The 10 Best Places To Go To Lose Weight

Visiting a weight-loss retreat needn’t mean days upon days of vigorous exercise and following bland, stringent diets. Taking a weight-loss holiday is so much more than that; it’s about ensuring you receive expert advice on what your body needs for a healthy lifestyle, and about helping you to reach your target weight.

How much you weigh has a great impact on your health, from physical problems such as mobility, to mental health issues of feeling unattractive. Fortunately, there are countless weight-loss holidays to be taken all over the world, set in beautiful locations and offering effective treatment.

Here are our top 10 places to go to lose weight:

Lefay Resort & Spa, Lago Di Garda, Italy
Italy Is home to a fabulous range of weight-loss holidays, and a three-night stay at the Lefay Resort & Spa, Lago Di Garda will not only leave you feeling revitalised and relaxed, it will also go a long way towards helping you shed the pounds. Your trip will include a general medical examination and consultation with an expert on nutrition and natural therapies.

Ragazer Detox, Switzerland
Enjoy a body cleansing experience by spending a week at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz. This detox programme includes daily fitness and relaxation classes and boasts a range of fitness centres to encourage you to take plenty of exercise.

With a specialist, you will plan your personal detox diet and detox wellbeing treatments, ensuring you leave this resort healthier and slimmer than when you arrived.

Weight-Loss Immersion, Thailand
Amanpuri’s weight-loss immersion programme doesn’t just address the physical side of weight loss, but also the mental aspects, too. This retreat aims to help you achieve your goal weight and be able to sustain this weight long after you’ve left.

Amanpuri adopts a tailored approach to weight-loss, so your programme will be personalised to you based on your exact needs and goals. As well as an initial and final consultation, your stay will include a personalised diet, either raw, liquid or cooked, and specialist movement activities each day. There are also various spa treatments to enjoy.

Metabolic & Weight Loss Henri Chenot Programme, Italy
Hosted by the spectacular L’Albereta resort in Italy, this programme is all about getting you to be the best physical version of yourself you can be. After an initial medical assessment, your treatment will be personalised to your individual needs, which are then constantly monitored by medical specialists.

A two-week stay at the L’Albereta will give you the chance to take advantage of a personalised slimming diet, nutritional consultations throughout the programme, personal training sessions, slimming dietary supplementation and so much more.

Predilhof Fitness Programme, Italy
The option of a four or seven-night stay at Preidlhof will help you to increase your fitness levels thanks to a range of in-house and outdoor activities. This award-winning spa gives you the means to take part in functional fitness, cardio training, yoga and much more.

Guests can book a one-to-one session with a personal trainer and are also encouraged to take advantage of the various outdoor activities, such as guided Nordic walking, biking and hiking. You will undergo a body fat and energy balance analysis and be able to relax in the sauna after a day of fitness.

Sustainable Slimming, Thailand
The tranquil spa that is Chiva-Som has seen thousands of visitors over the past 20 years and has helped them all to improve their health and wellbeing. If you are looking to lose weight, this is the place to come.

Your stay will include an individual health and wellness consultation, a choice of massage as a daily treatment, daily fitness and leisure activities and unlimited use of the water therapy suites. You also have the option of a complimentary physical analysis and a complimentary skin consultation.

Weight Loss Programme, Germany
Available for either 10 or seven nights, the Brenners Park Hotel & Villa Stephanie hosts a programme that offers support from fitness and nutrition experts. Offering top of the range facilities and activities to aid in weight loss, you are sure to leave here feeling and looking better than ever.

You will receive a consultation with nutrition coaches and a nutrition plan, receive personal training sessions and cooking classes. All of these features are designed to ensure you are able to sustain your new healthy lifestyle at home, keeping your weight down. Other amenities include an intensive slimming body care by Sisley, full body massages and full board Brenner’s Vital Kitchen throughout your stay.

Mayr Metabolism and Detox Programme, Park Igls
Exclusive to Healing Holidays, the Mayr metabolism and detox programme gives you the ability to lose weight through a combination of dietary and therapeutic detoxification, combined with an active stimulation of metabolism.

Running for seven nights in Austria’s Park IGLS resort, this programme is ideal for sufferers of diabetes, high cholesterol, elevated uric acid and food intolerances. Similarly, if you have skin complaints, fatigue or tiredness, allergies or sleeping disorders, the Mayr metabolism and detox programme is a great choice of weight loss treatment.

Your stay will also include personal training sessions, as well as partial body massages, lymphatic drainages and liver compresses to help you detox and improve your quality of life.

7-night stay at Kamayala, Thailand
Seven nights in the gorgeous valley, overlooking the Koh Samui coast, is the resort of Kamalaya. Here, you can enjoy a seven-night programme of stress relief, detox, fitness, yoga and, of course, weight-loss.

Thailand’s Kamayala resort is award-winning and is set around sandy beaches and breathtaking coral reefs, making for an idyllic holiday. The resort has recently been refurbished and now boasts a 25-metre swimming pool and a three-storey fitness emporium, giving you the chance to get plenty of exercise during your weight-loss holiday.

There is also a beautiful and well-equipped spa at Kamayala for you to relax and unwind. Treatments at the resort are all given by caring therapists and apply authentic use of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

7-night stay at Absolute Sanctuary, Thailand
If pilates and yoga are how you like to exercise and relax, Absolute Sanctuary, set in Thailand’s beautiful countryside, is the resort for you. Absolute Sanctuary’s yoga classes are some of the finest to be found anywhere in the world, helping to sooth your mind and improve your fitness levels.

That being said, if yoga isn't to your taste, there is also the option of taking part in some intense fitness sessions with a former water polo professional, Marco. Marco will get your endorphins pumping through boxercise and early morning hikes to the beach, where you can experience breathtaking views while you get some fresh air and exercise.

If you are interested in visiting any of the properties mentioned in this blog then get in touch with our experts today by calling 020 7843 3597 or emailing and they can help you plan your dream weight-loss retreat.

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