Top 7 Short Haul Detox Retreats In Europe

If you are looking to detox your body and mind, but don’t want to travel very far then why not try one of these short haul detox retreats in Europe.


Circled by the Tyrolean Alps, Park Igls is an award-winning medical spa that adheres to the Mayr principle, (clean guts are the route to good health). During your stay here, your body and mind will be deeply cleansed through a combination of highly experienced medical supervision, healthy nutrition and physical activities fine-tuned for your individual requirements.

Park Igls, Austria the best medical Spa. Contact Healing Holidays.


Located deep in the pine forests of ancient Greece, Euphoria’s unique wellness concept draws inspiration from a number of sources, East and West: Taoist and Hellenic philosophy as well as Chinese and Hippocratic medicine. Their comprehensive Wellbeing Detox programme blends treatments that help your body release toxins, such as body wraps and cupping massages, with their own unique nutritional approach aimed at giving you an appropriate anti-oxidant-rich diet to increase your metabolism.

Best Wellbeing Detox programme at Euphoria, Greece. Call Healing Holidays.


Hidden away in Spain’s Sierra Helada Mountains, SHA Wellness Clinic’s unique approach to health incorporates the very best in cutting-edge Western techniques with ancient Eastern holistic medicine. Their Detox programme is one of the very best around and combines expert medical and nutritional consultations with various treatments including their own SHA detox massage, colon hydrotherapy sessions and lymphatic drainage massages.

Best detox retreasts at SHA Wellness Clinic, Spain. Call Healing Holidays.


Set against an imposing Alpine backdrop, Grand Resort Bad Ragaz is one of the world’s top medical spas. Their all-encompassing approach to detox starts with an initial consultation addressing your individual needs, as well as a series of tests and diagnoses to ascertain the current state of your body. Based on these results, you will be put on different treatments to remove these toxins from your body. Such treatments could include things like detox infusions or digestive tract cleansing.

Best medical spa in Switzerland, Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, book with Healing Holidays.


Set amongst the rolling hills of Lombardy, L’Albereta is an award-winning idyllic Italian spa that offers a pared-down version of the world-famous Henri Chenot cure. You can do a very effective detox here that combines personalised treatments, and a diet plan which together aims to stimulate the body and eliminate toxin whilst luxuriating in the vine-clad villa, revelling in its cocooning comfort.

L’Albereta is idyllic Italian spa in Italy, Call Healing Holidays.Top 7 Short Haul Detox Retreats In Europe


If you are looking for an authentic Ayurvedic detox, but don’t want to travel to India or Sri Lanka, then why not consider Ayurveda Parkschlosschen in Germany’s Black Forest. Their speciality is their Panchakarma detox cure. Starting from 10 days, this intense programme aims to help you achieve top physical and mental form by ridding the body of toxins and metabolic waste. It’s not for the faint-hearted, but it does deliver exceptional results.

Ayurveda Parkschlosschen in Germany for authentic Ayurvedic detox, Book with Healing Holidays.


Lily of the Valley’s home is the gentle French Riviera. Close to ever-chic Saint-Tropez, it is set amongst rambling vines and has sweeping views of the Mediterranean. Their Ultra Wellness programme is ideal for those looking to detoxify their body and mind. Through a combination of diet, fitness sessions and various different treatments including Ayurvedic massages and regenerating wraps, your body and mind will be restored and rejuvenated.

Top 7 Short Haul Detox Retreats In Europe

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