Easy Meditation Techniques

Anandi - The Sleep Guru

Stress is a killer

‘Sleep is a reachable goal’ is this year’s slogan for World Sleep Day.  Unfortunately, just about everyone in our modern society suffers from stress.  We run around from dawn until late in the evening and wonder why over a third of the population have a sleep issue. Stress is a killer, there is no doubt about it.  Our body responds to stress in the same way for mental stress as it does for physical stress.  When you are pulling your hair out at the amount of emails you have, as far as your body is concerned it might as well be running away from a mad bull in a field.  If that was to happen, your body will be sending extra blood to your extremities, so up goes the blood pressure and the heart rate.  Quick shallow breathing deals with the emergency oxygen required and stress hormones kick in to give you energy.  

As your body is so busy dealing with the stress at hand, it won’t have time for digestion or germs, so you are likely to get stomach issues and go down with constant colds.  These could be short term manifestations of continual stress, but long term stress will start to be a major health hazard.


Easy and Relaxing Meditation Techniques 

Meditation is a well known antidote to stress, all you need to do is Google benefits of meditation and there will be pages, and pages of reasons why you should make time in your day to meditate.

When I recommend meditation to clients, they often say they haven’t got time!  I know it’s not easy to find time for another thing in our day, but I promise, if you do an inventory of the things you do in your day, if you cut down time browsing the internet for example, you could probably find 15 minutes per day to spend in silence. It is more of a decision to change your priorities than anything else.

Meditation is not about sitting in the lotus pose on a bear skin and trying desperately to empty your mind. Sitting in silence with your awareness on your breath for 10 minutes at bedtime is a great way to start. You are going to have thoughts during meditation, it is part of the process.  All you need to do is when you realize you are thinking and your mind has wandered off, without judgement or irritation, bring your mind back to the present moment.   I don’t recommend you go straight into 30 minute meditations without easing yourself into it gently. 

I have created a simple ‘Let go of the day’ bedtime meditation for World Sleep Day.  You can download it here. Remember to create a nice peaceful place, light a candle and turn the lights down.  



Written by our wellness expert - The Sleep Guru 

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