The Best Places To Go To Heal During Cancer

Sadly most of us will, at some stage, be directly or indirectly affected by cancer. A diagnosis invariably causes a ripple effect, striking fear not only into those just diagnosed, but also to partners, family members and friends, and dealing with this fear and anxiety is hugely important – as the fear caused by cancer can be just as potent as the disease itself. Many cancer sufferers feel disempowered, confused and terrified of what lies ahead.

When focussed, our medical system is amongst the best in the world, providing quick diagnosis and a plan of attack to offer the best chance of fighting and beating cancer with chemotherapy, radiation therapy or surgery. Many sufferers also ensure that they include lots of self-care treatment to give more strength and focus, with mediation, mindfulness, acupuncture, reiki, yoga, natural therapies and traditional remedies all recommended. A well thought-through diet can help tremendously too, as can gentle exercise and massages to calm down the nervous system.

We are fortunate at Healing Holidays to be working with some great Spas and Retreats, who tailor programmes exclusively to help those who are in remission, or who have cancer.


Nestled amongst acres of lush tropical gardens in Hua Hin, a mere two hours by road from Bangkok, Chiva-Som is the Grande Dame of destination spas which has been purging and cleansing its guests for over 25 years, and which still remains triumphantly at the top of its game.

An internationally-recognised wellbeing sanctuary and a world-class specialist in every area of health and wellness, it gives a full-stack approach to maximising physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. It does not get better than this. There is an encyclopaedic range of spa and alternative treatments on offer, including some of the very best massages you will ever experience. The activity roster is just as impressive with Tai Chi, Pilates, meditation, Thai boxing, Zumba, AquaBox and several different types of Yoga all available. They also have a wellness programme called Cell Vitality, which has been designed specifically to support guests who have recovered or who are currently in remission from cancer. Available over ten or fourteen nights, it aims to help you recover your vitality and wellbeing, using a variety of holistic healing therapies and treatments.


Set on the gentle slopes of a lychee and mango plantation, a stay at Vana can be life-changing, with objective-based programmes prescribed just for you. You can have Western or Eastern medicine, or both. You can expect exceptional Yoga practice, from Hatha to Yin, available several times a day, as well as purging Ayurveda alongside Tibetan healing, Chinese medicine and Buddhist teachings.

It’s also a place to try meditation, which is offered in many forms – Trataka, Raag Therapy and Om-chanting - so you are bound to get one that works for you. The food will nourish you inside and out; it’s all beautifully prepared and you can choose an international selection or to go Ayurvedic, both of which are completely delicious.

This is the place to visit for transformation, to find renewed purpose and balance, to raise your energy levels, and enjoy a 360-degree tailored approach to good health

Stay at Vana, India, Book with Healing Holidays.


Park Igls was one of the first Medical Clinics that Healing Holidays ever visited, and we remember it fondly for its heartfelt, warmest of welcomes. It’s an easy place to travel solo to, as the staff immediately take you under their wing and sort out every aspect of your stay. You will have an in-depth consultation with one of their four Doctors, which will be comprehensive and deep-reaching. The property has strong links with the Innsbruck University Hospital, so you know that they are firmly on top of the latest cutting-edge techniques. There is an extraordinary list of diagnostics available here - you can have a complete medical check-up, CT scans and ECG’s, and full blood tests for analysing hormone, vitamin and mineral levels. You can also have ultrasounds, as well as Male and Female check-ups.

Park Igls is also a modern Mayr Clinic, where the principles of Mayr are expertly practiced, so it is the perfect place to have a medically supervised Detox; to cleanse and fast, to re-educate your digestive system and to reset your eating habits.

Stay at Park Igls, Austria, Book with Healing Holidays.


Tucked away in a lush valley, overlooking the coast of southern Koh Samui, Kamalaya continues to set new standards in wellness treatments, beautifully marrying Eastern and Western philosophies, science and spirituality, nature and nurture.

It has one of the most stratospheric repeat booking levels of any long-haul Spa, with everyone having their own reason for going back. Some return to give their metabolism a boost, either through a detox, weight-loss or a fitness programme, whilst for others it is about coping with emotional issues, with anything from a death in the family to the demands of a new job. Some people just return to simply relax, knowing that no-one is going to put any demands on them. For us, it’s a place to go to turn the dial right down and to get a bit of head space.

Stay at Kamalaya, Thailand, Book with Healing Holidays.


Nestled in the pine-clad hills of Greece's Peloponnese peninsula close to the fortified medieval city of Mystras, Euphoria is an award-winning wellness retreat offering a unique blend of ancient Chinese and Greek wisdom and modern techniques.

Inspired by her own personal wellness journey, founder Marina Efraimoglou wanted to create a place to heal, for self-awareness and for spiritual healing, with expert-led programmes catering for the mind and body that work around the five elements of earth, fire, water, wood and metal.

This is the place we have all yearned for, right here in Europe, that offers a meaningful, all-encompassing wellness experience.

Stay at Euphoria, Greece, Book with Healing Holidays.

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