The benefits of a Digital Detox

Need a break from sensory overload? Want to detox your brain as well as your body? Break free of your devices and go on a digital detox. Digital detox is the latest trend in Spa and Wellness travel for 2015, but the best Spas have been doing this for years.

Nowadays we are more globally connected than ever before, but life in the digital age is far from ideal. Half of Brits admit to checking work e-mails while on holiday, while a third regret spending so much time on them. The negative psychological and social impact is apparent. We are connecting with technology and in turn disconnecting from human interaction. Our ability to stay balanced in this time of exponential technological growth and create healthy relationships with our digital devices will determine the future of humanity.

By switching off your digital gadgets it allows you to switch off from life completely which is the best way to de-stress and reconnect with yourself and those around you without any interference. It also gives you a chance to fully relax and enjoy the sights and scenery and to savour your well earned break. By doing this you will feel the benefits more and will return to work feeling invigorated and refreshed.

With the rise of this digital detox revolution more and more people are requesting ‘black-hole-resorts’, where you hand over your iPhone or tablet on arrival, and where emptiness and silence are the new luxuries. It’s a very tempting proposition in an age of acceleration to simply unplug, stand still and to go somewhere and do nothing at all. It is SLOW travel and perfectly achieved at some great Spas and Wellness Retreats.

At Healing Holidays we offer a wide range of spas, clinics and retreats which adhere to this digital detox. Some of the most popular ones are listed below.

SHA Wellness Clinic, Spain – At SHA Wellness Clinic the use of mobile phones and music devices in the communal areas is completely forbidden in the interest of everyone’s tranquillity. At SHA Wellness Clinic you will benefit from a general medical examination at the beginning and at the end of the programme, a consultation with an expert on nutrition and natural therapy, a prescribed SHA diet and natural therapeutic drinks, SHA Academy Activities: talks, yoga, tai chi, walks, healthy cookery classes, access to the hydrotherapy circuit, as prescribed (sauna, Roman baths, Turkish baths, hydrotherapy pools, foot baths, bithermal showers, cold plunge pool, ice fountain, therapeutic water jets) and a personalised health plan after your stay. Enjoy a relaxing 2 night stay from just £1005 per person.

Vana Malsi Estate, India – In Vana digital devices may be used in guest rooms but are not permitted in any shared or outdoor spaces. The above is complemented by their emphasis on very simple and holistic wellbeing, something we seem to have forgotten given our everyday rush and chaos. Their complimentary weekly Retreat Wellbeing Calendar includes group yoga, ‘mindful tea’, nutritional cooking, raag (music) therapy sessions, silent walking meditation and many more such practices. Switch off on a 8 night stay from just £2459 per person.

Kamalaya, Thailand – To optimise the opportunities for rest and relaxation, Kamalaya do not have televisions in their guest rooms. They ask guests not to use mobile phones around the resort but they can use them in their rooms. Their aim is to offer a tranquil and supportive environment with minimal external distraction so you can exhale deeply, let go of stress and tension, and reconnect with yourself, nature and the community of hosts and other guests. At Kamalaya, Thailand`s award-winning Wellness Sanctuary and Holistic Spa resort, you can experience a life-enriching healthy holiday. Their wellness programmes offer solutions for detox, yoga, stress and burnout, fitness and weight control. If you are looking for a more personalised wellness experience, their team of international naturopaths can work with you to create your own health programme from their extensive range of holistic medicine, spa and healing therapies. Visit this award-winning spa from only £2,421 per person on the 7 night Relax and Renew package.

Brenners Park Hotel, Germany – At Brenners guests have the choice, at the press of a button from the bedside table to completely disconnect the entire room from the electric grid and WiFi. Focusing on a significantly reduced electric smog environment, triple-insulated shielded cables have been installed to ensure the guests complete relaxation. Brenners has been voted 'The World’s Best Digital Detox' by Tatler Spa Guide 2015. The new spa, housed in the historic Villa Stéphanie adjacent to the Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa, offers an integrated approach to health, combining beauty, wellbeing and medical needs. On completion of the arrival fitness and nutrition assessment, your personalised treatment plan is created for your stay. Treatments offered include specialist spa treatments with beauty treatments, massage and specialised physiotherapy as options. The various detox programmes include organic detox, vitality detox and medical detox options, ensuring you go home feeling 110% more energised and revived. Book your stay now from just £3,499 per person for 7 nights Brenners Vitality Detox.

Chiva-Som, Thailand – At Chiva-Som, mobile phones, iPhone, E Readers, Kindle, Blackberry, iPad, PDA, cameras and personal computers may be used in guest rooms but not in public areas. Guests may use silent devices such as e-readers in the library or in their room and the Chiva-Som encourage guests to borrow books from their library whilst in the resort. Chiva-Som offers a range of programmes including physical renewal, spa pampering, yoga for life, art of detox, fitness, inner peace, natural healing, weight management and eternal youth. Book your 7 night stay at this retreat now from just £3459 per person.

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