Although yoga is most popularly associated with stretching and relaxation, the art of letting go is also a huge part of this practice. It is often a difficult concept to master but once embraced it can help you on your path to happiness and well-being.

Being able to let go of the things that trouble us is essential in allowing peace and positivity into our minds. We all have things that affect us in a negative way, such as fears for the future and concerns about the past. These thoughts can often influence the way we feel throughout the day and play heavy on our minds.

Being able to genuinely let go of these things certainly isn’t easy but it is possible!

The atmosphere that is created during a yoga session is perfect for practicing the art of letting go. As you move into a pose you will always be focusing on your breathing. This deep concentration can help you clear your mind, allowing you to focus on a particular fear or concern that is on your mind. As you feel your body stretch into each pose, breath out and imagine releasing these thoughts from your mind and out of your consciousness forever. Then, as you move into a fresh pose, concentrate on how much clearer your mind is without these negative feelings affecting your happiness. If you find that the thoughts are still finding their way into your mind then repeat the process of releasing them with each breath out.

Achieving a result of any kind in yoga isn’t something that you should expect to immediately happen.

It takes patience and perseverance to become stronger and more flexible with yoga and the same is true when it comes to being able to let go. The reluctance that you might experience in the process of letting something go is completely natural. It is easy to hold a grudge or to dwell on the past but not allowing these things to permeate your existence is key to continued happiness. As you do so, you will discover how to be kind to yourself and feel the need to criticise yourself less.

Remember, the art of letting go isn’t just applicable to negative thoughts about ourself or past experiences. It is also about letting go of our harsh expectations of ourselves, such as our career aims, self-image ideas and finances. When you are truly able to let go, you will not feel constricted by the things you feel you ought to do, and instead live for the life you deserve!


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*This is a guest blog post by Wellness Expert Julie Montagu.

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