The Best Men In Wellness

18/11/2022, Healing Holidays

Here are the very best men in wellness who will help improve you both physically & mentally.


Medical Director at Villa Stephanie

Before graduating with his medical degree from FU Berlin, Dr König was passionately pursuing a more integrated approach to medicine. After natural healing-oriented clinical traineeships in India and South Africa, he later trained in homoeopathy and acupuncture and in 1994 established a private doctors’ practice in Karlsruhe, following this in 2008 with a second at Villa Stéphanie. Based on a holistic understanding of people and their health, he became a specialist in both general and sports medicine as well as natural healing. A passionate sportsman, Dr König focuses on integrating traditional and modern healing methods as well as offering therapy for the musculoskeletal system through chirotherapy and osteopathy. He also holds diplomas for nutritional medicine, orthomolecular medicine and environmental medicine, and is a trained biological cancer therapist.

Wellness Experts at SHA Wellness Clinic


Head of the Cognitive Development and Brain Stimulation Unit at SHA Wellness Clinic

Professor Ribeiro is a European Doctor in Psychology from the University of Valencia with a degree in Clinical Psychology from the Institute of Health Sciences of Porto (Portugal). He has also received a master's in Clinical Psychology & several postgraduate degrees in the field of drug addiction and neuropsychology. Ribeiro is a professor at the University of Murcia and a member of the research group of Psychobiology and Behavioral Neurobiology from the same institution.

His research has led to the publication of 16 articles in journals listed in the ISI (Institute for Scientific Information), as well as several book chapters and translation of various manuals.


Owner & Founder of Soukya

Treating patients from over 90 countries, Dr Mathai is a leader in the field of holistic medicine. A testament to this is Soukya, which has been rated as the best holistic health centre in India.

Dr Mathai is from a family that has a tradition of homoeopathic medical practice for over 50 years. Having worked with his mother Dr Annamma Mathai as a child, Dr Mathai imbibed the knowledge, compassion, experience and above all, the need to serve mankind. He is an internationally renowned holistic health consultant and a medically qualified homoeopathic physician, He graduated from the A.N.S.S. Medical College - Kerala, India and took his M.D. (Homeopathy) from the Hahnemann Post-Graduate Institute of Homeopathy, London, following this he took his M.R.C.H. (London). He also studied Chinese Pulse Diagnosis and Acupuncture at the W.H.O. Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Nanjing, China, and received training from the Mind-Body Medicine programme at Harvard Medical School in the US.


Master Therapist at Preidlhof

Steffanp Battaglia is a Master Therapist specialised in psycho-physical disciplines, body treatments and massages, and a trainer, meditation and mindfulness teacher. He works with the patient's personal history and body language, to investigate and understand the link that unites mind and body.

Originally from Syracuse, at the age of 19 Battaglia met two hermits: one following the Franciscan tradition and the other of Hindu / syncretic inspiration, and they gave him the first tools of meditation and the path in search of an inner truth. At 23, Battaglia moved to Carrara, where he lived the most fruitful moments of his apprenticeship as a therapist. A tireless traveller, he extended his stay in India and the Himalayas when he met a Bengali monk who was to become his guide. Returning to Italy, Battaglia began working in an integrated medicine clinic as a therapist for patients suffering from serious psycho-physical diseases.


Medical Director at Park Igls

After completing his medical studies in Innsbruck and training to be a general practitioner, Dr Gartner specialised in holistic medicine, nutrition and physiotherapy along with acupuncture, and has since then practised the FX Mayr diagnostics method and therapy with great success at Park Igls.

Dr Gartner is a member of the Vienna International Academy for Holistic Medicine, as well as the Austrian Society for Certified Acupuncture (OGKA). For more than ten years, he was the director of a renowned health resort in Vorarlberg which also specialises in Mayr Medicine. Sought after as a speaker both in Austria and abroad, he continuously inspires people to take a closer interest in FX Mayr’s health concept and diagnostics.


Lead Physiotherapist & Osteopath at Longevity Health & Wellness Hotel

Ricardo Rosa is the Lead Physiotherapist and Osteopath at Longevity Wellness Worldwide. He was recognised by Conde Nast Traveller, as one of the 19 super therapist and best healers in the world.

After his Physiotherapy degree he felt that he could do much more to see the person as a hole on an integrative manner, given his passion for knowledge and learning, he went on to pursue academic training in Osteopathy at Escuela de Osteopatia in Madrid. Since his original degree he has completed several training courses to offer the answers for the clinical challenges that are presented every day.

A session with Ricardo is memorable and life changing given his ability to quickly identify and correct the root causes and not just the symptoms.

He is passionately committed to seeking knowledge and therapies that efficiently address dysfunctions in the briefest time possible, without the use of invasive therapies, or treatments that require long term dependency on the healing practitioner.


Owner & Founder of Samahita Retreat

In addition to running Samahita, Paul continues to teach yoga internationally while also researching its effects with an empirical scientific approach based on an original textual study. He recently conducted a large clinical study as a PhD scholar at Emory University. As a scientist, educator and entrepreneur he drives the evolution of Samahita and its teachings, while still drawing from deep traditions of yoga and healthy living.

Paul completed his initial academic studies in economics and business but due to an early personal experience of the inner nature of meditation, he was driven on a personal search for meaning and what made sense in his life. For the past 25 years, he has immersed himself in the path of yoga and meditation, studying and practising at an advanced level, much of it in India, to become one of the world’s senior teachers of yoga (asana and pranayama breath) and meditative practices. He has had the good fortune to spend many rich years with his main teacher in pranayama and the meditative process, Sri O.P. Tiwari, and is now placed to carry forth these teachings and the tradition of Kuvalayananda.


Head Of Fitness at Palazzo Fiuggi

Armando Vinci is a Personal Trainer, specialising in postural and muscular rebalancing. In twenty years of experience, he has worked with individual athletes and many professional teams. He worked as Kinesiologist at the World Master Game in Edmonton, Canada. Over the years, he has worked as a sports consultant for several Italian Football Clubs including Siena, Real Marcianise, Parma, Fiorentina, SSC Napoli, S.S. Lazio Football Club (Functional Assessment Consultant, Catania.

He was also a consultant for the Star Team at the Federazione Italiana Triathlon (FITri) and the DDS Nuoto in Milan and the Italian Modern Pentathlon Federation. He has collaborated with companies such as the ARP wave technology and ILIFE Technologie - Italia to monitor the physiological effects through HRV/Biofeedback, as well as various specialists in the medical and dental field regarding the relationship between the temporomandibular joint and posture.

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