The Best Immune Boosting Spas To Go To In Europe

Your Immune System is responsible for a multitude of different functions in your body and is an integral part of keeping you fit and healthy. Now more than ever, it is vital that you ensure that it is in tip-top shape. To help you achieve this goal, we’ve recommended our best immune-boosting Spas to go to.


Hidden away in Spain’s Sierra Helada Mountains, the strikingly-cool SHA Wellness Clinic is considered one of the best medical spas in Europe. Their unique approach to health incorporates the very best in cutting-edge Western techniques with ancient Eastern holistic medicine. In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, they’ve introduced a new immune focused programme which works to restore and stimulate the body’s natural defences with the goal of enabling your body to be in the best condition for defeating any threats to your health and well-being. Treatments offered on the programme include Ozone therapy, Cryotherapy and acupuncture.

SHA Wellness Clinic, the best medical spa in europe for immune focused programme. Call Healing Holidays.


Situated on the shores of the breath-taking Lake Wörth, VIVAMAYR Maria Worth is an impressive cutting-edge medical spa that offers guests the full package when it comes to an effective wellness retreat and delivery of the Mayr Cure. Dr Harald Stossier and his expert medical team strongly believe that good gut health can seriously boost your immune system and after an initial consultation, they will devise a seven-night personalised wellness programme that will have your body’s health back to its very best in no time at all.

Best Immune Boosting Spas at VIVAMAYR Maria Worth, Austria. Book with Healing Holidays.


Villa Stéphanie is a very elegant mansion-house, sitting in leafy grounds next to Brenners Hotel in the foothills of the Black Forest. But it’s for the world-class medical expertise from the likes of Dr Harry Konig rather than the glorious setting that so many flock here. He will, along with his team, give you a full-body MOT - testing your heart, the viscosity of your blood, your liver functionality and your lung capacity. In light of Covid-19, they’ve developed an Immune Booster programme that focuses on stimulating the power of the immune system through a wide variety of treatments including infusions, Ozone therapy and Oxygen inhalation.

Best Immune Booster programme at Villa Stéphanie, Germany. Call Healing Holidays.


Although just two years old, it feels as though Euphoria has been around forever offering transformational treatments for those looking for physical or emotional wellbeing. Their unique wellness concept draws inspiration from a number of sources, East and West: Taoist and Hellenic philosophy as well as Chinese and Hippocratic medicine. In response to the ongoing pandemic, they’ve recently launched an Immunity Reset programme which blends medical testing that detects the metabolic function, personalised antioxidant Mediterranean nutrition, scientifically targeted body workout and a variety of detoxifying treatments and re-balancing therapies for body and mind.

Best wellness retreats at Euphoria, Greece. Best Immune Boosting Spas in Europe. Call Healing Holidays.


Clinique La Prairie is a legendary medical spa situated just outside Montreux a few yards from Lake Geneva. Their holistic approach to medical wellbeing uses a combination of progressive medical expertise, internationally trained SPA therapists and an exciting collection of traditional and alternative philosophies. If you are looking to seriously boost your immune system, then their Revitalisation programme is ideal. Using a variety of treatments, it will renew your body, reinvigorate your mind and restore your vitality.

The Best Immune Boosting Spas To Go To In Europe

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