7 Luxury Weight-Loss Retreats

22/05/2023, Healing Holidays

If you are someone who struggles to lose weight and is unhappy about your physical health and overall well-being, consider a luxury weight loss retreat. Whether you lack the willpower, have personal medical issues or underlying mental problems, or simply want the best comprehensive treatment to improve your journey, a luxury weight loss retreat is the ultimate option. These retreats are designed to help you improve your health and finally reach your health goals far beyond the number on a scale.

To help you along your journey, we here at Healing Holidays offer a wide variety of top-notch luxury weight loss retreats to choose from. The options are endless, from Thailand's tropical beaches to Western Europe's breathtaking mountains and coastlines. They can assist you in transforming your mind and body with a luxurious and personalised experience.

Here are 7 of the best luxury weight loss retreats to help you reach your ideal health goals in style.

Palazzo Fiuggi, Italy

First on our list is the luxury weight loss retreat of Palazzo Fiuggi, located in the heart of Italy. Fusing the most profound holistic traditions with the most advanced traditional Western medicine, their integrative approach to health and wellness elevates therapy beyond treating symptoms to fully rejuvenate the body, mind, and soul. Their retreat programmes take a 360-degree approach to your health, with a portfolio of medical services, wellness treatments, and holistic therapies designed exclusively for you. You will receive delicious personalised meal plans that achieve safe weight loss through targeted fat reduction without the usual feelings of hunger.

A man working out in Palazzo Fiuggi's gym.

SHA Wellness Clinic, Spain

Founded almost 15 years ago, SHA Wellness Clinic is one of Healing Holidays' personal favorites. This luxury weight loss retreat is tucked away on a hillside overlooking Spain’s southern coast and offers a 360-degree approach to wellness, combining natural therapies, first rate nutrition and the latest advancements in Western medicine. You can do it all here, from weight-loss and detox to programmes which combat stress and help to age better, and there is an assembly of experts on hand; dozens of doctors, naturopaths, nutritionists, yoga teachers, extremely talented acupuncturists and inspiring chefs. In addition to weight loss, fitness is a specialty of this luxury retreat, with complimentary classes for you to try, beautiful walks and hikes, and a state-of-the-art gym with the very best trainers to empower and support you along your weight-loss journey.

The view from the infinity pool at SHA Wellness Clinic

Chiva Som, Thailand

Asia is brimming with snazzy health spas, minimalist and cool, but Chiva-Som in Thailand is a world away from this sort of offering; its aim is to deliver long-term health benefits by changing the way you live. After a week here, you will feel brand new, and more importantly, you will take a wealth of knowledge with you on how to live your life better. For more than 28 years, this luxury weight loss retreat has been welcoming visitors and is known to be one of the best holistic spas in the world. During your stay at Chiva-Som, you will follow a fluid schedule advised by the experts who will ensure you enjoy a balance of treatments and relaxation. Treatments cover everything from chakra balancing to physiotherapy. You can be sure you will also have access to the world’s top visiting experts, as this is the place they all want to come to.

A view of the pool and restaurant at Chiva Som

Clinique La Prairie, Switzerland

Clinique La Praire is a world-class luxury weight loss retreat set in idyllic Switzerland, just a few yards from Lake Geneva. This legendary health centre offers detox and weight loss programmes based on holistic principles and the ethos of preventative medicine, each designed to improve your inner well-being and health. With on-site medical professionals and spa therapists, you’ll feel like royalty with only the best of the best treatments and facilities. With every modern luxury you may require, indulge in class and breathtaking views of the Swiss Alps and Lake Geneva.

A view of Lake Geneva from Clinique La Praire


Set in the serene and isolated islands of the Maldives is the luxurious and breathtaking JOALI BEING. It’s the Maldives' first nature-immersive well-being retreat. You can watch those legendary Indian Ocean sunsets with a private villa, butler, and 5-star amenities while partaking in the ideal weight loss programme of your dreams. Nutrition is an essential part of the retreat's wellness philosophy, with all of their healthy yet indulgent food and drink options being carefully curated by in-house nutritionists. In addition to weight-loss treatments and programmes, JOALI BEING also includes a selection of yoga, fitness, cooking, and mindfulness-based classes, which have been carefully curated to enhance your journey to better health further.

A view of the ocean from JOALI BEING

Villa Stephanie, Germany

An excellent weight-loss retreat that is luxurious and exclusive to Healing Holidays is Villa Stephanie. Set in the foothills of Germany’s Black Forest near the iconic spa town of Baden Baden, it offers fantastic detox and weight-loss programmes. Under the supervision of Dr Harry König and his team of experts, you will lose weight and cleanse your body of harmful toxins through medical testing, the correct nutrition, exercise, and various detoxifying and slimming treatments. In addition to high-class luxury and the property’s indoor pool, plunge pool, and sauna, you’ll also receive advice on continuing your detox and weight-loss journey once you return home to maintain a positive lifestyle for years to come.

A view of the front of Villa Stephanie

VIVAMAYR Altaussee, Austria

Lastly, the world-renowned VIVAMAYR Altaussee luxury weight loss retreat is a Healing Holidays exclusive. This world-class medical spa adheres to the principles of Modern Mayr Medicine, which believes that many modern syndromes often have their origins in the digestive system, and so in-the-know devotees flock to the VIVAMAYR Altaussee, knowing that symptoms are often improved or eliminated the Mayr Way - via diet, exercise and lifestyle changes. VIVAMAYR Altaussee also attracts those on the hunt for weight-loss, which is a happy by-product of the Mayr Cure. The lakeside location of VIVAMAYR Altaussee makes the discomfort of detoxing more palatable, with alpine air, scenic walks & wild swimming all in abundance

A woman doing Yoga by the lake at VIVAMAYR Altaussee

Luxury weight-loss retreats offer an unparalleled opportunity to transform your mind and body in a comfortable and supportive environment. These retreats combine indulgent amenities with expert guidance, customised nutrition plans, and personalised fitness programmes to help you achieve your weight loss goals while also promoting overall wellness. By investing in yourself and a retreat with Healing Holidays, you can achieve lasting results and enjoy the benefits of a transformed mind and body.

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