests of the Grand Resort can experience not only a full body check-up, but a gene test and cancer screening, which is great for those looking to improve their health and find out more about their body to proactively look after it in the best way possible.

Even better, guests can enjoy access to the on-site thermal spa, and enjoy a dip in the legendary Helena pool to relax the body from head-to-toe.  

Lanserhof Tegernsee
Explore a range of programmes to help you detox, focus on your medical wellbeing and improve your overall fitness and wellness at Lanserhof Tegernsee.

This medical spa offers traditional naturopathy, combined with The Mayr Cure – a method that focuses entirely on cleansing the gut to improve overall wellbeing. With views of the surrounding meadows and soothing streams of the Lake Tegern, guests can learn about their health not only through relaxation, but medical methods too.

VIVAMAYR Altausse medical spa in Austria focuses on your gut to improve your health, and also offers The Mayr Cure. This procedure focuses on the digestive system, which is often overworked and is treated through a number of different programmes and repair techniques to make guests feel better in their own body.

Medical treatments here include anything from fatty acid analyses, CSA stress tests, mineral nutrient analysis and even blood tests - all of which can’t be found at other spas.

Lanserhof Lans
A spa trip is all about relaxing, detoxing and replenishing your body. Lanserhof Lans is the perfect place for those looking to understand their medical needs. Take medical tests and experience the best pain relief methods, as well as the chance to relax in the spa and sign up for an array of soothing treatments.

Park Igls
Park Igls is focused on holistic wellbeing and works with experts from the University Hospital in Innsbruck to diagnose and treat patients using the latest medical-testing technology.

Medical testing is carried out to assess guests’ health, as well as an array of other medical treatments to choose from.

The balcony views at Park Igls also allow guests to take in the peaceful and calming surrounding scenery, which means guests can enjoy every aspect of their stay.

If you are interested in visiting any of the medical spas mentioned in this blog then get in touch with our experts by calling 020 7843 3597 or emailing info@healingholidays.co.uk

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