Top Wellness Retreats In Europe For Solo Travellers

Many people worry about travelling to a Spa on their own, will they stand out amongst the smug couples, or will they be constantly lonely?  To help ease these concerns, we’ve selected our top holidays in Europe for solo travellers. Happy reading!


Hidden away in Spain’s Sierra Helada Mountains, SHA Wellness Clinic’s unique approach to health incorporates the very best in cutting-edge Western techniques with ancient Eastern holistic medicine. They offer a wide range of wellness programmes including fitness and stress management, however their real speciality is detox and weight loss. It’s a great place for solo travellers, as there’s a communal table in the dining area where solo travellers can sit and chat with other travellers if they wish to do so. There are also plenty of daily group activities to get involved with too, including Nordic walking, Yoga and stretching.

Best health & wellness retreats in Europe for Solo travellers in SHA Wellness Clinic, Spain. Call Healing Holidays.


If you are looking for an authentic Ayurvedic detox, but don’t want to travel to India or Sri Lanka, then why not consider Ayurveda Parkschlosschen in Germany’s Black Forest. Surrounded by grand old trees, vineyards and a gently flowing brook, it is very well suited to solo travellers, as there are single rooms and a communal dining table where solo travellers can sit and talk with likeminded travellers if they don’t feel comfortable eating by themselves. There arealso a wide range of group activities to partake in, including Yoga, meditation and lectures.

Best health & wellness retreats in Europe for Solo travellers in Ayurveda Parkschlosschen, Germany. Call Healing Holidays.


Situated on the shores of the breath-taking Lake Wörth, VIVAMAYR Maria Worth is an impressive cutting-edge medical spa that offers guests the full package when it comes to an effective wellness retreat and delivery of the Mayr Cure. The Clinic is ideal for solo travellers, as single rooms are available and there is a communal dining table where solo travellers can mingle with other guests if they decide they want to. A wide variety of group activities are also available each day, including Nordic walking, Pilates and Yoga.

 Best health & wellness retreats in Europe for Solo travellers in VIVAMAYR Maria Worth, Austria. Call Healing Holidays.


Located deep in the pine forests of ancient Greece, Euphoria’s unique wellness concept draws inspiration from a number of sources, East and West: Taoist and Hellenic philosophy as well as Chinese and Hippocratic medicine. They offer a wide variety of programmes, including fitness, detox and weight loss, however their real speciality is emotional healing. The retreat is well set up for solo travellers, as dining at their restaurant is at communal tables, so you can sit and share experiences with your fellow guests if that is something you enjoy doing. There is also a breadth of group activities on offer, including Yoga, Tai chi and hiking.

Best health & wellness retreats in Europe for Solo travellers in Euphoria, Greece. Call Healing Holidays.


Surrounded by a fragrant pine forest in Ibiza, YOGAROSA offers a delightful respite from everyday life. It is the place to come to explore meditation and deepen your Yoga practice regardless of your current level. The retreat is perfect for solo travellers, as meals are all served at a communal table, so it’s very easy to get to know other people on the retreat. There are also only 5 rooms, so you don’t have to worry about being surrounded by large crowds of people you do not know.

Top Wellness Retreats In Europe For Solo Travellers

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