Where To Go To Lose Our Lockdown Weight

If you are struggling to lose the weight that you put on during lockdown then a visit to one of these retreats might be the solution. Their experts will have you back to your pre-lockdown weight in no time at all.


VIVAMAYR Altaussee is a state of the art medical spa that offers a 21st century version of the world-renowned Mayr cure. Mayr medicine is based on the theory that modern syndromes often have their origins in the digestive system, and so in-the-know devotees flock to the VIVAMAYR Altaussee, knowing that symptoms are often improved or eliminated the Mayr way - via diet, exercise and lifestyle changes. They also attract those on the hunt for weight-loss, which is a happy by-product of the cure.

where to go to lose our lockdown weight, best weight-loss retreats in VIVAMAYR Altaussee, Austria. Call Healing Holidays.


Villa Stéphanie is a very elegant mansion-house, sitting in leafy grounds next to Brenners Hotel in the foothills of the Black Forest. But it’s for the world class medical expertise from the likes of Dr Harry Konig rather than the glorious setting that so many flock here. He will, along with his team, give you a full body MOT - testing your heart, the viscosity of your blood, your liver functionality and your lung capacity. Their medically supervised Weight Loss programme is second to none and includes support from experts in nutrition and fitness, along with excellent activities and facilities to achieve weight-loss. Before leaving, you will also receive a personalised weight-loss plan, so that you can continue your progress at home.

where to go to lose our lockdown weight, best weight-loss retreats in Villa Stéphanie, Germany. Call Healing Holidays.


Set amongst the rolling hills of Lombardy, L’Albereta is an award-winning idyllic Italian spa that offers a pared down version of the world famous Henri Chenot cure. You can do a very effective 14-night Weight Loss programme here that aims to boost metabolism, improve vitality and energy levels and promote aesthetics and weight-loss with lipolytic action. It combines the Chenot Method treatments and slimming diet with advanced technology medical aesthetic devices and exercise therapy and achieves a powerful and effective result in a short period of time.

where to go to lose our lockdown weight, best weight-loss retreats in L’Albereta, Italy. Call Healing Holidays.


Set against an imposing Alpine backdrop, Grand Resort Bad Ragaz is one of the world’s top medical spas. Their Ragazer Weight Loss programme aims to help you attain your optimum body weight through a carefully devised routine of exercise, healthy diet, treatments, and medical supervision. You will receive consultations, tests and analysis to monitor your progress and identify what needs to be done for better results. Throughout your programme, you will dine on the light and healthy food from the ‘Cuisine Equilibrée’ menu as well as receiving nutritional advice for a healthy diet when you return home.

where to go to lose our lockdown weight, best weight-loss retreats in Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, Switzerland. Call Healing Holidays.


Set deep in the pine forests of ancient Greece, Euphoria’s wellness concept draws inspiration from a number of sources, East and West: Taoist and Hellenic philosophy as well as Chinese and Hippocratic medicine. Led by Dr. George Leon, their Advanced Weight Loss programme aims to boost your metabolic efficiency so that you not only lose weight, but you also change your body’s metabolism so that it stays off in the long term. This is achieved through a combination of personalised nutrition, exercise and treatments.

where to go to lose our lockdown weight, best weight-loss retreats in Euphoria’s, Greece. Call Healing Holidays.


Lily of the Valley’s home is the gentle French Riviera. Close to ever-chic Saint-Tropez, it is set amongst rambling vines and has sweeping views of the Mediterranean. Their Ultra Weight Loss programme is ideal for those looking not just to lose weight but to keep it off using healthy and sustainable methods. Working with personal trainers and nutritionists, the programme will be tailored to your individual needs, abilities and lifestyle, working to increase your activity levels and promote positive habits that will enable you to continue to manage your weight even after your programme has come to an end.

Where To Go To Lose Our Lockdown Weight

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