Weight Loss: Small Changes, Big Difference

Achieving great results is all about consistency. It is the small things done everyday which make the difference to your body composition and your health. I have listed the small changes I encourage my clients to do everyday to ensure they look their best and achieve optimum long term results.

1. Consume protein for breakfast...

This is essential for optimum fat loss and health gains. Not only will you stay full for longer, your body craves good amino acids first thing, which will have a positive effect on virtually every system in your body. Results can be seen in a rise in your energy levels as well as a consistent drop in body fat levels. Examples include, scrambled egg on rye bread or a high quality meal replacement.

2. 40, 30, 30...

40% carbohydrates, 30% proteins and 30% fats/fibre. This is what your meals should look like. For optimum weight management, I suggest sticking with 3 meals a day with 2 or 3 snacks either side of the meals. This way you achieve optimum blood sugar control.

3. Eat plenty of fibre...

Fibre helps you lose weight, it is as simple as that. It brings fat out of your body and also reduces cortisol (our stress hormone). People who follow a low carbohydrate diet often have a lack of fibre. In these cases I suggest taking fibre as a supplement to ensure you reach your recommended daily amount.

4. Get 8-hours of sleep...

When you sleep, your body adapts and repairs. It is a vital part of your health programme. Achieving 8 hours a night is optimal and allows your body to fully repair itself, allowing you to burn more calories at rest, achieve a stronger hormonal profile and have more energy.

5. Exercise daily...

Even though exercise only represents around 30% of a successful weight management programme, it is a vitally important piece to the pie. (The other 70% is down to heathy nutrition). Effective exercise stimulates your body, allowing you to become a more efficient fat burning machine. Combining a regular exercise programme with a healthy nutrition plan and plenty of sleep is the key to achieving long term results. 


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