The Sleep Guru: The Natural Anti-Ageing Remedy?

Anandi - The Sleep Guru

­­The Sleep Guru joins Healing Holidays to shed some light on the importance of sleep and the links to its anti-ageing properties.

There are so many anti-ageing products on the market these days; it seems like every week the scientists have come up with a clever new chemical with a fancy-sounding name which we should smear over our faces in order to look young and fresh. Chemical peels, facials, balms, lotions, gels – the list is endless.

While we’re all spending millions of pounds every year on these fancy anti-ageing products, there is actually this super-secret anti-ageing technique that’s been passed down through the generations and can have much better, long-lasting effects without needles. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Would you like to know what this amazing secret is? It’s sleep.

Wait… I know, I know - we all do that every day, but we don’t all look terribly young and refreshed, do we? The important part is the detail: not just going to sleep, but having regular, good quality sleep. If you can master the art of good night’s sleep on a regular basis you will find that your skin is fresher and your eyes are brighter. Those suitcases under your eyes will magically vanish, much more effectively than with the most expensive treatments, and that grey tinge to your skin just disappears. How do I know this? Because I’ve experienced it for myself. I have suffered terribly with insomnia in the past. I began to look worn out, tired and grey. All the lotions and potions I bought made little difference, but as soon as I managed to conquer my sleep problem, everything else improved and fell into place.

When you’re having sleep problems, you quickly get used to only having a few hours here and there. Three or four hours’ sleep suddenly seems like a great rest. You might not think you’re lacking in sleep if you manage five hours a night, but try getting to bed a little earlier for a week or two and notice the difference.

Sleep is when our bodies repair themselves; we need to give them time to do their work. When you are getting enough sleep, everything just works so much better. It has an amazing anti-ageing ability that affects you both inside and out. Why not try it for yourself, dedicate the next month to some early nights, lavender bubbly baths and self massage.  If you regularly get your 7-8 hours sleep, I promise it will show.

Sleep well!


The Sleep Guru


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