Where To Go To Improve Your Emotional Health Post-Lockdown

02/08/2020, Tracy Wilson

If your emotional health has suffered just as much as your physical health during lockdown then a visit to one of these retreats might be the solution. They’ll have you feeling back to your old self in no time at all.


One of our healing heroes, a stay at the multi-award-winning Preidlhof offers an opportunity for complete physical and emotional regeneration. Their new transformational wellness programmes integrate the Spa’s expertise across all areas of complementary, medical and preventative health, and are guided by medical doctors and leading experts in their fields. Therapists can also support guests in dealing with trauma and grief. Central to this is the Integrated Healing programme which includes sessions with Stefano Battaglia - a highly-acclaimed trauma therapist, holistic healer and mediation teacher.

Improve Your Emotional Health Post-Lockdown at Preidlhof, Italy. Call Healing Holidays.


Although just over two years old, it feels as though Euphoria has been around forever offering transformational treatments for those looking for physical or emotional wellbeing. This is testament to the grit and sheer determination of its founder, Marina Efraimoglou, who created this magical sanctuary in a corner of the Peloponnese immersed in myths and legends. Euphoria is her vision - she wanted to create a place to heal, for self-awareness and for spiritual healing, with expert-led programmes catering for the mind and body that work around the five elements of earth, fire, water, wood and metal, and she has certainly achieved it.

Where To Go To Improve Your Emotional Health Post-Lockdown


If you are looking for an authentic Ayurvedic experience, but don’t want to travel to India or Sri Lanka, then why not consider Ayurveda Parkschlosschen in Germany’s Black Forest. Their Anti-Stress programme aims to provide a long term solution to managing stress. Through a combination of treatments such as harmonising full-body synchronous oil massages, a clarifying herbal steam bath and a mild cleansing of the digestive tract, your body and mind will be re-energised, your immune system strengthened and your stress levels lowered.

Where To Go To Improve Your Emotional Health Post-Lockdown


Located on the shores of the spectacularly beautiful Lake Altaussee, VIVAMAYR Altaussee is a state of the art medical spa that offers a 21st century version of the world-renowned Mayr cure. They’ve recently launched a stress control programme which aims to teach your body and mind how to deal more effectively with stressful situations that arise in your everyday life. This is achieved through a combination of medical testing, psychological coaching, diet and energising and relaxing treatments such as Craniosacral therapy and Shiatsu.

Where To Go To Improve Your Emotional Health Post-Lockdown


Set high on a terrace above Lake Garda, surrounded by Alpine pastures and mystic woodland, is Lefay Resort & Spa Lago Di Garda. Family-owned and run, it is crafted into the mountainside above Gargnano, a pretty town with lemon trees lining the lakefront, and offers a deeply tranquil place to discover your wellness journey. Chinese wisdom and practice are at the heart of its wellness philosophy, with deeply-releasing Tuina massages and mind-focusing Qigong threading in harmoniously with a perfect modern Mediterranean diet. It is a warm and gentle-souled place to retreat to, that will leave you unhunched, lighter on your feet, and fuller in your heart.

Where To Go To Improve Your Emotional Health Post-Lockdown

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