The Sleep Guru: Make 'me time' a must

Anandi - The Sleep Guru

I love to watch videos of Tony Robbins speaking; he’s so passionate about his topics, I find him really inspiring.  If I am feeling a bit low in energy, 3 minutes of Anthony Robbins puts me right!!! The other day I watched a video where he spoke about health. He said:

Without your health, nothing else matters.

He’s so right, isn’t he? But not just physical health; not just being able to walk or run; not just being free from a cold or aches and pains. Our mental and spiritual health is just as important, if not more so. If you don’t have that calm base inside of yourself, you can’t succeed at anything for a sustained period of time.

How often do you ask someone, “how are you?” and get the answer, “I’m ok!” We all wander about being just “ok;” we might have a little niggling pain in our leg, or a bit of a headache, or a patch of eczema that just won’t budge; but we ignore it, say we’re ok, and carry on. We don’t take notice of these things until they become so big, we can’t help but take notice and try to do something about it. By that point, the pain in our leg has moved up to our hip and down to our toes and we need to see a specialist. Our headache has become so blinding we feel sick and can barely move from our beds. The eczema covers half our bodies, and we can’t sleep for the constant itching. If we take notice of these small problems when they first happen, we can stop them from getting out of control.

The same is true with our spiritual well-being. Without regular meditation practice, our minds and bodies can become sluggish, bogged down in the day-to-day detritus. Meditation helps to clear away the junk. It helps you to remain calm in the face of trauma. It helps you to just be without worrying or trying or panicking.

You might miss a day of meditation; perhaps you woke up late for work, your day got on top of you, whatever. The next day, it’s a little easier to think “oh, I can’t be bothered today, I don’t have time.” Two weeks later, and you’re telling yourself you’ll get back to it, but you can’t seem to find the time you used to have every day. Meanwhile, you’re crabby and stressed; you’re fed up and tired all the time; you’re not sleeping as well as you used to - which means you’re more inclined to get up later and go to bed earlier, and skip that time you used to take for meditation. And then, one day… CRASH! Suddenly, the universe has found a way to force you to sit down and take the time. I see this all the time: people ignore, ignore, ignore - and then they get the ‘flu, or they break a limb, or there’s a massive power cut - whatever it is, they find they end up in a position where they can do nothing but sit and meditate.

Tony Robbins has a saying he repeats in a lot of his talks, about how if you want to do something, it needs to become a must rather than a should. So instead of sitting on your couch, watching a DVD box set, perhaps spending an hour playing video games, wasting time on Facebook, if you make your meditation a must the same as going to bed or eating your lunch, you will find the time for it. The aim is to avoid the crash, and the only way to avoid that, is to make it a must!


See you in the gap! Love Anandi

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